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    Chapter 282: Party? Wedding?

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    Two days later, Ye Shengge went back to her room to prepare for the party.

    She wasn't just an actress, but also the boss of Shisheng Studio. Thus, she chose a conservative gown and put on a warm coat before meeting up with Qin Youhui.

    Qin Youhui was wearing a suit, and he couldn't help smiling when he saw her wearing a coat. "Don't worry. You won't freeze."

    "I know. I'll take off the gown and leave it in the car when I get out," Ye Shengge said with a smile.

    "Come on up." Qin Youhui opened the door for her.

    Ye Shengge only remembered one thing after they got into the car. "Where's the party at?"

    "On a luxurious cruise ship," said Qin Youhui. "This is the first time I've attended such a luxurious reception."

    Ye Shengge's eyes gleamed. "They're so high-class. The people in attendance must be extraordinary!"