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    Chapter 1472: Shen Zhixia Chapter 68: Inferiority 2

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    Chapter 1472 Shen Zhixia Chapter 68: Inferiority (two chapters in one)

    "Said something on the phone." Ji Xinyu said calmly.

    Wu Tian smiled over there, "Isn't it, you still guard me, because I am so kind, it seems that some people regard it as a donkey liver and lungs."

    "What do you want to do?" Ji Xinyu's tone was flat.

    "It's Aunt Fang's next plan. You know she won't give up easily." Wu Tian explained, "By the way, remember to come alone. Some things Ms. Shen hears may not be a good thing."

    Upon hearing this, Ji Xinyu was silent.

    Wu Tian laughed, "Aunt Fang will be there at that time, and it is not our lone man and widow. I am not interested in being a threesome. Miss Shen seems to have said something to Aunt Fang. Now Aunt Fang is worried that you will not answer her phone. I'll make an appointment to see you or not, tomorrow afternoon at four."

    After that, Wu Tian reported the address of a coffee shop.

    After the call, the presidential suite restored peace.

    Ji Xinyu looked down and looked at the phone screen quietly, thoughtfully.


    The next day, May 4th.

    The light rain continued for two days, and finally stopped today, but it was cloudless and cloudy.

    Shen Zhixia slept three poles in the sun, went out for lunch with Ji Xinyu, and then went to see a movie.

    The recent release has a good reputation and high box office.

    This is the first time Shen Zhixia has watched a movie with Ji Xinyu.

    It's the kind of private cinema, with only two of them, don't worry about being recognized.

    They seem to be dating.

    Turning off the lights, the bright light of the big screen is reflected in the room. If you change it to before, Shen Zhixia will definitely be uncomfortable. After this period of cohabitation, two people have become accustomed to being alone.

    The man next to him said, "I'll be back later, one hour later."

    Shen Zhixia bit the drink straw. It was his freedom to go where he went. It was a shame to say hello to her.

    She hummed and didn't ask much.

    Ji Xinyu tilted his head and looked at her with the light and shadow of the screen, "Send me the ID number later and book the ticket."

    Shen Zhixia thought, in a blink of an eye today, May 4th.

    To be honest, Country A is not fun.

    Yangcheng is better.

    Ji Xinyu said again: "What to eat tonight, pick you up to eat, or should I bring you back?"

    Shen Zhixia put down the drink cup and said what she wanted to eat, "I'm too lazy to get out, bring a box of sushi."

    Ji Xinyu chuckles, "Okay."

    Shen Zhixia felt that this was good. He came here for a vacation and went back regularly.

    And tomorrow May 5th.

    She has no sense of urgency, probably...the answer is long ago.

    At 3:30 in the afternoon, the movie ended.

    They left the cinema. The sky was gloomy outside. The lingering rain in the first two days was foreplay. A heavy rain might be coming.

    Because tomorrow, May 5th, Lixia.

    Ji Xinyu sent Shen Zhixia back to the hotel before going to the appointment.

    It was exactly four o'clock when I arrived at that cafe.

    In the private room, Wu Tian was waiting.

    Ji Xinyu stepped forward. The private room was four people. Only Wu Tian was inside, but Fang Ru was not there.

    His brows wrinkled slightly.

    Wu Tian took the air cushion to touch up her makeup and put on lip glaze. She moved to Ji Xinyu's expression and quickly explained: "Auntie Fang is going to the bathroom, don't say I lie to you, what am I doing?"

    Only then did Ji Xinyu's eyes dissipate, and he sat down opposite Wu Tian.

    Wu Tian applied lip glaze to the small mirror on the air cushion. He didn't even look at it. He lowered his head and took out his mobile phone and clicked on an app to check for sushi restaurants with good reputation.

    He doesn't like sushi, so he doesn't know which one tastes good.

    Wu Tian was very concerned about the image, closed the air cushion, and asked, "I ordered ice American for you, right?"

    Ji Xinyu looked at the screen of the mobile phone and made a hmm.

    At the end, he asked: "Do you like sushi?"

    Wu Tian was a little inexplicable and couldn't help but laugh, "I like it."

    "Which is delicious."

    "There is a sushi restaurant that is very delicious, but it's a bit far from here. Every time I get greedy, I'm willing to buy it after a 40-minute drive."

    "Address." He said concisely.

    The distance address and name of the sushi restaurant on Wu Tian newspaper.

    She put her hands on her cheeks and smiled intriguingly, "Why inquire about my hobbies all of a sudden, I am no longer interested in you now."

    After getting the information he wanted, Ji Xinyu put away his mobile phone, and said, "Buy it for my girlfriend."


    WuToolmanSweet smile caught on his face unexpectedly.

    What, what a nuisance.

    If she didn't care about the image, she could roll her eyes to the sky.

    Special, the clown is her again!

    Wu Tian put the cushion back in her bag, and decisively broke the subject, "I heard that Miss Shen and Aunt Fang ate separately and taught Aunt Fang a meal. It's so amazing? Don't you want to go in the future?"

    Shen Zhixia's character is well known.

    But she did not expect that she was so courageous, as Ji Xinyu's girlfriend, dare to teach her boyfriend's mother.

    This is the first time we met.

    Generally, girls dont have time to see their parents pretending to be obedient and want to make a good impression, but shes fine and impressed directly!

    "Even if she marries me, she doesn't need to look at anyone's face, is there a problem?" Ji Xinyu was cold.

    It happened that the door of the private room was pushed open.

    Fang Ru came in carrying the bag and heard Ji Xinyu's words.

    Wu Tian secretly looked at Fang Ru's expression.

    Fang Ru came over, sat next to Wu Tian, and faced Ji Xinyu.

    Fang Ru looked at Ji Xinyu, "You are protecting her."

    "Say something straight." Ji Xinyu was straightforward and didn't want to waste time.

    "Since I care about that Miss Shen so much, I must think about her." Fang Ru said.

    The waiter knocked on the door and came in and served them three cups of coffee and some snacks.

    Fang Rus is Mocha, Wu Tians is Latte, Ji Xinyus is Ice American.

    Ji Xinyu is used to Fang Ru's pros and cons, "What do you want to say?"

    "Really not planning to have this status?" Fang Ru took a sip of coffee and slowly persuaded: "She said you like to stand on the stage. I didn't stop you from being a singer. I just want my child to go home and leave us. Closer, is it wrong?"

    Ji Xinyu was a little surprised.

    It is always tough and natural to mention these from the front.

    This time I actually played the emotional card.

    "What you can do in Yangcheng, you can still do it here." Fang Ru said again.

    Ji Xinyu is now the top in the entertainment industry, and his identity is exposed. For both him and WE, there is no harm to him.

    "If you haven't emphasized it over and over again, maybe I won't refuse, you will backfire." Ji Xinyu said.

    If it had been before, Fang Ru probably didn't understand what Ji Xinyu meant.

    After talking with Shen Zhixia that day, Fang Ru went back and thought for a long time.

    She owes Ji Xinyu and can only use WE to pay it back.

    On the other hand, Ji Xinyu has enough capital only if he is the heir of WE.

    "You don't want to, Rarity has not entered the industry again, wait for Ji Xiangyang to grow up?" Fang Ru said in a deep voice.

    In some ways, Ji Xiangyang and Ji Xinyu are very similar.

    But WE is her painstaking effort, and Ji Xiangyang has no blood relationship with her.

    It would be ridiculous not to be reconciled to hand over the career of his life to the son of his ex-husband.

    "Very suitable, if he wants." Ji Xinyu said quietly, "I can assist him."

    "Why are you so stupid?" Fang Ru hated him so hard that he didn't know how to fight.

    "It's been so long, don't you understand, what I want is freedom, do whatever I want."

    Fang Ru guessed Ji Xinyu's answer. Now, she changed her way, "Then if you will be blocked by WE?"

    "Is it threatened?" Ji Xinyu's voice was stained with coolness.

    Fang Ru didn't change his face, "You are top singers, can you not care about yourself or her?"

    Ji Xinyu suddenly laughed.

    The smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes, his eyes were cold to the bottom of people's hearts.

    He picked up the coffee cup and froze the American-style entrance, bitter and cold, suppressing his anger.

    "As far as I know, most of the singers of your Sky Group cooperate with WE, including your company's boss Miss Bai." Fang Ru analyzed, "Xinyu, you need a professional team to build and cooperate."

    WE, the top international team, can't compare with other teams.

    The loss of WE's cooperation can be described as a heavy loss.

    "The most important point is..." Fang Ru stared at him, "Miss Shen was born into a wealthy family, and she has a noble status. Their big family will find the right family."

    "Don't say that you are a top-class singer, it is not worth mentioning, because Miss Shen is also a top-class. Apart from this status, she is a wealthy daughter and a wealthy family. What about you? If you are not the boss of WE, what right do you have to stand by her side? , Is there any reason to let your parents deliver your daughter to you?"

    After hearing these words, Wu Tian, who was always quiet, licked her lips.

    She held the coffee cup and observed Ji Xinyu's expression.

    I have to say that Jiang is still hot, Fang Ru's trick is amazing!

    A man's self-esteem is strong, Fang Ru pokes that point, not showing any affection, the key is to make a special point...

    The Shen family is one of the five largest families in Country E.

    Top giants.

    Ji Xinyu's departure from WE, only about his identity, is indeed not worthy of the Shen family.

    Feel inferior...

    "Your scandals have continued during this period. I occasionally read netizens' comments. Do you know what they say about you?" Fang Ru's face was not good.

    It is reported that Ji Xinyu is not good enough for Shen Zhixia, and he scolds him for eating soft food, relying on Shen Zhixia's heat.

    There is even a rumor that Ji Xinyu was taken care of by Shen Zhixia.

    Fang Ru said earnestly, "It's just a joke to block you, I know you don't like being threatened, think about the latter, if you don't care, then I have nothing to say, as you wish, let you be free."

    "Xinyu, a mature man, if you really love her, you should first think about your future. Only if you have enough skills, can you support her."

    This time, Fang Ru's style is completely different from before.

    Shen Zhixia's lessons made her reflect.

    Parents are not in harmony, and the child is the most hurt. She owes Ji Xinyu too much and thinks about letting him go.

    However, from the perspective of Ji Xinyu, in the long term, he had better inherit WE.

    In this way, Ji Xinyu will no longer be looked down upon, saying that he is unworthy.

    At the same time, it can give Shen Zhixia a more stable future.

    Ji Xinyu looked down, his gaze fell on the glass of ice American style on the table, and was silent when Fang Ru talked about his family background.

    The hat is habitually worn on his head, and the brim of the hat is concealed, giving his facial features a dark shadow. In those light brown eyes, there are unintelligible emotions.

    The aura of the whole body gradually decreased, and he said nothing during the whole process.

    He felt a headache, and he was in a trance.

    He was not very good at thinking, but he listened to Fang Ru's words.

    Wu Tian was drinking coffee in silence.

    Thinking about it carefully, Fang Ru was actually right, otherwise he would not touch Ji Xinyu.

    This kind of heart-wrenching truth makes no one feel uncomfortable.

    If she is a man, she also hopes to give the girl she likes the best future and have enough ability to protect her.

    Wu Tian concluded that Ji Xinyu was absolutely inferior.

    Moreover, it was shaken.

    I really like it...

    If you love deeply, you can change for one person and accept what you didn't like.

    Ji Xinyu felt that his consciousness was getting blurred and his eyelids were heavy.

    He frowned, realizing something was wrong, "You..."

    Fang Ru is calm, as if everything is under control, "Sleep well, and you may have an answer when you wake up tomorrow. In addition, there is something to help you verify."

    Ji Xinyu wanted to stay awake, but he didn't know what was added to the coffee and couldn't control it at all.

    He only heard a few words in Fang Ru's words.

    Wake up tomorrow.


    At the moment when his consciousness was completely lost, there was only one thought in his mind.

    Promised to buy her sushi tonight.

    Let her dove, she will be very angry...

    Wu Tian was stunned when she watched the unexpected scene.

    Ji Xinyu is dizzy for the hair?

    "Fang, Aunt Fang, what's wrong with Brother Ji?" Wu Tianxin said in her throat.

    Kind of scary!

    "Don't be nervous, I asked them to add some medicine to the coffee." Fang Ru said.

    "Pharmaceutical?" Wu Tian didn't understand.

    When she asked Ji Xinyu to come out, Fang Ru didn't mention this wave of operations.

    Ji Xinyu fainted just now, she was really scared!

    "Well, the kind of potion I dragged a friend from the Yun Clan to get is colorless and tasteless. It doesn't hurt the body. It just fell asleep." Fang Ru explained.

    Yun Clan, Wu Tian has heard about it.

    He is good at all kinds of medicines, and there are many talented pharmacists who develop all kinds of medicines and pills.

    Wu Tian couldn't figure it out, "Auntie Fang, why did you do this?"

    Dont you worry that Ji Xinyu hates them more because of this? !

    Fang Ru's face was expressionless, "He was obviously shaken just now. In order for her to accept the identity that she has been rejecting, Xinyu has fallen deeply. I want to know if she is worth it."

    Wu Tian blinked.

    Ok? ? ?

    What does this have to do with drugging Ji Xinyu to fall asleep?

    I'm so afraid that Ji Xinyu wakes up and thinks she is an accomplice, she said she didn't want to carry this pot!

    Fang Ru took out his mobile phone from his bag and dialed the phone.

    Soon, a few bodyguards came into the cafe and took away the sleepy Ji Xinyu.

    Then Fang Ru made another phone call and told the people over there something.


    Shen Zhixia was chasing drama in the hotel eating snacks.

    The sky darkened outside unconsciously.

    She almost took a nap. After watching two episodes, she found that it was past six o'clock.

    If I remember correctly, Ji Xinyu said he would be back an hour late.

    Could it be the delay in buying sushi on the road?

    Shen Zhixia didn't think much, and continued to chase the drama boringly.

    Looking around, Ji Xinyu still didn't come back when he was hungry until eight o'clock.

    Shen Zhixia couldn't help getting a little tempered, and said that for an hour, it was four hours!

    ...It will be fine.

    She inevitably worried, touched the phone and wanted to call and ask.

    As a result, the phone rang suddenly.

    (End of this chapter)