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    When I Fell For You Chapter 69 - WIFFY 69

    : A Match Made In Heaven

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    Due to the large number of people traveling on National Day, the road was blocked. Qingyang and Shao Lilian stayed on the highway for several hours. When they arrived in Qing'an, it was already 7 o'clock in the evening.

    After welcoming them into the house, Yu Youning has been busy.

    Qing'an had a cold, coughing and sneezing.

    "Why did you catch a cold?" Shao Lilian looked at her and couldn't help asking seriously.

    "The weather suddenly worsened before, and I didn't notice it. When she came out from get off work in the evening, she caught a little wind and caught a cold." Yu Youning said as he took the medicine and put it on the coffee table and opened it to Qing'an's palm.

    Then, Yu Youning took a cup, poured hot water, walked over and handed it to Qing'an: "Hurry up and eat it."

    "This is so unpalatable... it is the most unpalatable of the medicines I have ever taken." Qing'an frowned as he looked at the white pill in his palm.

    "Haha, you finish eating, and then I will give you candy." Yu Youning took out a lollipop while talking, and shook it in front of her.

    Qing An looked at the lollipop, sucked his nose, and took the medicine obediently. After drinking the water, she put the cup on the table and wrapped her clothes tightly.

    "Are you still burning? Let me see." Yu Youning raised his hand to touch Qing'an's forehead, "It seems to be much better."

    Then, Yu Youning peeled off the lollipop and handed it to Qing'an.

    Qingyang looked at Yu Youning for a moment, then looked at Qing'an: "You said you, how old are you, and you want Yuzi to take care of you like a child."

    "So I'm very lucky to be here. I'm obviously not a child, and I'm still hurting like a child." Qing'an was holding the lollipop and twirling the stick with his fingertips.


    Qingyang glanced at Yu Youning again. The child seems to be very painful.

    Shao Lilian looked at Qing'an and Yu Youning, thinking of what Qingyang said before, she couldn't sit still. I want to say something, but I feel that people are so kind to my daughter. Now it's a bit strange to mention something.

    At about ten o'clock in the evening, Shao Lilian wanted to ask Yu Youning if he would not go back today, but after seeing Yu Youning taking the clothes to the bathroom, she didn't ask again.

    I always feel that people have to wash up, and if I ask myself that, I feel a little crazy.

    However, speaking of it, Shao Lilian found that Qing'an was really clean here.

    Every time she came here before, she would dislike Qing'an for being careless and careless, and some blind spots would never be cleaned up. But this time, it can be said that every dead corner is very clean. And the floor was clean and shiny, as if it had just been paved.

    When Shao Lilian was about to wash, she saw Yu Youning squatting on the balcony and carefully brushing a row of shoes, she understood.

    "Why are you doing all this? Don't finish everything, save her some." Shao Lilian walked over and looked at Yu Youning.

    "Usually they do it together. She has a cold these few days, so I decided to do it myself." Yu Youning looked up and smiled.

    "Usually...you two live together like this?" Shao Lilian thought for a while and finally asked.

    Yu Youning held the small brush, stunned, then nodded.

    "Then... I'm interested, thank you for taking care of her like this." Shao Lilian didn't know what to say.

    "She also takes good care of me. Really. Also, An An's cooking is very delicious now, she is smart. I can't even learn, but she can learn a lot of things soon." Yu Youning quickly celebrated Ann blew to the sky.

    "Really? She used to hate cooking." Shao Lilian was a little suspicious.

    "Maybe because... I like to eat." Yu Youning lowered his head and continued to brush his shoes.

    This smell is 100% wrong.

    If it was only speculation and suspicion before, then Shao Lilian is now basically certain that her daughter and her really have a leg.

    After all, it doesn't look like a normal friendship.

    After standing there thinking for a while, Shao Lilian couldn't help it anymore, so she said, "I want to ask you something."

    Hearing this, Yu Youning stopped his hand movements. Although he was a little nervous, he still stood up straight.

    "What's the matter?" Yu Youning looked at her and asked carefully.

    "You and us are safe..." Shao Lilian squeezed the clothes in her hands, but still found that she couldn't speak.

    "You Ning? You Ning, let's do it tomorrow, I'm going to bed." At this moment, Qing An walked out of the bedroom with a thick nasal sound and looked at them.

    "It's almost done." Yu Youning turned to answer.

    "Mom, haven't you gone to take a bath?" Qing'an came over and looked at the clothes in Shao Lilian's hands.

    "I'm going now, here's going." Shao Lilian was stunned, and then walked to the bathroom holding her clothes.

    After half an hour.

    Shao Lilian lay next to Qingyang and struggled for a long time: "Qingyang, you said, is the relationship between them normal?"

    "What's the relationship?" Qingyang turned over and looked at her.

    "It's a little too close. It's not children, it's normal for children to stick to each other like this. But they...Ikuko doesn't have a home, but lives here every day..." Shao Lilian felt strange as she thought about it.

    "Have you listened carefully to her broadcast?" Qingyang thought for a moment and asked.

    "I doubt it because I listened carefully." Shao Lilian gave him a white look.

    "Do you think she has changed compared with before?" Qingyang asked again.

    "It seems, it's not so lifeless. Even if you are sick, you are not lifeless." Shao Lilian said truthfully.

    "Anyway, she is happy." Qingyang no longer wants to torture each other with Qing'an as before.

    Years ago, the two of them engaged in marital battles many times and were very tired.

    "I just wanted to ask Yuzi, but I didn't ask. If they are...really..." Shao Lilian lowered her eyes and sighed.

    "If she says they are in love, what can you do? Interrupt An An's leg? Force them to split quickly, and then plug a man to An An. Every day, I see An An put on a dead face, and always make trouble with us... Or what?" Qingyang closed his eyes.

    Hearing this, Shao Lilian looked at Qingyang quickly, unable to speak for a long time.

    "Believe it or not, if she did that, she would tear down the house even if she was lame?" Qingyang then added, "Do you think she really asked us to play? She just asked us to see her life Yes. She is so alike to me, so, in fact, I know her better than anyone else. She no longer hides it and shows us their lives directly, which means that she has made all the preparations. She has It's a showdown, what else do you want to ask?"

    Shao Lilian sat there, thinking for a long time, finally sighed, shook her head, and fell asleep.

    Qingyang and Shao Lilian stayed here for five days.

    These five days proved that his previous conjecture was correct.

    His daughter is at a showdown.

    She would feed Yu Youning something in front of her, take a walk with Yu Youning's hand, and talk to Yu Youning in front of her about how the room would be arranged in the future.

    She would put Yu Youning's arm softly and say what she wanted to eat, even though the thing was far away from here, Yu Youning could get it.

    She would walk and suddenly said that she couldn't move because the shoes were grinding her feet, and then Yu Youning would go and buy a pair of comfortable shoes for her to change.


    He has seen these.

    Before leaving, Shao Lilian and Qingyang cooked a very hearty lunch at Qing'an's home.

    There are dishes that Qing'an loves, and dishes that Yu Youning loves.

    Shao Lilian actually likes children like Yu Youning's rice bucket. After all, Yu Youning seemed to eat deliciously what she made, as if she was affirming her cooking skills.

    After eating, Yu Youning and Qing'an walked into the kitchen together to wash.

    Qingyang looked at them, and said after a long time: "An An, are you getting a good cold? Don't be so lazy, don't just do everything for her. Two people should live in harmony. ."

    Qing'an took the washed dishes from Yu Youning, put them in the cupboard, then slowly turned around, looked at Qingyang, and nodded.

    "Actually, I usually do it together, I just recently..." However, before Yu Youning finished speaking, Qing'an gave him a pinch on the waist.

    "Emotions are maintained through small details. If one of them is doing it all the time, the other will inevitably get tired. It is a blessing to meet someone who loves you and spoils you. This is not fake. However, the novel Its not good to watch too much with idol dramas. If you have been wayward, do you really think who will tolerate you for the rest of your life? You are a girl, arent people a girl anymore." Qingyang didnt see Qingans little action towards Yu Youning. Continue to say her is not.

    "Yeah." Qing An rolled up his sleeves, and then began to wash the dishes.

    After that, the father and daughter were silent again.

    An hour later, Qingyang and Shao Lilian opened the car door and sat in.

    Before leaving, Qingyang turned his head again and said, "Have a good time."

    "I don't have much to say, and there is nothing that people over experience want to say, just like the old man said, just have a good time, don't have a problem and just toss about it. How far you can go." Shao Lilian finished speaking. , Didn't look at Qing'an anymore, just bowed his head and kept sorting out his handbag.

    "Okay." After Qing'an finished speaking, he looked down at the ground and moved his hands together, only to feel that his eyes became hot and humid.

    "Goodbye." Qingyang said, preparing to drive.

    "Re...uncle and aunt!" Yu Youning thought for a while, and then suddenly stopped them.

    "What's the matter?" Qing'an released the steering wheel.

    "I promise, I won't let her be wronged, and won't make her cry." Yu Youning stretched out his hand and raised it to the sky.

    "I think it's you who will be so wronged to cry in the end. Okay, let's leave it alone." Qingyang glanced at Yu Youning, and then really left.

    After watching his parents leave, Qing An turned around and looked at Yu Youning: "You have worked hard these days, let you do this and that by yourself."

    "It doesn't matter to me, it's just...you are being talked about by them all the time, and you are really not what they think, what they say..."

    "I just want them to know how much you dote on me. Even if I make trouble, even if I am lazy." Qing'an said and laughed: "However, I didn't expect that I would create a universe these days. You still have such a good temper."

    "I actually didn't think you did it these days. It might be because..." Yu Youning looked at Qing'an, "It might be because I love you."

    Qing'an didn't speak, but stretched out his arms and plunged into Yu Youning's arms, crying inexplicably into a stupid|force.

    "Wait, don't cry... I just finished swearing, I'm afraid..." Yu Youning stroked Qing'an's hair, a little bit dumbfounded.


    After Shen Tian and Wei Xue were together, they also started the mode of spreading dog food.

    Every time Qing'an visits Moments, she can see Shen Tian basking in her and Wei Xue's daily life with all kinds of infatuation and admiration, as well as in her daily life.

    Shen Tian would always praise Wei Xue, and Yu Youning would continue to praise Qing'an after listening.

    "My family Xuexue looks like a little angel."

    "Hey, my family An An looks like a little fairy."

    "My family Xuexue is very good at cooking, and can cook all kinds of delicious dishes."

    "Well, in fact, my family An'an will serve as a full feast for the Han Dynasty."

    "My family Xuexue %&......"

    "My house is safe %&..."

    To be honest, Wei Xue and Qing'an can always be praised by them as embarrassing cancer. It is really... very funny.

    Since Yu Youning and Qing'an have been together, the style of painting on Weibo has become serious.

    One is that she doesn't want Qing'an to be jealous, and the other is that she doesn't have any thoughts to share with other people. Even if it was just a joke, she wouldn't do it.

    The heart is too small, and when you really love someone, you really cant tell where to give it to others.

    They were made public on Weibo during the Qixi Festival.

    At that time Yu Youning's fans exploded. Some are sending blessings, and some are joking about taking off fans because as single dogs, they are hurt.

    Others noticed that the person of Yu Youning Aite's head was a chrysanthemum, which was once misunderstood as the one who came to find fault.

    "Isn't this the black fan?"

    "Fuck, this is the legendary Heifen HE?"

    "Damn, I have already made up hundreds of thousands of words of **** content!"

    "I'm going, I would rather be curved?! Ah, ah, regret it, why didn't I take the lead in the first place?!"


    Fans brains are also great. She has never been a black powder for Yu Youning from start to finish.

    All in all, from the Qixi Festival to the New Year's Day, Yu Youning will show his affection on Weibo when he is all right. Today I will show the porridge made in Qing'an, and tomorrow I will show the dishes made in Qing'an.

    Then, someone said that Yu Youning's girlfriend is good everywhere, but the aesthetics are not very good, and the portrait is too ugly.

    Qing'an was very angry when she saw it.

    "What's wrong with my profile picture? Why is the chrysanthemum so ugly? It is obvious that their thoughts have been contaminated, and then they began to follow the crowd and dislike the chrysanthemum %&..." Qing An screamed for the chrysanthemum.

    Yu Youning was amused by her angry look, and hurriedly said it was not ugly. And after that, Yu Youning also changed his head into a chrysanthemum.

    At this time, everyone passing by did not know what to say.

    "Sure enough, it is true love..."

    "I...ahhahahaha, it's so touching, really, true love is hard to find, blessings!"

    "I wish... I wish happiness!"

    So, not long after, Qing'an and Yu Youning had a nickname-Chrysanthemum CP on the Internet.

    Later, someone asked if there were any Les couples producing food on Weibo and asked for recommendations, and then someone replied: "At this time, I will take out my chrysanthemum CP. It is not a fake or fake food. Welcome to watch!"

    Afterwards, the person who asked CP looked disgusted and replied: "Don't make trouble, I don't want your chrysanthemum, nor do I want to watch your chrysanthemum, thank you for your cooperation."


    During the New Year, after Qing'an finished the New Year, he cleaned up and went back to the birthplace with Yu Youning.

    Great changes, whether it is street planning or house construction, walking around, if you don't use mobile maps, two people will even get lost.

    The houses in my hometown have been demolished, and new communities have been built on the ground to accommodate new residents.

    "The changes are quite big, you can't see the shadow of the past at all." Qing'an looked inside and sent his thoughts.

    "It doesn't matter, just remember it in your head." Yu Youning cut out a hard candy and put it in his mouth.

    I just bought it in a small shop. I loved it for a while.

    After Qing'an saw it, he said, "Give me one."

    Yu Youning smiled, and then put the candy on Qing'an's palm.

    The glittering candy paper folds a little halo under the sun.

    Yes, although many things have been turned to new pages, the memories are still stored in the brain and will not be easily erased.

    Always remember that when the cicadas cried that summer, Yu Youning was waiting for her outside the door on a bicycle.

    There is a big banyan tree at the door, with prosperous branches, like a huge parasol that naturally generates.

    Sunlight penetrates through the leaves, shattered and transparent, and then fell to the ground, printing signs of mottled, like a watercolor painting.

    Standing in the shade of the tree, Yu Youning, while holding the PSP and immersed in the game, stepped on the pedals of the car with his feet intentionally or unintentionally, tall but thin.

    After she came out, Yu Youning threw the PSP into the bicycle frame, and drove her through the streets and alleys, passing seven or eight storefronts.

    The reel turned fast, and the wind hit from the front, causing hair to flutter. Yu Youning is a person with intermittent convulsions, occasionally showing off skills. Sitting behind her, Qing An was always scared a few times before reaching out and grabbing Yu Youning's waist.

    The girl's waist is slender and soft, very comfortable.

    Then, they will buy two bowls of shaved ice at the shaved ice shop.

    A bowl of polysaccharides, a bowl of less sugar, a bowl of coconuts, and a bowl of raisins. You taste mine, I taste yours, and the scorching sun seems to no longer be so terrible.

    However, it is New Year's Eve, and it is winter. If you can't eat shaved ice, then go for a hot drink.

    What's amazing is that the drink shop they used to go to is still open. Even the scale has expanded and it has become a chain store.

    However, I can no longer see the proprietress when I enter, only the strange little girl.

    The types of drinks have also become a lot more abundant, which is dazzling.

    After each bought a cup, the two of them went to the clam shop that they loved to eat before. I'm going to buy two servings, and then go to sit down by the river where I used to be.

    The store is still there, but it has changed location now. It used to be not far from their school, but now it is far away.

    The decoration of the store is still simple, with more small characters on the plaque, which reads "the time-honored king's secret clam", you can smell the fragrance before you get close.

    The boss is still the boss, but he is a lot older than before, his hair is gray, and the lines on his face have gradually become deeper. At this time, he is holding a lunch box to serve food for another guest.

    Seeing that he was busy with his work, Yu Youning walked over first: "Two copies."

    The boss nodded. When he raised his head and saw Yu Youning and Qing'an, he said: "It's been a long time since I saw you two. Are you still together now?"

    Hearing this sentence, Qing'an was a little surprised.

    After so many years, does he still remember them?

    "Yes, I really didn't expect, you still remember us." Qing'an smiled.

    "At that time, you often came to me to buy clams. Of course you remember. Several times you bought a lot of clams at once. At that time, we only opened here. You are the customers who love to take care of me in the early days. At first I The business here is not particularly good. You two are still at school to advertise to me that a good person will be safe forever." The boss smiled, and the two boxes in his hand are almost too big to fit, but he is still scooping the clams and pouring them carefully. .

    "Enough is enough." Qing'an waved his hand hurriedly when he saw that the boss had been flourishing.

    "I won't do it tomorrow. Today is the last day. I didn't expect to meet you again." The boss put the box in the bag and handed it to Qing'an and Yu Youning.

    Qing'an took the food in his hand, only to realize that there was a notice posted beside the door with the news of the store's transfer.

    "So... I suddenly felt a little empty in my heart." Yu Youning carried the bag and looked at the boss.

    "If you don't do it, you still have to continue living. I used to sell flower clams near your school. Now I sell flower clams here. From now on, I will make flower clams for my wife, children, and granddaughters. It's all the same." The boss smiled and turned around. Turned on an old radio next to it.

    "Well, let's go first." Qing An stretched out his hand and waved slightly.

    After leaving the shop, Qing An heard the singing, so he turned his head far away.

    I saw the boss sitting on a wicker chair, closing his eyes leisurely. The old-fashioned radio was placed on his lap, and it sang: "Facing the future, don't worry, life can wander at this time, no matter where it goes..."

    "Not worried." Qing'an turned around and read the three words thoughtfully.

    "Huh?" Yu Youning looked at her sideways.

    "With you here, I won't be worried." Qing'an met her gaze.

    "Okay." Yu Youning was stunned, then stretched out his hand with a warm smile, put it on Qing'an's shoulder, and walked forward.

    Qing An glanced at the hand she placed on her shoulder, then turned her head, and gently kissed Yu Youning's lips.

    I always feel that my heart now is quiet and soft.

    For her, there is nothing better than Yu Youning's company by her side.

    "Yu Youning."


    "Where you go from now on, I will follow you wherever you go, okay?"

    "it is good."

    Then just chat. I dont write much about this book, but its not cold or anything, how to say it, Im a person who is easily influenced by my character. Usually, when I write a novel, there may be some minor details in it that are related to the three-dimensional dimension, but they are generally very different. Then there is that when I write novels, my original three-dimensional character tends to be biased towards my characters during that period of time. It is really easy to be influenced and speechless. When I wrote this book, I always felt that I was also affected by Qing'an, and I was often unhappy, just like that. The bereaved, often after writing a chapter, do not know what to say when updating.

    But this book, how to say it, is some experience or something.

    I still have to say, fiction belongs to fiction, reality...a straight girl or something, I don't want to touch it.

    I once chased a straight daughter for a long time. From my sophomore year to my sophomore year, I showed my heart many times, and I was battered. I was torn a confession letter, and said, "I like you too, I don't like you, can I be friends with you"...

    Later, when we were together, I asked her if I really thought that I was joking when I said that I liked her. She said no, but she was scared.

    Um... how to put it, there are just a lot of messy things that people feel procrastinated or something, I want to say, life is so pitted haha.

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