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    Chapter 2797 Splitting The Sea

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    Chapter 2797 Splitting the Sea

    As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, the War Blood members spectating from a distance couldnt help gaping in shock at the scene playing out before them, their minds refusing to accept this was true. Even Heavens Blades members felt as if they were dreaming when they saw this scene, having personally experienced the power of those crimson chains.

    Those chains carried immense power; even a Mythic monster should be incapable of struggling free of them. Moreover, evading those chains was also impossible.

    Nevertheless, the crimson chains Autumn Plant summoned actually failed to get within one meter of Shi Feng!

    Moreover, they hadnt seen Shi Feng make any movements. From their perspective, the chains seemed to be afraid of Shi Feng and did not dare move closer to him.

    Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!

    Autumn Plant was dumbfounded as he looked at the scene before him. In fact, compared to the surrounding spectators, he was even more confused by this situation. After all, as the summoner of these chains, he knew that he had not held back in the slightest.

    Theres no way he can stop a Tier 4 Spell without using any Skill or Spell of his own! This is absolutely impossible! Glaring at Shi Feng, Autumn Plant demanded, "What did you


    Had Shi Feng used a Skill or Spell to stop his Spell, Autumn Plant wouldve found this situation reasonable. However, Shi Feng clearly did not do anything. The man simply unleashed his Mana to the surroundings, yet that actually rendered the chains summoned by Blood-bound Lock incapable of getting close to him.

    At this moment, let alone Autumn Plant, even Yu Luo, Lifeless Thorn, and Solitary Nine were surprised by this situation.

    They knew that Shi Feng was incredibly strong. After all, he had very nearly killed Lionheart in one move. However, they never thought that he could actually stop a Tier 4 Binding Spell just by unleashing his Mana. This situation had thoroughly shattered their understanding of Shi Feng "Cant you see it very clearly?" Looking at Autumn Plants horrified expression, Shi Feng said calmly, "As a Tier 4 Great Wizard, you should be well aware that a Spells performance is dependent on the difference between the quality of the Spells Mana and that of the targets Mana. Do you think a fragile rope can restrain an elephant?"

    After obtaining Level 1 World Authority, aside from a slight improvement in his affinity with and control of Mana, he had also gained a significant boost in his understanding of the operating principles of Mana. Hence, he was now capable of condensing Mana of much higher quality and in much greater quantity.

    Now, the Mana he could conjure was at least 50% stronger than what he could with just a 110% Completion Rate Mana Body.

    Thanks to this improvement, all Mana that entered his Mana Domain was subject to his control. Autumn Plants attempt to bind him with a Tier 4 Binding Spell that hadnt even reached a 100% Completion Rate was a complete and utter joke.

    Rather than relying on such a Spell, Autumn Plant would be more effective if he tried to attack Shi Feng with his staff.

    "What do you mean?" Shi Fengs words confused Autumn Plant.

    A Spells performance was indeed dependent on the quality of its Mana and of its targets Mana. However, he was currently a Tier 4 Great Wizard. The Spell he used was also at the Tier 4 standard. How could his Spell not have any effect against a player of the same tier?

    "What do I mean?" Shi Feng shook his head in disappointment. He had already given Autumn Plant a clear explanation, yet the latter still failed to understand the cause of his failure. "Alright, then. Ill just let you feel it yourself!"

    As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, a ripple of Mana spread out from his body. The space within a 1,000-yard radius of Shi Feng darkened. When looking at this darkened region from a distance, one would even see space within this region warping. Caught within Shi Fengs Mana Domain, Autumn Plant suddenly felt his mind turning sluggish. He also felt as if his body had fallen into a mire, as the ambient Mana had undergone a complete change. At this point, the Mana around him couldnt even be considered Mana. Unlike normal Mana, this Mana felt dark, murky, and silent. Surrounded by this Mana, Autumn Plant very nearly retched in disgust, his complexion turning incomparably pale.

    "No! This isimpossible! How can youhave such Mana?!" When Autumn Plant looked at Shi Feng now, his eyes were filled with fear and madness. He simply couldnt fathom how there could be such a person in this world. Meanwhile, upon seeing Autumn Plant rambling on like a lunatic while looking at Shi Feng, Ink Feather immediately contacted him.

    "Autumn, what happened on your side?" Ink Feather stared at Autumn Plants crazed behavior in confusion. "Do you need our help?" Autumn Plant had clearly been normal just a second ago. However, as soon as the dark space appeared, he began behaving abnormally.

    "No! Run! Run quickly!" Autumn Plant urged frantically when he received Ink Feathers call. "Hes not human! Hes not human at all!"

    "Not human? What do you mean?" Ink Feather grew even more confused at Autumn Plants words.

    "His Mana is too terrifying! We are absolutely no match for him!" Autumn Plant exclaimed with a horrified expression. "You need to escape quickly! Immediately notify the commander and have him contact Secret Hand! Only Secret Hand can go up against him!"

    "Notify Secret Hand? Is there a need to go that far?"

    At this point, Ink Feather suspected that something was wrong with Autumn Plants mental state. Their opponent was only a Tier 4 Sword Emperor. Even if Shi Feng was indeed the first player to reach Tier 4, there shouldnt be any need to seek help from the Secret Hand Association, the largest NPC force based on Dragonheart Island. After all, War Blood still had plenty of trump cards in reserve. Even if they couldnt get rid of Shi Feng, Shi Feng shouldnt think of breaking out of the Sea Prison.

    Hostile players caught inside the Sea Prison would have their Stamina and Concentration drained rapidly; even a Tier 4 player wouldnt last more than ten minutes within it. And if a players Stamina and Concentration zeroed out, they wouldnt be able to move their body at all. They might even die outright.

    Hence, even if their team was no match for Shi Feng in a frontal confrontation, they could still whittle him to death inside the Sea Prison.

    When Ink Feather showed no intention of listening to his words, Autumn Plant felt like he was about to go crazy.

    "No! Listen to me! You dont know just how po -11

    Before Autumn Plant could say anything more, Shi Feng finally took action.

    The Swordsman unsheathed the Abyssal Blade, raised the Magic Weapon slightly, and executed a vertical slash at the space in front of him. First Sword, Lightshadow! Suddenly, an illusory greatsword several hundred meters long appeared in the sky and fell toward Autumn Plant, leaving a dark void that divided the world into two in its wake.

    Before anyone could react, the Sea Prison trapping Shi Fengs group split in half, and a massive void spanning over a thousand yards opened up in the ocean. Seawater then flooded into the dark void, creating spectacular waterfalls.

    Surging waves carried the nearby ships toward this spatial tear, and the ships that fell into the void had their crews instantly vaporized.

    The thousand-plus War Blood members maintaining the Sea Prisons magic array spat out blood on the spot and fell into a mentally weakened state. It was evident that they had suffered a severe backlash from the barriers breaking

    Meanwhile, a dark void had replaced the area Autumn Plant originally occupied. As for Autumn Plant himself, he was nowhere in sight.