The Isekai Game
OngoingChapter 136

    The Isekai Game Chapter 136 - TIG 136

    Chapter 136: My Valentine's

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    The first weekend of February felt so magical. Vanessa felt it in her stride as she paced down the Isekai Studio halls. That perfect posture she held above others remained with every sway in her hip. The katana flung out like her hair when she spun around.

    Security guards watched the cameras, wondering what she was doing. Her movements were so weird and unorthodox. She kept her eyes closed throughout her dance, enjoying every bit of freedom in public while alone.

    "Too bad we can get this posted," said Logan coming through an emergency exit.

    Vanessa's heart jumped before her body, "How"?

    "How What?" asked Logan.

    "How did you get there"?

    He shrugged, "I take the back exit a lot. And the front entrance was overcrowded since it's February. So I decided to grab my gear and go through the back".

    "I never knew you can do that".

    Logan began dancing a bit, "The studio doesn't care. We used to do it all the time in middle school".