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    Chapter 2795 Dragonheart Islands Chaos

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    Chapter 2795 Dragonheart Islands Chaos

    The waters surrounding Dragonheart Island:

    Over a thousand ships were currently scattered around the islands surrounding Dragonheart Island, all bearing the mark of the War Blood adventurer team. Any ship traveling to Dragonheart Island had to submit to War Bloods inspection. In addition, as Dragonheart Island was enveloped by a sealing magic array, communication between the island and the outside world was impossible. Teleportation into and out of the island was also blocked.

    At this time, Dragonheart Island was practically War Bloods territory.

    "Dammit! War Blood is too vicious. We clearly arent Heavens Blades members, yet they charged us three Magic Crystals and twenty Ancient Bronze just for leaving Dragonheart Island!" a Level 114, Tier 2 Berserker driving a speedboat cursed angrily as he watched the departing speedboat belonging to War Blood.

    "Shh! Keep your voice down! They still havent gone far." A Level 120, Tier 3 Elementalist on the same speedboat hurriedly covered the angry Berserkers mouth. He then warned, "War Blood has the final say on everything on Dragonheart Island right now. Even the superpowers have no choice but to go along with War Bloods whims. We are leaving Dragonheart Island to sell our haul this time. Well be finished if we get targeted." "I wonder what Heavens Blade did to anger War Blood to such an extent? Even now, War Blood is still hunting for Heavens Blades members. The captured members are even sent to be imprisoned by NPCs," a Level 117, Tier 2 Oracle mused when she saw that War Bloods speedboat was already more than 300 yards away. "Isnt that obvious? War Bloods clearly trying to get Heavens Blades Lands near the World Tower," the Berserker said indifferently. "They are discovering more and more treasures in the World Towers underground floors right now. The fourth underground floor is especially amazing. However, the abnormal energy in the fourth floor is overwhelming, and the food needed to recover from this energy is incredibly expensive and uneconomical. The only other way to recover quickly is to rest in the special region around the World Tower. "Meanwhile, Heavens Blade owns a total of five plots of Land in that special region, including the sole large-sized plot in the special zone and a medium-sized plot. War Blood is currently in a frenzy to expand its influence, so how can it possibly let such a fat piece of meat get away?"

    "Indeed. The Lands around the World Tower are in high demand right now. Since War Blood has already forced Heavens Blade to disband, it naturally wont let go of Heavens Blades Lands. The reason War Blood is capturing Heavens Blades members is simply to force Heavens Blades commander to submit and give up those Lands," the Elementalist youth said, nodding. "However, I doubt Heavens Blade will give up so easily. After all, so long as Heavens Blade has those five plots of Land, it can make a comeback any time."

    When the players aboard the speedboat spoke of the World Tower, they couldnt help a sense of yearning for it.

    Before the players on Dragonheart Island began exploring the World Towers fourth underground floor, they hadnt placed much importance on the Lands around the World Tower. After all, those Lands were absurdly expensive. Moreover, they were far from Dragonheart Islands business district. Naturally, nobody had been willing to purchase them.

    However, after players began exploring the fourth underground floor, they found that it actually housed Tier 4 Legacy Lands!

    As a result, the fourth underground floor was now a bone of contention for all superpowers in Gods Domain.

    Unfortunately, there were only 34 plots of Land around the World Tower, which werent even enough to divide among the local player forces, let alone the foreign superpowers. Moreover, it turned out that not only did Heavens Blade own five plots of Land in that special zone, but the adventurer team had even gotten its hands on the best one. How could this not make the various superpowers and War Blood go crazy?

    Before the party of six could continue their conversation, a loud explosion suddenly sounded in the distance. Immediately, the party of six, together with the other players in the vicinity, turned to look toward the origin of the explosion.

    The next moment, what entered everyones eyes was a group of around 30 cloaked players summoning two Flying Mounts. The two Tier 3 peak experts leading the team worked together and rapidly finished off 20 Tier 3 War Blood experts. Afterward, they each hopped onto a Flying Mount and broke through War Bloods encirclement together with their team. "Its Heavens Blades remnants!"

    "Activate the magic array! Dont let them escape!"

    When the nearby War Blood members saw this scene, they promptly sprang into action. Suddenly, the several dozen War Blood speedboats positioned around the two Flying Mounts set up a sealing barrier. It was evident that War Bloods members were prepared for Heavens Blades members.

    The next moment, before the two Flying Mounts could ascend 200 yards into the air, they were trapped within a magic barrier covering over a thousand yards. The translucent barrier had visible runes decorating it. One could easily tell that it was an Advanced Magic Array at a glance.

    If trapped by this barrier, even Tier 4 Mythic monsters would need a lot of time to break out of it, let alone Tier 3 players.

    "Dammit!" the female Guardian Knight leading Heavens Blades team cursed when she saw the barrier, a trace of frustration appearing in her eyes. She then turned to the man standing at the front of the other Flying Mount and asked, "Vice Commander Shadow, what should we do? Itll take us at least three minutes to break out of this barrier. Thats more than enough time for War Bloods members to surround us."

    At the Guardian Knights words, the man named Divine Shadow standing atop the Flying Serpent frowned. It was clear that he hadnt expected War Blood to use such a powerful move against them. "We have no choice but to fight. Ill activate my Berserk Skill and distract them afterward. In the meantime, you guys figure out a way to escape this place," Divine Shadow said as he looked at War Bloods approaching experts. He then turned to the female Knight Cleansing Flame and added, "Remember! Do everything you can to leave, even if it means escaping by yourself! Only if you escape will Heavens Blade have hope!"

    "Yes, sir!" Cleansing Flame answered, a solemn expression appearing on her face.

    Now that Heavens Blade had already disbanded and War Blood was even hunting down Heavens Blades members on Dragonheart Island, Heavens Blades only hope of making a comeback was to seek help from the outside world. With the Deeds of the special zones Lands in her hands, it was entirely possible to recruit the help of a Super Guild if they paid a certain price.

    However, before Cleansing Flame could control her Flying Serpent to head for the barriers edge, a powerful voice echoed in the ears of Heavens Blades members.

    "Escape? Do you think its that easy?

    "None of you should think of leaving today!"

    Before Divine Shadow and Cleansing Flame could react to the situation, a man suddenly appeared in front of them. This crimson-eyed man wore a dark red robe and held a crimson wooden staff. His entire being also gave off an indescribably evil feeling.

    Just by hovering in the air, this evil-looking man exerted a powerful pressure on Heavens Blades members. Divine Shadow and the others felt as if a mountain were weighing down their bodies. They could also feel the Mana surrounding them growing hostile.

    "Autumn Plant?!" A hint of confusion appeared in Divine Shadows eyes when he saw the crimson-robed man. "Impossible! Shouldnt you be leading a team to the fourth floor?"

    The evil man blocking their team was none other than Autumn Plant, one of War Bloods Four Great Vice Commandersas well as War Bloods sole Tier 4 member. As a Great Wizard, he was an existence capable of destroying half of a small island with one attack.

    Previously, Autumn Plant had even single-handedly wiped out tens of thousands of Thirteen Throness experts using a single Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spell. Over twenty of the casualties were Void Realm experts, and three were Domain Realm experts. As a result of this severe loss, Thirteen Thrones had no choice but to back off from competing with War Blood. After this battle, Autumn Plant had also been crowned the undisputed number one player on Dragonheart Island.

    Meanwhile, it was because they had caught wind that Autumn Plant had left for the World Towers fourth underground floor that they had attempted to escape Dragonheart Island.

    Yet, now

    "Hahaha! If I didnt visit the fourth floor, would you remnants be willing to come out?" Autumn Plant sneered contemptuously as he looked down on Divine Autumn and the others.

    "You tricked us!" Divine Shadow clenched his fists in anger. He never thought that he would fall for Autumn Plants trap. "Weve always been rivals in the past. Now that youve gotten promoted to Tier 4, I want to see just how strong youve become!"

    After saying so, Divine Shadow activated his Berserk Skill, his aura skyrocketing to the point of rivaling Tier 4 Mythic monsters. At this time, if comparing purely in terms of aura, Divine Shadow was not the slightest bit inferior to Autumn Plant.


    When Autumn Plant sensed the intensity of Divine Shadows aura skyrocketing, his

    ssion remained unchanged. Instead, he merely waved his hand.

    Before Divine Shadow could react, over a dozen crimson chains appeared out of thin air and bound his body. And despite struggling with all his might, he couldnt break free from their restraint, no matter what. On the contrary, his resistance weakened as time passed.

    "How is this possible?!" Cleansing Flame was stunned.

    Divine Shadow was one of Heavens Blades few Domain Realm experts. With his Berserk Skill activated, logically, he should be able to put up a good fight against a Tier 4 player. Yet, Divine Shadow was captured instantly. Autumn Plant had thoroughly shattered their understanding of Tier 4 existences.

    "Hmph. You people dont know just how massive the gap between Tier 3 and Tier 4 classes is. Do you really think you can turn things around when going up against me?" Looking at Cleansing Flames stunned expression, Autumn Plant sneered, "Let alone one Domain Realm expert, even ten Domain Realm experts working together wont last more than three moves against me."

    Realizing the difference between them, Divine Shadow turned to Cleansing Flame and the others and shouted, "Dammit! Dammit! Everyone, kill yourselves! Dont let him capture you!"

    "Dont even think you can kill yourselves so easily!" Autumn Plant said, brandishing his staff.

    The next moment, blood-red chains appeared from the void and bound Cleansing Flame and the others, preventing them from moving their bodies at all. The difference between the two sides was clear for all to see.

    "How can a Tier 4 class be so powerful?!"

    Divine Shadow and the others stared at Autumn Plant with disbelief.

    They had seen Shi Fengs battle video during the reserve seat competition at the War Gods Temple. In their opinion, although Tier 4 players were powerful, they were not an insurmountable opponent. However, they actually couldnt offer even the slightest resistance to Autumn Plant. The strength Autumn Plant displayed far surpassed Shi Fengs.

    While Heavens Blades members were shocked by the massive gap in strength between them and Autumn Plant, War Bloods other members caught up with them and secured them.

    "Alright, take them to the NPCs." Looking at Divine Shadow and the other remnants of Heavens Blade, Autumn Plant smiled and said, "Now that weve caught two big fish, I refuse to believe that Zwei wont submit!"

    "Its over! Its over! Everythings over this time!" Divine Shadow fell into despair when he saw Heavens Blades captured members. "Ive truly doomed you guys this time!"

    The only reason why they had decided to take on such a risky operation this time was the misinformation he had believed. Now, everyone was doomed because of his foolishness.

    After all, if players were imprisoned by NPCs, nothing would change even if they forcibly logged out of the game; they would still reappear in prison after they logged back into the game. Unless they could break out, they would have to spend at least 15 days in prison.

    A 15-day gap was more than enough for everyone to fall far behind Gods Domains frontline players.

    However, as Divine Shadow was falling into a pit of despair and self-reproach, a Horned Eagle carrying four people suddenly came flying over from a distance. To everyones surprise, the Horned Eagle actually sported Heavens Blades flag extremely conspicuously.

    "More remnants of Heavens Blade? Seeing as they have a Horned Eagle, it seems another big fish has arrived." Autumn Plants lips curled up in delight when he saw the Horned Eagle.

    Meanwhile, this unexpected situation also confused Divine Shadow and the others. They couldnt understand why one of Heavens Blades Horned Eagles would be flying to them from outside Dragonheart Island. However, when they recalled Autumn Plants capabilities, they immediately began shouting at the people riding the Horned Eagle to escape.

    Although Tier 4 players could fly, their flying speed wasnt comparable to Flying Mounts. Hence, it was still possible to escape if the Horned Eagle flew at full speed.

    "Escape? Do you think thats possible?"

    After saying so, Autumn Plant used Instantaneous Movement and rapidly approached the Horned Eagle.

    A Tier 4 Great Wizards Instantaneous Movement had a range of 3,000 yards, many times superior to a Tier 3 Great Mages Instantaneous Movement.