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    Chapter 2798 Another Tier 4

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    Chapter 2798 Another Tier 4!

    "No! This is impossible!"

    Ink Feather and the other War Blood members were thunderstruck by the scene before them.

    The Sea Prison was an ancient magic array capable of trapping even Superior Mythic monsters, yet it had shattered from just one attack. Moreover, this same attack had also annihilated Autumn Plant, a Tier 4 Great Wizard.

    How could they possibly believe this?

    Shi Feng and Autumn Plant were both Tier 4 players, so how could there be such a huge disparity between them?

    Not to mention, Shi Feng had executed his attack while under the Sea Prisons suppression. Even if Autumn Plant truly wasnt a match for Shi Feng, he shouldnt be utterly powerless to resist the attack. Nevertheless, let alone putting up a fight, Autumn Plant couldnt even escape.

    Divine Shadow and the other Heavens Blade members also couldnt help gaping in shock at this scene.

    After watching Shi Fengs heaven-splitting slash, they finally understood the true strength of Tier 4 existences and why Gods Domains NPCs would behave so fearfully and respectfully toward Tier 4 existences.

    Shi Feng had transformed the terrain with just one attack. If a full-blown fight ensued between two Tier 4 existences, the effect the fight would have on the surroundings would be unimaginable.

    "Vice Commander, what should we do now? The Sea Prison is already broken, and Vice Commander Autumn has been killed. Im afraid that we" a Level 122, Tier 3 Assassin asked worriedly as he looked at Ink Feather.

    "Have everyone retreat!" Ink Feather said, gritting her teeth. "Also, notify the commander of everything that happened here. Black Flame is no longer someone we can handle. We need Secret Hands assistance!"


    The Tier 3 Assassin breathed out a sigh of relief when he heard Ink Feathers words. If they were to fight Shi Feng, they would die without question. Subsequently, War Bloods members frantically retreated to Dragonheart Island, many of them even using Tier 3 Instantaneous Movement Scrolls or other lifesaving scrolls. Their reaction was because they knew very clearly just how terrifying a Tier 4 player could be. While more than 3,000 yards might separate them from Shi Feng right now, the Swordsman could probably close the distance in just a few seconds if he flew at full speed. "Black Flame! War Blood will remember this transgression! We will be waiting for you on Dragonheart Island!" Ink Feather bellowed. With Shi Fengs group rapidly approaching, she promptly activated her Tier 3 Instantaneous Movement Scroll and disappeared, abandoning the bound Heavens Blades members.

    Two seconds after Ink Feather disappeared, Shi Fengs group of four arrived before Divine Shadow and the others.

    "Those people were so arrogant before, yet they ran away even faster than rabbits." Solitary Nine burst into laughter when he saw that none of War Bloods Tier 3 experts remained in the vicinity.

    In response, Lifeless Thorn also laughed and said, "Its normal. They know that theyll just die even if they stay behind. After all, even their sole Tier 4 expert died, so Tier 3 players like themselves wouldnt be able to do anything."

    The strength Shi Feng displayed was truly astonishing. Let alone War Bloods members, even Lifeless Thorn himself was shocked. During the fight with the Infant Golden Dragon, Shi Feng had forcibly canceled his summoning; the backlash had drastically reduced both his Concentration and Basic Attributes throughout the raid. And although he had activated a Berserk Skill near the end of the raid, the Skill only allowed him to just barely participate in the fight. Hence, one could say that Shi Feng had never exerted his normal strength in the entire Infant Dragon raid.

    However, when Shi Feng went up against Autumn Plant, he had already fully recovered.

    Only, Lifeless Thorn had never imagined that Shi Feng had already become so strong. Now, Lifeless Thorn wouldnt find it strange if Shi Feng could go toe-to-toe against a Superior Mythic monster. After all, the attack Shi Feng executed earlier was simply astonishing. It definitely carried power at the Tier 5 standard.

    "Guild Leader Black Flame, I am Vice Commander Divine Shadow of the Heavens Blade adventurer team. I really have to thank you for your help this time. If not for you, we wouldve definitely been imprisoned by War Blood for 15 days," Divine Shadow, who had been freed from his restraints, hurriedly stepped forward to thank Shi Feng.

    At this moment, the only feeling in his heart was a deep sense of awe!

    In the past, Divine Shadow only considered Shi Feng a local tyrant who had better luck than others. In his opinion, so long as he got promoted to Tier 4, he wouldnt be inferior to Shi Feng in any way. However, Divine Shadow now found his previous thoughts laughable. After all, in terms of strength, Shi Feng and he were like the sun and a candle. Even if he really managed to get promoted to Tier 4, he doubted he could last a single move against Shi Feng.

    As for Cleansing Flame, when she looked at Shi Feng, complicated emotions momentarily filled her heart.

    Previously, it was only thanks to Shi Fengs help that Heavens Blade had managed to survive the existential threat it faced. Originally, she thought that with the significant improvements she made during this period, she had shortened the gap between herself and Shi Feng. However, it seemed that the gap between them had widened even further instead. In fact, Shi Feng had become so strong that she could no longer grasp just how powerful he was exactly

    "Its nothing. I just happened to pass by," Shi Feng said, chuckling as he looked at Divine Shadow. "Team Leader Yu Luo and I were trapped in the same place for some time. After we left that place, we appeared near Dragonheart Island. Can you tell me what Dragonheart Islands present situation is like?"

    Although the World Stone allowed him to log in and out of Gods Domain anytime he wanted, he had not logged off for several consecutive days because he had focused on grinding for levels. Meanwhile, Gods Domain was a game that was constantly changing. Several days was more than enough time for significant changes to sweep through the entire Gods Domain, let alone a small area like Dragonheart Island.

    Dragonheart Island was a location he had paid constant attention to as well as one of Zero Wings development focuses.

    The World Tower on Dragonheart Island was incredibly special. Even Tier 5 players could benefit from it because there were plenty of ancient ruins hidden inside.

    In addition, once communication between the two main continents of Gods Domain increased in frequency, Dragonheart Island would become an important trade hub.

    Hence, he had established roots on Dragonheart Island a long time ago. However, due to the many matters he had to deal with on the eastern continent, he had no choice but to leave Dragonheart Islands matters to someone else. As a result, Zero Wing had never been able to develop properly on Dragonheart Island.

    Now that his strength had undergone a qualitative transformation and he also possessed massive wealth, he would naturally have to write Zero Wings development on Dragonheart Island into his agenda. After all, Dragonheart Island had plenty of rare and precious resources. In fact, the rare basic materials that he needed for the construction of the Small Mobile Fortress could all be found on the island.

    This was also one of the reasons why he had decided to head to Dragonheart Island directly.

    "I see." Realization dawned upon Divine Shadow when he heard Shi Fengs words. He now roughly understood why Yu Luo was with Shi Fengs party. He then shook his head and sighed, "Guild Leader Black Flame, Dragonheart Island has already become War Bloods private playground. Outside forces are unable to interfere with Dragonheart Islands affairs at all. Even Heavens Blade has been forced to disband because of War Blood."

    "Is it because of an NPC force?" Shi Feng asked.

    "Mhm. Somehow, Blood Oath actually managed to partner up with the Secret Hand Association, Dragonheart Islands strongest NPC force. Because of this, even Dragonheart Islands local superpowers have to abide by War Bloods will to avoid getting targeted," Divine Shadow answered, his heart brimming with hatred toward War Blood.

    If not for the Secret Hand Association, War Blood couldnt have forced Heavens Blade to disband no matter what. Even if War Blood had Autumn Plant, it would still be incredibly difficult for one Tier 4 player to deal with the entirety of Heavens Blade inside the vast World Tower.

    Naturally, it was also impossible for one Tier 4 Great Wizard to besiege a fortress.

    However, it was a different story for NPC forces.

    Even the weakest NPC force operating on Dragonheart Island had several Tier 4 NPCs under its command, what more the Secret Hand Association. According to the information Heavens Blade found, the Secret Hand Association had as many as 14 Tier 4 NPCs. Moreover, some of these Tier 4 NPCs even held considerably high positions in Dragonheart City. Hence, it was a piece of cake for the Secret Hand Association to deal with a player force like Heavens Blade in Dragonheart City. Most importantly, after the systems major update, NPCs no longer had any restrictions placed on them. While NPCs might still hesitate to take action inside an NPC city, once outside the city, NPCs could freely attack players.

    Therefore, any player force that dared to oppose War Blood would have their members hunted by the Secret Hand Association outside Dragonheart City.

    However, getting hunted and killed by the Secret Hand Associations NPCs still wasnt the worst part. In fact, getting killed would have been preferable. After all, these NPCs could actually imprison players for up to 15 natural days!

    Let alone Tier 3 peak experts, even Tier 3 apex experts couldnt afford such a penalty.

    "I see. No wonder War Blood dares to be so arrogant." After hearing Divine Shadows explanation, Shi Feng more or less understood his frustration.

    Even in his previous life, such occurrences had been prevalent after Gods Domains first major update. Now that most players had yet to reach even Tier 3, they would find it even more impossible to oppose NPC forces. "Guild Leader Black Flame, now that youve killed Autumn Plant, Im certain Ink Feather will relay this matter to Blood Oath. Since they know theyre no match for you, they will definitely contact Secret Hand. However, Secret Hand should take some time to react. Hence, my suggestion is that we leave Dragonheart Islands vicinity during this time. That way, those NPCs wont be able to do anything against us."

    Although the Secret Hand Association was powerful, so long as they left the Associations sphere of influence, the Associations NPCs would most likely stop pursuing them. At worst, they would no longer be able to mingle on Dragonheart Island. However, Gods Domain was a massive world. They could easily head to other locations to grind for levels. It wouldnt be too late for them to seek payback once they raised their strength. "No. I wont be leaving with you. I still have some matters I need to deal with on Dragonheart Island," Shi Feng said, shaking his head. Smiling, he continued, "Moreover, I have a debt to collect from War Blood."

    After Shi Feng finished speaking, Yu Luo added in a determined tone, "Thats right! Im also going to Dragonheart Island to meet with the commander! I will definitely make War Blood pay!"

    Divine Shadow couldnt help growing anxious at Yu Luos words. They had gone to great lengths to escape from Dragonheart Island. If Yu Luo were to head to Dragonheart Island now, it would be a one-way trip. "Yu Luo, stop fooling around. Guild Leader Black Flame is a Tier 4 player, so he might not have any problems, but you are"

    An astonishing aura suddenly burst forth from Yu Luos body, interrupting Divine Shadow and subjecting him and the others to powerful pressure. The aura Yu Luo released was even more frightening than Autumn Plants.

    "You" Divine Shadow was dumbfounded when he sensed Yu Luos aura. Only after a long time did he manage to ask, "Youve reached Tier 4?"