I Dont Want To Be Popular
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    Chapter 1012: Health Rebate 2 Billion

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    "For the sake of...that, I can sleep with you." Chen Chuan said.

    "Oh, you can still use the accent? It doesn't matter." He Jiamin said, "Do you think there is something more beautiful on this commercial street than me?"

    "There is someone outside, don't you scream..."

    "I'm just screaming, I'm good-looking. White, beautiful, slender waist and long legs, I didn't know much before. I thought there were so many beautiful ladies outside the mountain. Now I came out and found that...beauties are not everywhere, maybe 85 points There are a lot of 90 points. Maybe its okay to put on makeup and apply beauty, but there are not many beauties with impeccable facial features and no dead ends at 360 degrees. Moreover, there are many face-lifting faces." He Jiamin said.

    Chen Chuan looked at this girl in the mountains and wanted to say a few words about her, but couldn't find a suitable explanation.

    Chen Chuan opened Koenigsegg and found a hot spring resort in Xiangcheng.

    Soak in with He Jiamin.

    In fact, Chen Chuan has thought about He Jiamin about the goal of using the [Health Rebate] Card. After all, this card itself was obtained when interacting with her.

    However, this mountain girl has never really opened her heart to him, nor has she ever expressed her thoughts. Chen Chuan didn't know what attitude this girl had towards him.

    Soaking in the low temperature hot spring, the right water temperature brings a touch of coolness to this hot weather.

    In the distance, the waterfall rushed, and the water splashed in the mountains and grass, wet the lush green on both sides.

    Chen Chuan and He Jiamin soaked in the spring stream and looked at each other.

    "After a while, let's go to bed. It's half past two in the afternoon, and we start to go to bed at three o'clock in the afternoon. Let's go out for dinner until 5:30 in the afternoon, okay?" He Jiamin asked.

    Chen Chuan looked at her, but did not respond.

    He Jiamin asked again: "Speak, two and a half hours is enough for you..."

    "This kind of thing, and it's your first time, did you just say it so carelessly?"

    "Uh, do I need to be ashamed to face you? I've been by you a long time ago..." He Jiamin blushed and said, "It's not that I haven't been with you. In my heart, you are already my husband..."

    "Really? Can't tell at all."

    "Because you think I'm superficial and don't like me, so... I don't know if I really like you. But you are handsome and rich, and you are willing to spend money for me. Your blessings have lived a good life." He Jiamin swam over and leaned in Chen Chuan's arms, "You can do whatever you want, whatever you want."

    "Well, then you have a nice sentence."

    "How nice is it?"

    "The kind that sounds nice."

    "Chen Chuan, I love you, come and *me." He Jiamin said.


    "How is it, does it sound good?"

    "It's kind of disgusting."

    "I knew it, so I wouldn't take the initiative to say it. My level is too low. You must look down on me, a high school graduate." He Jiamin said, "For love, first of all, I have to feel that I am inviting. To fall in love with others."

    "Don't you think you are beautiful?"

    "That's self-improvement. I think my sister is 10,000 times more beautiful than me, and 10,000 times more **** than me. Because she is kind, tolerant, gentle and virtuous, she is full of femininity. I believe men look at her. , There will be ideas in that regard." He Jiamin said, "and I am a superficial person, and I should have no charm. You should be surrounded by many outstanding and beautiful young ladies. Thinking of them, I feel inferior."

    Chen Chuan looked at her, but felt that he hadn't seen her in this period of time, and this little girl had grown up, and she could say such things.

    "Let's go in, I don't know anything anyway, I don't know if I can please you, so please teach me more." He Jiamin took Chen Chuan's hand.

    "If you don't want to, forget it... It was a simple thing, and it was a bit stressful to be said by you." Chen Chuan said.

    He Jiamin sneered: "You treat me as complaining to you. After someone told you to leave Xiangcheng, you won't send me a message and call. To be honest, I still dream of you in my dreams."

    "What dream?"

    "The dream of riding a horse. I dreamed that after many, many years, the world was deserted. I rode a horse with you and wandered on the beach. One side of the beach is a high-rise city that is submerged by the sea and only leaks out the spire." He Jiamin said .

    "Oh, what a strange dream is this."

    "Well, the dream atmosphere is desolate, but there are also warm and happy times, that is...when you ride me at night." He Jiamin said softly, "Brother Chen Chuan, Amin also misses you, loves you very much, loves you very much..."

    "Are you acting, or are you serious?" Chen Chuan asked.

    "Performance...I guess you like this kind of tune, so, in order for you to play well in a while, I will say this first, I hope you can give it a little bit later." He Jiamin said.

    "Yes..." Chen Chuan was held by her hand, got up and left the hot spring, and walked into the guest room beside him.

    On a bright summer afternoon, the sky changes as it changes.

    The hot spring resort was in the mountains, and the sky became gloomy.

    Standing by the window of the guest room, the two stood in tandem, watching the waterfall rushing down the window.

    This is the scene created by the river on the mountain flowing down the cliff. The water splashed the thick grass on both sides, wet the ground, wet the delicate flowers.

    The petals were devastated by the wind, and tremblingly spit out a pool of white turbid nectar.

    Two and a half hours later.

    "Ding! [Health rebate] settlement, the target swallows hundreds of millions of children and grandchildren. Congratulations to the host, who has obtained 2 billion yuan of funds, which are being remitted to the host's account."

    A system prompt.

    He Jiamin leaned on the window sill and slowly bent down, sweat soaking the long hair on her forehead.

    It was raining heavily outside the window, and the rain came in through the window, causing a puddle of water where she stood.

    After that, she became very quiet, as if entering a certain mode of thinking about life. She leaned on the windowsill, hugged her knees, and sat on the floor with her chin knocked on her knees. Her body trembled slightly, and was blown in by the wind from outside. It seemed that because of the cold, a layer of goose bumps formed on her skin.

    Sitting on the sofa two meters away, Chen Chuan was experiencing the aftermath of getting 2 billion rebates. This amount really surprised him. After all, it was twice as much as last time. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

    Looking at He Jiamin sitting under the window sill in front of her, her slender white legs were even more white against the warm-colored floor. It is undeniable that her appearance is indeed very high, and she looks particularly seductive in the southern summer rain.

    Chen Chuan took out his phone and took a photo of her.

    "Can you shoot it?" Chen Chuan asked.

    "Yes, what can't it?" He Jiamin smiled back, "Do you want me to take a few more positions, such as separating the legs like this?"

    "No... you're just like this... It's okay to hug your knees like just now." Chen Chuan said.

    "Is my soul out of my body just now?"


    "I can't put it out, because the soul is already out of my body." He Jiamin smiled and stood up, "If you have to take a picture of me just now, unless I get out of my body again."

    With that, she walked to Chen Chuan's sofa, knelt down gently, and lowered her head.