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    Chapter 2800 Silent Entrance

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    Chapter 2800 Silent Entrance

    Upon seeing the squad of NPC soldiers walk out of the entrance, the War Blood members standing by the gate looked at Shi Fengs group triumphantly. The soldier squad consisted of 12 Level 150, Tier 3 NPC soldiers. These NPCs were already close to 30 levels higher than the current average level of Tier 3 players in Gods Domain. In addition, these NPCs also possessed the identity of Dragonheart Citys soldiers.

    After the major update, the NPC soldiers of NPC cities were no longer as rigid as before, enforcing all rules thoroughly and behaving impartially in their judgment.

    Instead, these NPC soldiers had become humanized, bending the rules to their liking. They could be strict with some and lenient with others. Meanwhile, so long as their actions fell within the permissible range of the rules, players would be utterly helpless against them.

    "Vice Commander Feather, lets see how Black Flame can continue acting arrogantly!" Snowy Afterglow, who had reached Level 123, said to Ink Feather as he watched the NPC soldiers approach Shi Fengs group. "Even if hes Tier 4, he will still have to behave here!"

    "Black Flame isnt a simple person. If he can restrain his temper, with his status as a Tier 4 player, these soldiers wont dare make things too difficult for him," Ink Feather said, shaking her head. "Everything will depend on Black Flames subsequent actions."

    Forbearance was a basic quality leaders of Guilds possessed. As the Guild Leader of Zero Wing, Shi Feng naturally possessed this quality too. If Shi Feng decided to behave this time, the means they could use against him wouldnt be very effective.

    If they failed to exact their revenge on Shi Feng now, the only thing they could do was ambush him outside Dragonheart Island.

    "He has always been arrogant. I doubt hell tolerate this humiliation," Snowy Afterglow said. "Even if he can, so long as he dares show even a little bit of resistance or behave disrespectfully to Lord Sabrid, well be able to take care of him!"

    "Lets hope so." Ink Feather also hoped that Shi Feng would choose not to tolerate the NPC guards harassment. That way, they would have an easy time dealing with him.

    While the soldiers were approaching Shi Fengs group, the surrounding players who saw this scene couldnt help stopping to spectate the situation.

    "Whats the matter with these soldiers? They can actually leave the entrance on their own initiative?" "Wait, that Assassin seems to be Divine Shadow, one of Heavens Blades vice commanders!"

    "What? Heavens Blades members actually took the initiative to show themselves? Are they tired of living?"

    The surrounding players recognized Divine Shadow in no time at all and were astonished. After all, War Blood had long since placed a bounty on all of Heavens Blades members in Dragonheart City. By showing up at the citys entrance now, Heavens Blades members were basically throwing themselves into the jaws of death.

    "Now that these NPC soldiers are going straight for them, theyre seriously doomed."

    "These NPCs are first-rate when it comes to making life difficult for others. They interrogated me for two whole hours the last time I came here. If I hadnt bribed them with a Magic Crystal, I wouldve most likely had to wait for a few more hours before I could enter the city."

    "These soldiers are probably the Secret Hand Associations members as well. If Heavens Blades members get detained, it definitely wont end with just a few hours of interrogation. These soldiers will most likely corner them until they speak out in retaliation. And if they do that, theyll be jailed right


    Seeing the NPC soldiers taking the initiative to walk away from the entrance, the surrounding players looked at Shi Fengs group in pity. However, none of them stepped forward to help. After all, it would be an express train to hell if they did so.

    While the surrounding players were discussing quietly among themselves, the 12 NPC soldiers had surrounded Shi Fengs group.

    "Dragonheart City is in chaos right now, so our superior has instructed us to tighten inspections to prevent people from making trouble in the city. Not only are you bunch acting suspiciously, but you are even concealing your identities with cloaks. Remove your cloaks and come with us!" said the rough-looking guard heading the squad. Sneering, he added, "Rest assured, the interrogation will be over quickly. Itll only take around a dozen hours, so it wont delay you for too long.

    "Oh, right. Just in case, please open your spatial bags and let us inspect them. We cannot let you bring any prohibited items into the city."

    As soon as the head soldier finished speaking, the other guards began smiling as well.

    "Thats right! Hurry up and open your bags! Dont worry. We wont take any of your items. Well only take a look at them."

    "Right, right! Its just for an inspection! This is for Dragonheart Citys safety!"

    The several NPC soldiers laughed as they looked at Shi Feng.

    Meanwhile, Divine Shadows complexion turned ashen when he heard the soldiers words. He had never imagined that the Secret Hand Associations NPCs would be so ruthless.

    A spatial bag was a players greatest secret. Revealing the contents of a players bag to other players would not only potentially attract trouble but also expose their trump cards.

    "Excuse me, but we dont plan on entering Dragonheart City," Divine Shadow said, rejecting the soldiers demand outright.

    There was no way they could allow the soldiers to inspect their bags. This was especially true for Shi Feng, the Guild Leader of Zero Wing. It was evident that these soldiers were trying to pick a fight with them.

    Now, their only choice was to abandon their plan to enter Dragonheart City.

    However, the head soldier smiled when he heard Divine Shadows refusal.

    "It doesnt matter whether you enter the city or not. In fact, you bunch look even more suspicious now! So, there is an even greater need for you to be checked! Youd best open your spatial bags quick! Otherwise, my brothers and I will personally take action!" the head soldier said, raising his hand.

    Immediately, the 11 other soldiers gripped their weapons and released their killing intent.

    However, as these soldiers gripped their weapons, Cleansing Flame stepped forward. She then took out a bronze token from her bag.

    "I am Cleansing Flame, a captain of the Dragonheart Knight Legion. These people are my companions. I can prove that they have no problems," Cleansing Flame said. In a slightly annoyed tone, she continued, "Moreover, you people from the City Defense Legion are responsible for maintaining order within the city, not outside! You are overstepping your boundaries!"

    When Cleansing Flame took out her Dragonheart Knight Token, Divine Shadow breathed out a sigh of relief, glad that he had brought her along. Otherwise, they wouldve gotten caught in the Secret Hand Associations trap. As Dragonheart Citys trump card legion, the Dragonheart Knight Legion was far superior to the City Defense Knight Legion. Moreover, the City Defense Knight Legion did not have the authority to inspect members of the Dragonheart Knight Legion.

    "The Dragonheart Knight Legion?" Looking at Cleansing Flame, the head soldier smiled nonchalantly and said, "Since you are a member of the Dragonheart Knight Legion, we naturally have no right to inspect you. However, that is not the case for your companions. They are acting suspiciously and are even wearing cloaks. As Dragonheart Citys first line of defense, we have a responsibility to maintain the citys safety. Hence, we cannot leave them be. They must be checked!"

    "You" The soldiers words enraged Cleansing Flame. "I will report this to Commander Anos!"

    "Go tell him, then. I believe Commander Anos will understand our painstaking efforts," the head soldier said, smiling. "However, before that, your companions must undergo inspection! I will give you only ten seconds to consider. If you dont open your bags yourselves, dont blame us for doing it for


    As the head soldier finished speaking, the other soldiers readied their weapons. It was evident that they did not plan on giving Shi Fengs group any chance to escape. Meanwhile, when the surrounding players saw this scene, they gasped.

    "How ruthless!"

    "Sure enough, nobody can afford to offend War Blood on Dragonheart Island."

    "No wonder even the superpowers dare not disrespect War Blood on Dragonheart Island."

    Although many of the players present would normally suffer at the hands of these NPC soldiers, the soldiers would only put them through long hours of interrogation, at most. This was definitely the first time the players had seen these soldiers draw their weapons against players.

    "Hahaha! Amazing! Amazing! As expected of Secret Hands members! I want to see what that Black Flame is going to do now!" Snowy Afterglow burst into laughter when he saw this scene. "I heard that Black Flame has many treasures on him. If we can get him to reveal those treasures, all our efforts this time would definitely be worthwhile!"

    Ink Feather also nodded in agreement with Snowy Afterglows words. In reality, even she did not think that the Secret Hand Association would be so ruthless. Now, Shi Feng was truly between a rock and a hard place. Whether he chose to anger the guards or reveal his spatial bag for everyone to see, he would still suffer in the end.

    "Black Flame! Now, its my turn to let you know what it feels like to live in misery!" When Blood Oath saw the scene playing out before him, the smile on his face grew even brighter.

    Previously, when Shi Feng had killed him during the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilions conference, Blood Oaths reputation had plummeted on Dragonheart Island.

    However, the tables had turned now. After partnering with the Secret Hand Association, Blood Oath had always hoped that Shi Feng would come to Dragonheart Island. To ensure this happened, he had even had his subordinates provoke Zero Wing frequently. Now, his chance for vengeance had arrived.

    This was also only the first step of Blood Oaths vengeance. Even if Shi Feng agreed to the soldiers demand, he still had plenty of things prepared for Shi Feng afterward.

    It wouldnt matter even if Shi Feng was a Tier 4 player. Dragonheart City was different from the average NPC city. In terms of combat power, Dragonheart City was even stronger than the capital cities of some empires.

    Moreover, as Dragonheart City was a neutral city, the identities and positions one held in kingdoms and cities did not matter here, only Dragonheart Citys identities and statuses. This was also why the various superpowers had no choice but to submit to War Blood.

    While everyone was secretly discussing the situation, Divine Shadow whispered to Shi Feng, "Im sorry for this situation, Guild Leader Black Flame. Ill hold them back afterward, so run away when you get the chance. These soldiers wont dare abandon their post, so as long as you leave Dragonheart Islands vicinity, they wont continue chasing you."

    Their only way out of this situation now was to flee. Confronting these NPC soldiers would only mean death for them. If they did that, they would be playing into Blood Oaths hands.

    Hence, Divine Shadow decided to exchange his own life for everyone elses freedom. "No, that wont be necessary," Shi Feng said, shaking his head. "Leave the rest to me." "Guild Leader Black Flame?" Divine Shadow was a little confused as he looked at Shi Feng.

    There was clearly no room for reconciliation between them and the NPC soldiers. Aside from escaping, he simply couldnt figure out how they could get out of this situation. At this moment, let alone Divine Shadow, even Yu Luo found this situation strange. She couldnt understand what Shi Feng could possibly do in this situation, either.

    When the head soldier saw Shi Feng stepping forward, he grinned and asked, "What? Have you made up your mind?"

    Shi Feng was the person Vice Commander Sabrid had singled out. No matter what Shi Fengs answer was, the head soldier would have ways to make things difficult for him.

    "Made up my mind?" Chuckling, Shi Feng said, "Indeed, I have made up my mind."

    "Good!" Nodding, the head soldier said, "Then, open up your spatial bag!".

    As soon as the head soldier finished speaking, Shi Feng made his move.

    The next moment, a fleeting flash appeared before Shi Feng, and the head soldiers body got bisected. The soldiers 20 million HP instantly fell to zero, the two halves of his body spraying blood all over the place as they fell to the ground.