Back To The 80s To Raise A Wolfy Boyfriend Chapter 1179 - BTT8TRAWB 1179

    Chapter 1179: Coming Back To Kunlun Death Valley

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    With Gu Jin's current cultivation base, he could not see the depth of the spiritual sky at all.

    She faintly felt in her heart that she might not even be able to survive three moves in front of Lingqiang.

    In the space before, her attack on the spiritual sky let her see the speed of the spiritual sky.

    The other party didn't even let her see the afterimages, and his skills were very strange and unpredictable.

    This person is by no means simple.

    Ling Qiong looked at Alan with a blank face, not understanding what the golden retriever was saying.

    After a while, his beautiful eyes wrinkled slightly, and his expression was serious: "Four demon, what do you mean by that? Could there be demon in this world?"

    Allen's eyes rounded, his face full of incredible.

    He didn't know whether this person was pretending to be stupid, or he really didn't understand the meaning of dead shemale.

    These days, there are still people who don't understand this term, which is old enough.

    Alan rolled his eyes silently, and lowered his head to Gu Jin slightly: "Miss Gu, I'm going to distribute the medicine to the brothers."

    "Go ahead."

    Gu Jin waved his hand.

    Cassie has been walking back and forth in the living room, surnamed Li, who is preparing for Gu Jin to travel.

    Ling Qiong still didn't understand what the Golden Retriever had said before.

    He stared at Gu Jin with a face full of puzzlement: "What do you mean by a dead ladyboy?"

    "Ahem..." Gu Jin stood up and coughed a few times, not knowing how to answer this question.

    She stared at Ling Qiong for a few times, and found that he was full of enchanting aura, and it was said that shemales were not too much.

    She is more beautiful than a woman, but her face is not too feminine, it's just too tall.

    Ling Qiong was still waiting for Gu Jin's answer. The latter suddenly turned his head and called Cassie.

    "Cassie, tidy up the things in my house by yourself, you just need to prepare daily necessities."

    "Yes, Miss Gu."

    Cassie stopped her busy figure, turned around and bowed to her.

    It was strange in her heart that she had already cleaned everything in the bedroom. Miss Gu wanted to clean it herself. Could it be that she had left something behind.

    Just like this, Gu Jin escaped in the confusion and confusion in the spirit sky.


    Kunlun Mountains.

    When he came to this place again, Gu Jin felt worse than when he first came.

    As soon as Gu Jin, Lingqiong, Ellen, Linda and others got off the plane, the plane stopped at the entrance of Death Valley.

    The number of people brought this time is less than a hundred, and Gu Jin has a hunch that they will not enter the valley easily.

    Sure enough, their feet had just landed on the ground, and a group of people guarded the entrance of Death Valley, reflected in their eyes.

    A group of men, dressed in common clothes, were all strong and tall, with a fierce look on their faces.

    Allen approached Gu Jin and reminded in a low voice: "They are the guardians of the Kunlun Mountains."

    Gu Jin nodded lightly, narrowed his eyes, the light in his eyes was cold and gloomy.

    These people are also suspects of hurting Xiao An, and she cannot face them amicably.

    Gu Jin raised his foot to the entrance of Death Valley, and walked towards the group of guardians who claimed to be the Kunlun Mountains.

    Ling Qiong followed her all the time, and when she saw her move, he lifted his heel up.

    His footsteps are graceful, like always walking in the garden.

    In order to fear that his red brocade robe was too eye-catching, before boarding the plane, Gu Jin specially asked him to find him a casual wear.

    Wearing a modern service, the scent of non-cannibalistic fireworks on his body has become stronger.

    His long hair stretched over his waist, which looked different from ordinary people.

    The atmosphere of evil charm and laziness reveals a noble and natural aura all over the body, which makes people taste a little sacred and inviolable solemnity.

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