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    Vol 2 Chapter 1469: Season Finale

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    With a grudge, he threw the poisonous weeds he had picked in the mountains into the water source near Fu Xiuchen's company.

    One shot poisoned the whole street.

    Fu Xiuchen recovered, and when he saw Tang Yaoyao go home, he comforted and hugged her: "Yao'er, brother is fine."

    Tang Yaoyao hugged him tightly: "Well, as long as you get better, all your hard work has not been in vain."

    "Thank you and Lao Qi."

    Fu Qianjue was wiping the cup, wiping it very cleanly before daring to drink water: "As a doctor, brother, you don't have to thank me, besides, I also have my own honor."

    He has saved so many people and has become the most famous doctor in the country, although he does have the talent in this area.

    Qiao Yanzhi was very happy: "My old seventh is back, so Mom will let you make some good food for you to replenish your body."

    Fu Qianjue smiled softly: "Thank you Mom, it feels good to be home."

    Qiao Yanzhi was very excited: "This is a great reunion at home, your father doesn't know how happy it is."

    Fu Jiang sat on the sofa with no expression on his face, but he nodded, "Just come back."

    After a while, they all arrived home.

    Fu Jincheng entered the door, took off his coat and threw it to the maid, jokingly said, "Fortunately, Fu Da Ming Da, brother, this is the first time I have seen him sick."

    Fu Zi also said: "Who isn't, I know that my eldest brother is poisoned, I still can't believe that anyone so bold would dare to poison him."

    Fu Yunmo: "My Yaoer is still smart and powerful, and his medical skills are about to catch up with the seventh."

    How could Tang Yaoyao dare to be embarrassed: "I'm not as good as Brother Seven. I am half-hearted in medicine, but I am more than enough to save people."

    Fu Sinan was drinking water and looked at Tang Yaoyao: "Come on, let Brother Fifth take a look. You're tired out these few days, and you can also replenish Yaoer's body. Her body is very delicate."

    Fu Zhiyu walked in from outside, wearing a uniform, looking for Tang Yaoyao's figure: "My sixteenth sister, I only heard them say in the group, I finally saw it today."

    Fu Xiuchen said: "The old eight is back."

    Tang Yaoyao looked at Fu Zhiyu and shouted, "Myna."

    Fu Zhiyu took off his hat and replied, "Hey, Yao'er is beautiful again, fourth brother is cheap."

    Xiao Jinhan raised his eyebrows and said triumphantly: "Compared to you, I am lucky. I am my brother or husband."

    Fu Xitan said: "Don't get too proud, there are still fifteen brothers competing with you."

    Fu Feibai raised his eyes to look at Tang Yaoyao, frowning: "Yao'er, you are thin, Brother Eleven feels distressed."

    "I'll make it up. How come Brother Eleven is back, isn't it in the game?"

    Fu Feibai said: "I'm not the starter, remember you, come back and see you."

    Fu Chenfeng came back and saw a lot of family members: "Oh, it looks like a rare gathering in a century, it's all due."

    "That's not it, the eldest brother has recovered from his illness. We haven't looked at the Sixteenth Sister yet. Why don't we take the time to come back to be honest?" Fu Yucheng walked to the house and took the conversation.

    Fu Baiyu: "And me, I won't go if I don't attend Yaoer's wedding with my fourth brother this time."

    Tang Yaoyao and Xiao Jinhan looked at each other, both raised their eyebrows tacitly, and did not answer.

    Fu Yi wrote: "I'm reunited, I'm all back, this time I'm complete."

    Xiao Jinhan took Tang Yaoyao's hand, looked at so many people, and smiled: "Sixteen, you will have brothers and me in the future, and you won't be alone anymore."

    Tang Yaoyao clasped his hand tightly: "Yes, the little fox is no longer alone."

    Xiao Jinhan hugged her distressedly and kissed her on the forehead: "Stupid girl."

    She has fifteen brothers, and every brother has her in his heart.

    In the evening, Tang Yaoyao had a dream. He saw a fairy standing in front of her. He asked: "You have completed the Tribulation, you can be in the fairy class, now you can go back with me."

    Before Tang Yaoyao wanted to be a god, she knew that the person was Xiao Jinhan, and then hesitated: "Where is the god? My benefactor."

    "He violated the rules of heaven and will never be in the immortal class."

    Tang Yaoyao's heart tightened, and he felt even more distressed for Xiao Jinhan. He was a genius doctor and a god, and finally it was Xiao Jinhan. He had been with her for more than a thousand years.

    It's just that she doesn't know it.

    Tang Yaoyao said: "Then I won't be a god, I want to be with him forever, I can't let him alone in this world."

    "Have you figured it out clearly? Being a human being forever is the same as the fate of a god, and you can never be a god."

    Xiao Jinhan gave up everything for her, there is nothing she can't give up.

    Tang Yaoyao nodded: "I want to be a human being."

    Then Tang Yaoyao woke up. When he woke up, the corners of his eyes were moist. He turned to look at Xiao Jinhan who was sleeping, and hugged him bitterly, trying to hug him tightly.

    She never knew that Xiao Jinhan suffered a lot for her.

    She always thought that she had been with the genius doctor all his life, but Shangxian had accompanied her in obscurity for nearly a thousand years.

    He has been there all these years, but never said it.

    Tang Yaoyao was overwhelmed and distressed Xiao Jinhan. He didn't know anything now, but he left a deep impression in her mind.

    At this time, she suddenly had a nausea.

    Xiao Jinhan woke up and saw Tang Yaoyao covering her mouth. She was completely drowsy: "Sixteen, what's the matter?"

    Tang Yaoyao touched her belly and felt the changes in her body. She raised her head to look at Xiao Jinhan, with a strong premonition: "Fourth brother, do I have Xiao Yaoyao?"

    Xiao Jinhan was stunned, and put his arm around Tang Yaoyao: "What did you say?"

    "I think I have a little demon." Tang Yaoyao said: "We have children."

    Xiao Jinhan smiled: "Sixteen, you are the best gift God gave me."

    Tang Yaoyao remembered everything Xiao Jinhan had done for her: "My best gift is also you, fourth brother, I love you."

    "I love you too." Xiao Jinhan said: "I feel that I have loved you for a long time, too long for me to estimate."

    Tang Yaoyao nodded, he was a human again and had forgotten the memory of his previous life, but the picture that appeared in his dream was his previous life.

    Tang Yaoyao said: "Yes, I know, now I know, the person I love has always been you."

    The next day, Tang Yaoyao went for a checkup, and she really had a baby as she thought.

    This news told the family, and the whole family was happy.

    Qiao Yanzhi said, "I am a grandmother and a grandmother again. This is so happy."

    "Xiao Yaoyao was born, then he is also happy." Tang Yaoyao touched her belly with a smile on her face: "I have fifteen brothers who are in pain, and Xiao Yaoyao has fifteen uncles. Isn't it too late to fight for favor? ."

    Then she looked around and found that her brothers were no longer there, and asked: "Where are the brothers? It's not that you can stay at home for a while, so you won't leave me and run away."

    Fu Jiang looked at his daughter: "Knowing that you are pregnant, they are all vying to buy you baby supplies. I was just wondering if they would fight and fight. When they went out, they said they would be the first one. Look at the uncle who was born Xiaoyaoyao."

    Tang Yaoyao couldn't help but smiled: "There are fifteen uncles, and my baby is only afraid of being spoiled in the future."

    Xiao Jinhan supported Tang Yaoyao and dared not slacken for a moment: "Whether it is you or a child, you have to be pampered, and there is no room for difference."

    Tang Yaoyao looked at Xiao Jinhan's nervous face and became more cautious after having a child. She took Xiao Jinhan's hand and said, "Fourth brother, it's nice to have you."

    "Huh? Start relying on me?" Xiao Jinhan enjoyed it.

    Tang Yaoyao said: "Yeah, I finally found you, and our baby."

    She had never given up looking for him, and their three lives and three generations were by their side. They had never left, and would never leave again.

    Xiao Jinhan kissed her forehead: "Well, I'm here, little fox."

    Hearing the sound, Tang Yaoyao raised her head, looking at him with bright eyes.

    Xiao Jinhan smiled softly, actually knowing it all, now he understands it all.

    The bond between them has never stopped.

    For more than a thousand years, he has been watching her, guarding her, and loving her.