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    Graffiti Area P.a.c. Chapter 11 - GAP 11

    Chapter 11: Peace

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    *2nd plan*

    One hour before the meeting [5 PM]

    "How's my client doing there?" Fuyuki makes sure his client is safe guarded by a group of gangsters Dorgeia.

    "Safe boss." Marine boss said to Fuyuki.

    "Let's wait for the culprit to appear." Fuyuki said while sitting on a park bench.

    "Um ... boss ...." Marine boss glanced at Fuyuki with a look of doubt to reveal something.

    "What is wrong?" Fuyuki was a little surprised, "Oh, about the payment, huh? Calm down, I've prepared it." Fuyuki smiled faintly.

    "It's not boss, this is about my men guard outside the garden area." Marine felt anxiousness in his heart.


    "It seems, I feel a strange strong aura."


    *Tap tap tap (sound of footsteps approaching the garden)

    "Mawaru!" Said Fuyuki in surprise!

    *Planning will start soon*

    "Sorry I just arrived, Master." Mawaru lowered her head in front of Fuyuki.

    "Master!?" in his heart, Marine wondered

    "Yes, it is okay." Fuyuki answered coolly.

    "Who is this woman?" Marine asked in a whisper to Fuyuki.

    "He's my disciple, a spiritual user with telepathic abilities. You may not have forgotten that there are spiritual users here, I trained him." Fuyuki casually explained to Marine.

    "So, you are also a spiritual user? However, the only people who are allowed to have students and train other spiritual users are at the upper level of a captain, a scholar who already has a teaching license and the head of the academic department."

    "Yes. It is true." Fuyuki replied briefly.

    "Who are you?" Marine asked with curiosity.

    "...." Fuyuki stared at Marine speechless without saying a word.

    "The master is ...." when Mawaru was going to explain suddenly the gangster group outside the park was attacked by a group of suspicious people.

    "Focus on your assignment, here they come!" Fuyuki stood and faced outside the garden.

    "Whaaaaaaaat!!!?" Marine annoyed to see his men beaten up. Marine wants to go to their place however, "Marine, protect my client!" Fuyuki ordered the gangster boss, then Marine stepped behind Fuyuki and stood near his client (Mrs. Matsumura).

    Marine looks gloomy while holding back his frustration, he thinks this might be the doing of Taisho's thug kid.

    "It's finally started." in Mawaru's heart, "Let me face it." Mawaru ran out of the garden.

    "Oi, wait Mawaru!" Fuyuki shouted as if people wanted to prevent it.

    In Fuyuki's heart "God Job Mawaru!"


    Meanwhile, Hiyori and Madara them from a distance.

    "Now the fighting begins, come on over there!" asked Hiyori while holding Madara's hand.

    "Wait a minute, since when did Matsuda activate his move?" Madara asked curiously.

    "Hmm ... since when did you?" Hiyori asked back.

    "Tch, I don't know."

    In fact, be guessing.


    It's been 8 minutes since the fight started, only 7 minutes to go.

    "Hiyori's still not here yet?" in Fuyuki's heart who was anxiously waiting for him.

    Slowly my shikigami began to be defeated.


    "Eh, they disappeared!" Said the members of Dorgeia's group who were fighting the shikigami.

    "It's a shikigami!" said Mawaru informing them (Dorgeia group).

    "So the one we defeated just now was shikigami?" said one of the Dorgeia girls named Hana earlier.

    *[Conversation between two girls]*

    "Yes. There are still 3 left. It is likely that the user is around here."

    "What's the point of using shikigami against us?"

    "That means the perpetrator ensures he will step into negotiations without violence."


    "That sounds cheating. Our original aim was to secure clients not to fight."

    "That's right, still these perpetrators are careful not to be mistreated after negotiations are over."

    "Then just wait for orders from superiors."

    "Even though you are waiting for orders from superiors, aren't you already famous for massacres?" Mawaru's question annoyed Hana.

    Then Hana grabbed Mawaru's collar "Watch your talk!"

    "He will come here after you guys beat the last shikigami."

    "How do you know?"

    "Through this shikigami I feel the energy emitted from his heart."

    "Can you feel it?"

    "Yes, more precisely reading the user's heart."

    In Hana's heart "This kid has telepathic abilities, who is he really? Is he the same spiritual user as the Marine boss?"



    [5 more minutes]

    "Hiyori, come on!"


    Hiyori immediately teleported Madara to a radius of 100 meters from the garden outside the park.

    "Come quickly, Madarame! If you are just a second late, I will fall" in Fuyuki's heart with a feeling of torment.

    Fuyuki's face suddenly turned pale.

    Suddenly Fuyuki languidly sat on a park bench.

    "Boss, are you okay? Your face is very pale ...." Said Marine worried him.

    "Yeah, I'm just a little anemic." Fuyuki replied briefly while bowing gloomily.

    [3 more minutes] and, suddenly the shikigami disappeared on its own. What happened?

    Someone came with a plastic bag and took the bag inside.

    "Um ..., are any of you the owner of this bag?" Madara approached Mawaru casually.

    "Oi you thug boy!" Nishiki suddenly shouted and stepped in front of Mawaru.

    "Ah !!! You man with the coat." Madara shouted as if by chance

    "Oi could this be all your plan !?" Nishiki accused him.

    "Keep talking, okay, even I was so battered before coming here."

    "What are you saying !? You're lying to our agreement."

    "What are you doing? From the start I didn't approve of it. I'm not a thug anymore."


    "You want to insist on not even believing it, okay?" Madara said it with an expression of indifference to this.

    "Even Yoko-san in Tennouji actually destroyed the fake headquarters."

    "Is that so? I'm not the leader anymore. Maybe our group has disbanded (even though the group did not act at all and the location info was fake)."


    "Maybe, right now I'm living here. Just look at me just walking from the supermarket and then I met a suspicious person and suddenly attacked me as if his forehead. But that person scampered because I beat him and he dropped this and said in the owner of Higashiyodogawa Park, he said like that. "

    "Enough brat, don't have a lot of excuses (Then Nishiki pulled the collar of the shirt Madara was wearing) isn't your goal to find a strong person and want to beat him?"

    In Nishiki's heart "If what he says is true, then this person is as strong as our boss."

    In my heart, Hana also thought the same.

    But because Madara didn't come to the deal this afternoon, Hana was ready to draw her sword. This time Hana opened the scabbard and pointed the sword at Madara "I may have a little faith in you at this time, but you made us wait this afternoon."


    "Stop all of you!" suddenly Mawaru interrupted the three of them.

    "Eh !?" Instantly Nishiki and Hana fell silent in surprise.

    "Could it be ...." Hana began to think Mawaru was reading her heart.

    "Yes, this person is honest. This honest person wants to return it to the user, and he defeated that shikigami user." Mawaru explained to all of them.

    Oooo ....

    Suddenly Mawaru grabbed Madara's hand "Follow me!" grasped it and led it to Fuyuki's place.

    "I'll take him to the Master's."

    Then all the gangsters followed Mawaru to Fuyuki's place.

    "Master? Who? What is the owner of this bag?"

    "Looks like this plan worked." Hiyori saw it with binoculars from a distance.

    "Master, I'm reporting. We've found the client's missing item." Said Mawaru while acting like a subordinate who obeys his boss.

    While the pale Fuyuki was still bowed gloomily because his spiritual energy was drained after the use of his shikigami.

    "Oi you !?" Marine is surprised to see Madara as if asking why this guy is here after not coming to the deal this afternoon? How dare a stranger set foot on this land.


    "Yes, he found it." Mawaru said optimistically.

    "Matsumura-san is that really the item?" asked Marine to confirm.


    Madara gave it to Mrs. Matsumura.

    "Thank you." Matsumura said gratefully while smiling softly at Madara.

    "Y-yes." Said Madara who was embarrassed scratching the back of his head then turned his gaze away from Matsumura.

    "Um, master why?" said Mawaru worriedly.

    "He said he was a little anemic." Marine replied with a little worry too.

    "Oh." Mawaru replied briefly as he approached Fuyuki.

    In Mawaru's heart, "I never thought that the use of shikigami made him this pale."

    In Madara's heart "He ran out of energy. Maybe a plan like this will be bad for him."

    Fuyuki who was sitting on the park bench holding his head with his right hand, his expression lethargic he looked up at Mawaru. Then Madara, who peeked a little at Fuyuki's face on the sidelines behind Mawaru's back.

    Then Fuyuki stood up, opened his eyes and looked at Madara.

    They looked at each other ....

    They were shocked and stared sharply.

    "You're ...."

    "Madara!" Because it feels familiar when calling by first name.

    "Fuyuki! I finally found you." Madara followed the flow of his acting.

    "What does all this mean?" the entire Dorgeia group wondered.

    Then Madara embraced him tightly.

    *Mission Complete*

    Madara straightened his words to Dorgeia that the strong person he was looking for was Fuyuki Matsuda. Madara also apologized for the agreement the two parties had made, because he had retired from being a thug. Then, Marine's curiosity was answered after Madara and Mawaru explained that Fuyuki was a spiritual user in the Zero Rakugaki division who was currently returning to the real world because he had a mission to train his protege. Then Hiyori as his protg came by teleporting him to Fuyuki's place and gathered with them in Higashiyodogawa Park.

    "Fuyuki, while we have met, let me carry you. You look in pain." Madara said as he extended his hand to Fuyuki.

    "You embarrass me by talking like that. Look, I'm like a spoiled child."

    "Ah! You could, even though your body has always been weak."

    "Damn. Don't blame my body, I still have the responsibility to train both of them (Hiyori and Mawaru)."

    "Huh strong ass!"


    "Sorry to worry you, actually Master is still tired from before after sparring with me." Hiyori said, then Hiyori and Mawaru bowed their heads to Marine, they apologized politely.

    "O-oh. Yes, no problem." Marine averted his gaze because he felt ashamed that there was another strong person besides him, then the strongman student apologized politely while his gang members were brutal followers.

    Then Fuyuki bought an envelope containing cash to Marine's chest "Here is the fee."

    Somehow in his heart Marine felt uncomfortable alone and was reluctant to accept it.

    "Um, if it's about this boss"

    Not finished Marine talking, Fuyuki interrupted his words "What's wrong? I already hired you. I gave the right price, don't forget to share it. Oh yes, take Ms. Matsumura to her house." Said Fuyuki ordered him, then Madara carried Fuyuki.

    Fuyuki waved and left them.

    Mawaru and Hiyori walked following Fuyuki.

    Mrs. Matsumura and Dorgeia's group bowed their thanks as a sign of goodbye.

    Then, Hiyori teleported transferring herself, Madara, Fuyuki and Mawaru to Fuyuki's house.

    In the end, it ended in peace.


    Not all problems have to be solved by fighting or even dirty. Even cunning methods are permitted to prevent war and maintain peace. The evil in this world is countless, even though it is only the small virtues that humans always remember.