Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2802 - ROTSSG 2802

    Chapter 2802 Power Of Two Worlds

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    Swords Orbit!


    When the two attacks collided, a powerful shockwave spread to several hundred yards away. Even the nearby Tier 3 experts stumbled a few steps back, while the Tier 2 players went flying several dozen yards.

    "He blocked it?"

    "Who is he?!"

    The spectating players were stunned when they saw Shi Feng still standing in his original position.

    Despite going up against a Level 160, Tier 4 NPCs Tier 4 Skill, Shi Feng was actually an even match, emerging from the exchange unscathed.

    At this time, let alone the spectators, even Sabrid was surprised by this situation.

    "Surprised?" Looking at Sabrids slightly bewildered expression, Shi Feng smiled faintly and said, "It seems that the vice commander of Dragonheart Citys City Defense Knight Legion only amounts to this much."

    However, despite saying such words, Shi Feng dared not be careless around Sabrid.

    The Light of Two Worlds had indeed increased his Basic Attributes and the power of his Sword-type Skills significantly. Thanks to it and the several other Fragmented Legendary items he equipped, his Basic Attributes reached an astonishing level. Although he still wasnt a match for Superior Mythic monsters of the same level, he wasnt that far off, either.

    However, Sabrid was at Level 160, 20 levels higher than Shi Feng. In terms of Basic Attributes, Shi Feng definitely lost to Sabrid by a large margin. Hence, the only way he could beat the NPC was by relying on his powerful Mana and superior combat techniques.

    "Boy, you are courting death!" Sabrid grew even more enraged at Shi Fengs words.

    Suddenly, the Mana within a thousand-yard radius began gathering around Sabrid in a frenzy. It was evident that the knight had not used his full strength for the previous attack.

    After the gathered Mana reached a critical point, Sabrid instantly transformed into several dozen afterimages that surrounded Shi Feng. The NPC was dazzlingly fast.

    Tier 4 Skill, Broken Shadow!

    At this time, even Shi Feng couldnt tell which of these afterimages was the real Sabrid. It felt as if the NPC had truly split into several dozen clones of himself.

    Before Shi Feng could react, fiery runes appeared on Sabrids snowy-white greatsword, the flames the runes gave off incinerating even space itself.

    Tier 4 Taboo Skill, Starfire Blade!

    The next moment, every one of Sabrids afterimages executed a slash. Despite the Starfire Blade being effective for only one attack in reality, Sabrid had turned it into several dozen attacks.

    Amazing! As expected of a knight legions vice commander! He actually managed to fuse his Tier 4 Skills to such an extent! Shi Feng couldnt help being in awe when he saw the several dozen attacks coming at him from all directions.

    Combining two Skills was much more difficult than combining two Spells. However, so long as one succeeded, one could dramatically increase the effectiveness of the Skills.

    "Disappear!" Sabrid bellowed, the power that his weapon radiated skyrocketing even further. It was clear he had stopped holding back and planned to slay Shi Feng.

    Seeing the several dozen space-tearing greatswords approaching him, Shi Feng held up his sword horizontally before him.

    Tier 4 Legacy Skill, Blade Domain!

    Immediately, seven magic swords materialized around Shi Feng. The magic swords then transformed into innumerable stars in his surroundings.

    Swords Orbit!

    Boom Boom Boom

    A series of explosions and shockwaves blanketed the area in front of Dragonheart Citys entrance. After several dozen clashes, the ground under Shi Feng cracked, and the space around him shattered. His HP had fallen by more than five million as well, his HP bar falling by one-third of its capacity. "He didnt die?!"

    Ink Feathers eyes widened in shock when she saw the amount of HP Shi Feng lost, her mind refusing to believe this outcome.

    Sabrid was a Level 160, Tier 4 NPC; moreover, he was the vice commander of one of Dragonheart Citys knight legions. His strength was above average even among Tier 4 NPCs. With his combination of a Tier 4 Skill and a Tier 4 Taboo Skill, he could inflict significant damage on Superior Mythic monsters of the same level.

    Yet, Sabrids attack had only taken one-third of Shi Fengs HP.

    Amazing! The power of this fusion attack actually reaches the Tier 5 Basic rank! After taking a look at his remaining HP, Shi Feng felt even greater admiration for Sabrid.

    If he hadnt switched to the Light of Two Worlds, which raised all his Sword-type Skills by one level, he wouldve had to activate his Berserk Skill to repulse Sabrids fusion attack. However, activating his Berserk Skill would also mean that he had been pushed to his limits, on the brink of death. After all, Berserk Skills werent unique to players; NPCs had them as well.

    "Boy, it seems youre quite sturdy!" Sabrid was inwardly astonished when he saw Shi Feng still standing. He never imagined that a heaven-blessed individual could be so strong. "However, this is the end for you!" After saying so, Sabrid raised his greatsword into the air. Immediately afterward, a dozen identical greatswords appeared around him, forming a magic array. Tier 4 Skill, Blades Shadow!

    Tier 4 Taboo Skill, Sealing Void! The next moment, the dozen greatswords transformed into black holes that shot toward Shi Feng.

    Upon seeing the black holes spanning several dozen meters, the nearby spectators, both players and NPCs, fell into despair. This was because they could already foresee that once these black holes collided with the ground, the impact would vaporize everything within several hundred yards.

    Sure enough, Tier 4 NPCs are no pushovers. However, this still isnt enough to get rid of me! Shi Feng smiled when he saw the descending black holes. Lets test this move on you!

    The next moment, Shi Feng tightened his grip on the Light of Two Worlds and poured half of his Mana into the weapon.

    Suddenly, crimson divine runes lit up all over the sword, releasing a dazzling and mesmerizing brilliance. As this dazzling light bloomed, a deathly silence enveloped the world around Shi Feng. Even time itself seemed to flow significantly slower.

    Subsequently, Shi Feng swung the Light of Two Worlds at Sabrid.

    World Breaker!


    A strange light instantly penetrated the descending black holes like a hot knife through butter before landing on Sabrid.

    When the strange light disappeared, time began flowing normally again. Meanwhile, the black holes in the sky had all disappeared. As for Sabrid, he had lost over half his HP from the attack, retaining only around 200 million HP. Cracks had also appeared on the armor he wore, and fresh blood flowed out from all over his body. However, before Sabrid could react, the slightly pale Shi Feng had already arrived before the NPC. Not giving Sabrid any time to catch his breath, Shi Feng brandished the Light of Two Worlds once more.

    Spatial Slash!

    Swords Transmigration!

    Although the fusion of Skill and combat technique wasnt comparable to the fusion of Skill and Skill, the combination still increased the effectiveness of his Skill significantly.

    The next moment, six sword lights tore through space and approached Sabrid.

    Reacting quickly, Sabrid held his greatsword horizontally before him and activated the Tier 4 Defensive Skill, Steel Fortress. The Skill created a defensive barrier in front of him and increased his Defense by 500% temporarily.

    One slash!

    Two slashes!

    Three slashes!

    Every one of Shi Fengs attacks managed to slice through Sabrids defensive barrier without fail, but the barrier still bought Sabrid enough time to defend against the attacks with his greatsword.

    Boom Boom Boom

    The next moment, explosions echoed throughout Dragonheart Island one after another. Simultaneously, Sabrids HP fell time after time.

    When the last sword light collided with Sabrids greatsword, the NPC got smashed into the ground at the speed of light, the impact creating a crater over a dozen meters deep. This last attack also zeroed Sabrids HP, and the knight passed away with a reluctant look on his face.

    Meanwhile, Shi Feng, hovering in the air, saw his experience bar filling up rapidly. In no time at all, a golden glow enveloped him as his level rose from Level 140 to Level 141.

    However, nobody paid any attention to Shi Feng at this time. Instead, everyone had their heads down as they gaped at Sabrids corpse lying in the crater.

    As if time had stopped moving, a deathly silence enveloped the entrance of Dragonheart City.