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    Chapter 2794 Gods Domains State Of Affairs

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    Chapter 2794 Gods Domains State of Affairs

    This place was a vast, blue ocean with nary a cloud in the sky.

    At this time, a tear in space spanning over a thousand yards suddenly appeared above the ocean, its appearance kicking up strong winds that disrupted the peace of this place.

    A moment after the spatial tear formed, four figures flew out of it and plopped into the ocean. Their impact on the water generated waves dozens of meters tall, the commotion attracting the attention of the dozen or so ships sailing nearby.

    "The Mana here is so thin!"

    "The sense of rejection is gone! I think were back!"

    While standing on the oceans surface, Lifeless Thorn, Solitary Nine, and Yu Luo grew excited when they sensed the familiar low-Mana environment and the lack of rejection from the world.

    Although the ancient Gods Domain had plenty of benefits that the modern Gods Domain did not possess, they had played in the modern Gods Domain for most of their career in Gods Domain. Most of the people and matters they knew of were found here. Naturally, they were glad to return to the modern Gods Domain.

    Meanwhile, the appearance of Shi Fengs group also gave the players on the nearby ships a huge shock.

    "Crap! Who are they? How can they stand on water?"

    "They should be using some kind of Levitating Skill."

    "No. If they were using a Skill or Spell, there should be strong Mana fluctuations. But I dont sense any coming from the four of them."

    At this moment, Shi Fengs group of four had all their information concealed with their Black Cloaks, so the surrounding players couldnt uncover any information about them. The only thing the surrounding players were certain of was that the four were all players.

    Knowing this, the surrounding players couldnt help wanting to find out the identity of Shi Fengs group.

    "Lets hurry up and leave," a Level 123, Tier 3 Ranger driving an Advanced Speedboat said. "The situation in this sea zone has been chaotic recently. Well be doomed if we get dragged into the war between adventurer teams on Dragonheart Island!" "Indeed. Lets leave this place quickly. Now that such a huge commotion has occurred here, War Bloods members will definitely come over. If they find us here, they might take us for members of other adventurer teams and kill us," the Level 122 Shield Warrior standing beside the Ranger youth said, nodding in agreement. While the players on this Advanced Speedboat were conversing with each other, Shi Feng and his companions, around 100 yards away, heard every word of their conversation.

    "So, this place is near Dragonheart Island." Shi Feng revealed a faint smile. "It seems we were lucky. We didnt get teleported to some dangerous and remote location."

    Space-time teleportation was incredibly random. If they got teleported into a dangerous location, such as a forbidden land or a special location that prevented teleportation, making their way home would be very troublesome.

    Nodding, Lifeless Thorn said, "But based on these peoples words, there seems to be quite a struggle occurring on Dragonheart Island." "Thats normal. With the NPC population growing continuously, the number of NPCs operating at sea would naturally increase. While they might not be as numerous as the landlocked NPCs, they will still outnumber players by a large margin. And with the participation of NPCs, the various powers will definitely struggle even more desperately among themselves for resources," Shi Feng said, unsurprised by Dragonheart Islands current state of affairs.

    This was because he had received some news from Liang Jing a few days ago. According to her, Gods Domain was truly messed up right now, and NPC forces had even begun taking action against the Guild Towns of players. Although the NPC forces did not directly assault Guild Towns, they still created a lot of trouble inside the Guild Towns. They forced the Guilds running these towns to submit to them and pay a ton of resources and Coins in tribute. Otherwise, they would continue their harassment until the Guild Town imploded.

    In Shi Fengs previous life, many unrated Guilds and third-rate Guilds had no choice but to submit to these NPC forces extortion. After all, if these Guilds lacked the income from their Guild Towns, they would truly be doomed.

    Now that Gods Domains first major update had arrived ahead of schedule, once the NPCs began taking action with full force, even first-rate Guilds and superpowers would have no choice but to pay tribute to the NPC forces to buy time to develop themselves. After all, in Gods Domain, players were merely a minority. One could also say that players were outsiders. Apart from immortality, players did not have any advantages over the original inhabitants of Gods Domain. Gods Domains inhabitants far outnumbered players when it came to the top combatants both sides possessed. This would remain true even ten years after Gods Domains launch.

    Upon hearing Shi Fengs words, a hint of anxiety appeared on Yu Luos face. Immediately, she took to the skies and flew toward the nearby Advanced Speedboat, her approach giving the six players on the boat a fright. These six players stared at Yu Luo with horrified expressions.

    Their reaction was because the ability to fly freely in the sky was unique to players at Tier 4 or above.

    Tier 4 players were existences that even NPCs feared. Although there were only a small number of Tier 4 experts in Gods Domain, every one of them was a bigshot capable of shaking heaven and earth with their every move. These Tier 4 experts were not existences ordinary Tier 3 experts like themselves could meet.

    "How may I help you, miss?" the Tier 3 Ranger serving as the leader of the party asked respectfully as he looked up at Yu Luo.

    The strong were respected in Gods Domain. This fact might not have been evident in the past. However, after experiencing the changes brought by the systems major update and the various NPCs arrogant behavior, these players thoroughly understood that the world of Gods Domain was a much more straightforward and crueler place than the real world. When it came to dealing with Tier 4 powerhouses, if they offended the other party, it wouldnt be strange for them to get annihilated the next second. They also wouldnt be able to do anything about it.

    "Do you know Heavens Blades situation?" Yu Luo asked.

    Heavens Blade was her home. Its well-being had also been a concern for her all this time.

    Before she entered the ancient Gods Domain, the competition on Dragonheart Island had already been incredibly intense. Heavens Blade had even clashed with several of the islands top adventurer teams and suffered casualties numbering in the thousands. This was why she had risked grinding and exploring a dangerous location by herself.

    Since her disappearance from the modern Gods Domain until now, a month had gone by. Meanwhile, one month was more than enough for the entirety of Gods Domain to undergo significant changes, let alone a small place like Dragonheart Island.

    "Heavens Blade?" The Ranger youth was surprised and confused by Yu Luos question.

    "What? Have you never heard of Heavens Blade before?" Yu Luo frowned. "Or do you not want to say it?"

    As Yu Luos voice chilled, the Tier 3 Shield Warrior and the others shuddered involuntarily and looked toward the Ranger youth. They didnt know whether they should speak up. Although Yu Luo hadnt revealed any killing intent thus far, her aura alone was already more than enough to instill fear in them.

    After all, they had personally witnessed just how powerful a Tier 4 player could be. A Tier 4 player could kill hundreds of Tier 3 players with just the flip of a hand.

    The silence had stretched out for a second when the Ranger youth wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead and said hurriedly, "Miss, you misunderstand me. Its not that I refuse to tell you. Its just that this matter is already common knowledge in Gods Domain. I was just wondering why you would ask such a question, miss."

    "Common knowledge in Gods Domain?" Yu Luo couldnt help feeling a little confused.

    According to Shi Feng, before his group entered the ancient Gods Domain, nothing big had happened to Heavens Blade. It had simply been competing with Dragonheart Islands several top adventurer teams for resources as usual.

    Shi Feng had left the modern Gods Domain only a few days ago. Logically, nothing significant should have happened to Heavens Blade.

    "Thats right. This incident caused quite the commotion back then. It affected over a dozen superpowers," the Ranger said, nodding. "Three days ago, through some unknown means, not only did War Blood enter into an alliance with one of Dragonheart Islands local NPC forces, but someone from War Blood also got promoted to Tier 4. As a result, War Bloods influence on the island skyrocketed, and even Thirteen Thrones suffered losses at the hands of War Blood."

    "What about Heavens Blade?" Yu Luo asked.

    "Heavens Blade" The Ranger hesitated to answer because he knew that the Tier 4 powerhouse before him was definitely related to Heavens Blade. After taking a deep breath, he continued, "Heavens Blade disbanded two days ago."

    "Disbanded?" Yu Luo was stunned. "How is this possible?!"

    She had developed from the ground up together with Heavens Blade, and the adventurer team was basically her home. Yet, now, she was being told that Heavens Blade had disbanded?

    At this moment, let alone Yu Luo, even Shi Feng was stunned when he overheard the Rangers words from a distance.

    Heavens Blade was one of Dragonheart Islands top five adventurer teams. Not only did the adventurer team boast close to ten peak experts under its command, but its commander, Zwei, was even one of Dragonheart Islands top three MTs.

    In the past, Zwei had also been a legendary figure, and she had developed Heavens Blade into an overlord-like existence in Gods Domain.

    Hence, hearing that Heavens Blade had actually disbanded now came as a shock to him.

    "If Heavens Blade disbanded, where did Heavens Blades executives go?" Suppressing the emotions in her heart and doing her best to stay calm, Yu Luo asked in a quivering voice, "Where did Commander Zwei and the others


    Shaking his head, the Ranger replied, "This, I do not know. I only know that Heavens Blade seems to have enraged War Blood. War Blood is still hunting down Heavens Blades members even now, going as far as sealing off Dragonheart Island. People on Dragonheart Island cant contact the outside world. Even those seeking to leave Dragonheart Island need to go through War Bloods inspection. If I were to guess, Heavens Blades executives have probably left Dragonheart Island and already gone somewhere else to develop."

    "I understand. You may go now!"

    Yu Luo could no longer remain calm after listening to the Rangers words. After waving her hand at the party of six, indicating that they were free to continue with their business, she turned around and flew back to Shi Fengs group. After hearing Yu Luos words, the party of six felt like death-row prisoners who had just been granted amnesty. Hurriedly, they sailed away from the area on their Advanced Speedboat, not daring to remain for even a moment longer lest Yu Luo change her mind and vent her anger on them. "Yu Luo, what do you plan to do now?" Shi Feng asked as he took in Yu Luos downcast expression. According to their original plan, they would go their separate ways after returning to the modern era. However, it turned out that Heavens Blade had disbanded. And Yu Luo probably couldnt save Heavens Blade by herself.

    "Me?" Shi Fengs question left Yu Luo at a loss. "I dont know."

    The modern Gods Domain she was familiar with no longer existed, so she didnt know what she should do.

    "Since thats the case, why dont we go take a look at Dragonheart Island for now?" Shi Feng suggested. "I still have some matters to deal with on Dragonheart Island. Meanwhile, although Heavens Blade has disbanded, I believe Commander Zwei and Heavens Blades other executives wouldnt leave the island so easily. After all, their foundation and all their resources are on Dragonheart Island. It would be difficult for them to decide to change their base of operations within a short period. So, once we reach Dragonheart Island, you might be able to contact them."

    Yu Luos eyes immediately glowed at Shi Fengs words. She felt that what he said was indeed true. Heavens Blades members had been residing on Dragonheart Island for such a long time now. How could they possibly just pack up and leave?

    Not to mention, even if Heavens Blade was no more, she could still contact Commander Zwei and the others. After all, unlike the ancient Gods Domain, long-range communication between players was possible in the modern Gods Domain.

    "Okay. Ill follow you, Guild Leader Black Flame." Yu Luo nodded.

    Afterward, Shi Feng opened a Spatial Gate and teleported toward Dragonheart Island.