Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want Chapter 136 - BMFLMDWIW 136

    Chapter 136: The Real Results

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    Qin Shu turned her head and glanced at Jiang Yu as well as Fu Tingyan who was standing beside him.

    Her attention had been on the rankings just now, so she had not noticed them walking over.

    But, they have actually come to look at the bulletin board?

    Fu Tingyan glanced at Qin Shu and did not say anything.

    Jiang Yu glanced at Qin Shu. He didn't understand why Tingyan had helped her again and again.

    Then, he looked at the little fatty in front of him. His well-defined fingers tugged at her ponytail. His voice was very casual as he asked "Why did you say that Tingyan and I had gone to play basketball?"

    Ye Xue's face turned red. She lowered her head even further. She was extremely nervous. Why did he have to hear that?

    What should she do? What should she do?

    Seeing that she was not speaking, Jiang Yu tugged at her ponytail again. "Hey, I'm asking you a question."

    "Qin Shu, I'm going back first." Ye Xue ran away with a red face.