Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2803 - ROTSSG 2803

    Chapter 2803 Gods Domains Strongest

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    "He died?"

    "A Tier 4 NPC died, just like that?"

    When the spectating players saw Sabrids dead body, they couldnt help doubting their eyes. Some of them even thought that the NPC was only playing dead and hadnt actually been killed.

    Blood Oath, standing by the entrance, also felt that the scene before him was fake.

    Sabrid was the vice commander of one of Dragonheart Citys powerful knight legions. He stood at the peak among Tier 4 existences. How could he possibly have been killed by a player?

    Of the spectating players present, the only ones who remained relatively calm at this situation were Lifeless Thorn, Solitary Nine, and Yu Luo. They didnt find it particularly surprising that Shi Feng had killed Sabrid. After all, Shi Feng had already reached Level 140. For Tier 4 existences, a 20-level gap wasnt much of a difference.

    However, the three of them had never imagined that Shi Feng would be able to kill Sabrid so cleanly. The attack he used to injure Sabrid heavily was especially amazing. If not for that attack, the fight between the two wouldve lasted much longer.

    Unlike Lifeless Thorns trio, Divine Shadow and Cleansing Flame had their mouths fall wide open when they saw this scene. Their minds clearly failed to process what had just happened.

    While everyone was struggling to accept this scene, reality poured a bucket of cold water over them.

    The next moment, several items actually appeared around Sabrids corpse. Of them, one was even the greatsword Sabrid used.

    The greatsword hovered in the air, radiating an unparalleled aura. Upon being subjected to this aura, many of the Tier 2 players felt an instinctive fear overwhelming their bodies. Only the Tier 3 players fared better.

    "A Fragmented Legendary Weapon!"

    Nobody knew who shouted this sentence. However, it snapped everyone out of their daze, and they couldnt help ogling the snowy-white weapon with glowing eyes. Some players even had the urge to charge forward and snatch it.

    However, before anyone could step forward, Shi Feng had already arrived beside Sabrids body, the aura he radiated scaring everyone into retreating.

    The pressure Shi Feng gave off was simply too powerful. Even though he had already retracted his Mana Domain, everyone still felt stifled, none of them daring to look him in the eye.

    As for the Fragmented Legendary Weapon, none of the players present dared entertain any thoughts of it now. After all, Shi Feng had just killed a Level 160, Tier 4 NPC. A single thought from him was probably more than enough to kill players like themselves. For a time, the tens of thousands of players and NPCs standing in the vicinity quietly watched Shi Feng collect the items Sabrid dropped one after another.

    "If I can become like him one day, my life would be complete."

    "Let alone becoming like him, I can most likely walk around Dragonheart Island fearlessly with even half of his strength!"

    As the adventurer team players spectating the fight from the distant port watched Shi Feng collect Sabrids loot, a sense of yearning and admiration awoke in their hearts. They also grew excited beyond words. The fact that Shi Feng had managed to slay a Tier 4 NPC right in front of Dragonheart City, a large neutral city, definitely made him Gods Domains strongest player. In fact, most likely, nobody would believe them even if they described this scene to others.

    Nonetheless, they had managed to witness this miraculous feat. How could their blood not boil in this situation?

    However, amid everyones excitement, Shi Feng suddenly disappeared.

    Before anyone realized it, Shi Feng had already reappeared in front of Blood Oath, catching Blood Oath and the three peak experts protecting him off guard. "Commander Blood Oath, we meet again," Shi Feng said with a faint smile. "Im sure you know why I came here."

    Although Shi Feng spoke in a calm tone and was even smiling, Blood Oath and the others paled as if they had just seen a ghost. "Black Flame Youd best not mess around!" Doing his best to calm his anxious heart, Blood Oath glared at Shi Feng and added in a low tone, "This is already inside Dragonheart City! Moreover, now that youve killed Sabrid, neither Dragonheart City nor Secret Hand will spare you! If you know whats good for you, youd best leave now! Youll be dead once the City Lord or the City Defense Legions commander arrives!"

    On Dragonheart Island, players would suffer entirely different penalties depending on whether they had fought inside or outside Dragonheart City.

    The fight with Sabrid had been outside the city. Hence, even though Shi Feng had killed Sabrid, the penalty he would suffer wouldnt be particularly severe. After all, the area outside the city wasnt subject to the citys protections. Even if a fight took place right outside the citys entrance, the citys NPC soldiers would, at most, move to stop the fight. They wouldnt detain the offenders at all.

    This was also why Sabrid and the other NPC soldiers dared take the initiative to persecute Shi Fengs group before.

    However, Blood Oaths current position was inside Dragonheart City. If Shi Feng killed him now, the severity of his crimes would be on a whole other level.

    "Is that so?" Smiling, Shi Feng unsheathed the Abyssal Blade and brandished it. Three sword lights shot out from his weapon and instantly plundered the lives of the three peak experts standing around Blood Oath. Even when their bodies hit the ground, none of the three had realized what had happened. Shi Feng then turned to Blood Oath and asked, "What about now?"

    "You How dare you?"

    Blood Oath was thunderstruck when he saw his three subordinates killed.

    Everyone else in the vicinity also saw this scene without missing a detail.

    "Crap! Awesome! This is awesome!"

    "Black Flame! He must be Black Flame, right?!"

    "He actually killed three of War Bloods peak experts right in front of Blood Oath, and Blood Oath doesnt even dare make any strange moves. Am I dreaming?"

    Everyone felt their blood boil with excitement when they looked at Blood Oath, who dared not move a muscle in front of Shi Feng. Their worship of Shi Feng rose to a whole new level.

    Blood Oath was known throughout Gods Domain. After all, he was a big shot that even the superpowers had to submit to on Dragonheart Island, an existence standing at the peak of Dragonheart Island.

    Nonetheless, Blood Oath looked no different from an ant in front of Shi Feng.

    This situation was simply crazy!

    It was so crazy that they couldnt even react to


    However, shortly after the crowd began bubbling with excitement, three figures suddenly descended from the sky and landed at the entrance. Every one of these figures exuded an aura much stronger than that of Sabrid.

    Upon seeing these figures, Blood Oath reacted as if he had seen his savior. He looked at Shi Feng and laughed, "Black Flame, you are finished! Now that the Vice City Lord and two knight commanders have arrived, you shouldnt even think of leaving this place alive!"

    One of the three new arrivals was none other than Kroos, Dragonheart Citys Vice City Lord. He was a Level 180, Tier 4 Great Wizard, a big shot standing at the top of Gods Domain. According to rumors, he was only half a step away from Tier 5 and could even contend against Demon Princes of the same level.

    As for the two other figures, one of them was Shera Veria, the commander of the Holy Star Knight Legion and one of the World Towers Protectors. She was a bona fide Level 200, Tier 5 Great Holy Knight. The last person was Landrek, the commander of the City Defense Knight Legion. He was a Level 180, Tier 4 Sword Emperor. Although he was the weakest among the group of three, he was still significantly stronger than Sabrid.

    This was because Landrek owned Earthen Glory, a genuine Legendary Spear. With this weapon, he was fully capable of contending with Tier 5 existences of the same level.

    With these three NPCs around, even a Tier 5 player wouldnt be able to escape!