Mr. Xiao’s Unconditional Love Chapter 269 - MXUL 269

    Chapter 269 Gu Xueyan Was So Upset

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    Ye Qiao was stunned when she saw the people coming out of the elevator. When she saw the two simple and friendly faces, her vision blurred..

    "Be Good, Dont Cry! " Lu Beixiao patted her shoulder and said gently, "I sent someone to your hometown to pick up the old couple. They just arrived last night. I went to pick them up from the airport. "

    How could Lu Beixiao not know that in ye Qiaos heart, foster parents meant more to her than anyone else in the Ye family.

    "Dad Mom! " Ye Qiao was touched. She pursed her lips and called out in a hoarse voice.

    Mother Qiaos eyes were red, and Ye Qiao hugged her excitedly!

    At that moment, commander Lu, his wife, Ye Shengxun, and grandfather ye all walked over. Lu Beixiao introduced them to his parents.

    "Xiao is thoughtful, Xiao is thoughtful! " Old Master Ye said quickly. He had asked ye Qiao earlier to invite them over, and he had also called them. The old couple of the Qiao family had declined and said that they were busy. The journey was too far and it was not convenient for them to come over, so he had let it go.

    It was the grandson-in-law who had thought of everything!

    Lu Beixiao led his parents to ye Qiaos adoptive parents and introduced them. They greeted each other warmly.

    "Big Brother! Sister-in-law! " Ye Shengxun came over and looked at his old friend from twenty years ago. He called out emotionally.

    "This is Xiao Ye! " Mother Qiao looked at Ye Shengxun and said kindly. Father Qiaos face didnt look too good. He felt unfair for ye Qiao and her daughter. However, today was Qiao Qiaos engagement day, so it wasnt appropriate to bring up the past.

    They just shook hands and exchanged a few words.

    "Qiao Qiao, youre really lucky to have found such a good partner. This bei Xiao is really thoughtful. He asked someone to come to our house, prepared the car, bought the plane tickets, and insisted on bringing your father and Me Here! " Mama Qiaos calloused hands tightly held onto ye Qiaos hands, "Dont worry, " said Mama Qiao.

    Ye Qiaos eyes were red as she nodded, her heart filled with gratitude. "Mom, dont worry about me in the future. He really loves me very much! "

    "Dont worry, dont Worry! " Mother Qiao thought to herself. Ye Qiaos life was much better than her biological mothers. Qiao Yi must have had a spirit in heaven to bless her girl.

    * * *

    Not long after, Ye Qiaos harem beauties also arrived. After they returned last night, they had been unable to sleep for the entire night. Only now, when they saw ye Qiao in red and instructor Lu in a valiant and handsome gown standing together to welcome the guests, did they completely believe.., they were really a couple!

    They were so envious, werent they? !

    Gu Changfeng, his wife, and Gu Xueyan also came. The Gu couple acted as if nothing had happened before, giving ye Qiao a red packet and complimenting him with their blessings.

    "Brother Beixiao, sister-in-law, I wish you two eternal love! " Gu Xueyan came in front of them and said generously with a smile.

    Was this the female member of the art team who came to him last year to get close to him? She looked like an innocent girl from a small family. When she did things Hehe!

    "Your sister-in-law is pretty, right? " Lu Beixiao deliberately teased her.

    Gu Xueyan paused for a moment, then looked at him with a complicated expression. "I say, is your sister-in-law pretty? Is she compatible with me? " Lu Beixiao asked again.

    Ye Qiao understood what he was thinking. However, Gu Xueyan looked innocent and harmless. In her previous life, she had done a lot of things to provoke them!

    Now that she thought about it, she was the one who made up the story about Lan Ting.

    "Shes pretty! Of course shes compatible! Sister-in-law and brother Beixiao are really good-looking girls! " Gu Xueyan hurriedly said with a smile. Her Heart was bleeding. How could she not understand that Lu Beixiao did it on purpose! Thinking about how she had announced that she was his girlfriend, she felt even more embarrassed.

    Lu Beixiao raised his lips. "Of course, were a natural couple. No one can think of breaking up with each other! " He said with a hidden meaning. After saying that, he held ye Qiao and walked away.

    Gu Xueyan felt extremely awkward and uncomfortable when her little thoughts were seen through by the man she loved. She was utterly ashamed, but she could not leave. She could only watch helplessly as he held his fiance and showed off his love in front of her!