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    Sign In Buddhas Palm Chapter 134 - SIBP 134

    Chapter 134: Complete

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    When the Nanzhao Kingdom was in a sensation, Su Qin had already returned to the Tang Palace.

    Naturally, Su Qin didn't know, but he extinguished the influence of the moon worship sacred religion on Nanzhao.

    In other words, even if Su Qin knew it, he wouldn't think too much. Nanzhao Kingdom is located in the southwest. It is a small country. There is not even a great master of the whole country. What if it loses the constraints of the Moon Worship Sacred Religion?

    After Su Qin returned to the palace, he resumed his usual life again.

    I have returned since Su Qin left, but for most of the day, no one in the entire palace thought that in this short period of time, Su Qin rushed tens of thousands of miles to destroy the moon worship sacred religion in Nanzhao, and then slowly Rushed back.


    Su Qin sat cross-legged.

    Every bit about the'Moon Spirit Forging God Method' was flowing in his mind.

    The'Moon Spirit Forging God Technique' is a magical secret technique that can stabilize Su Qin's spiritual mind to a great extent.

    "All right."

    "let's start."

    Su Qin closed his eyes, and huge divine thoughts began to brew in his body, constantly dispersing and reorganizing in the manner of the "Moon Spirit Forging God".

    If it is someone else, even the Venerable Arhat from the martial arts mythology, it will take a lot of time to understand this Moon Spirit Forging God Method.

    After all, the "Moon Spirit Forging God Method" involves divine mind forging. If you are not sure about your complete understanding, who dares to mess with your divine mind?

    But Su Qin is different.

    After systematic indoctrination, his mastery of this magical secret technique may have reached the level of the founder. Although it is the first time to practice, he is familiar with it.


    I saw that under Su Qin's control, his huge divine thoughts suddenly dispersed and turned into extremely tiny thoughts, and then these thoughts were recombined to form a more stable divine mind.

    Under normal circumstances, the spiritual thoughts of the Venerable Arhat or the martial arts myths are in a state of disorganization, but the "Moon Spirit Forging God Method" recombines the scattered spiritual thoughts and exerts a power far beyond the initial spiritual thoughts.

    This is like charcoal and diamond, which are obviously composed of the same material, but because of the different structural combination, they show two completely different forms.

    The same is true of divine consciousness.

    It's just that compared to external matter, divine consciousness is more subtle, and a little carelessness may damage the root of divine consciousness and cause great hidden dangers.

    Even Su Qin wouldn't dare to disperse and reorganize spiritual thoughts in this way without the'Moon Spirit Forging God Method'.

    With the continuous reorganization of the divine mind, Su Qin only felt that his mind became clearer and the ups and downs of his thoughts became more agile.

    "about there."

    "According to the description of the'Moon Spirit Forging God Method', I should have done it now."

    Su Qin slowly opened his eyes and felt it carefully, his expression exuding surprise.

    "Although my spiritual thoughts are much less now, they are far better in quality than before."

    Su Qin looked happy.

    "Furthermore, the stability of my divine mind has improved my cultivation speed a lot."

    Su Qin nodded slightly, his thoughts fluctuating.

    The first-grade master wants to go further, and needs to transform in three aspects: physical body, internal strength, and god.

    Venerable Arhat and martial arts myths also focus on the physical body, true essence, and spiritual thoughts.

    Regardless of the first-time Arhats of the First Heaven, or the Lords of the Nine Heavens who have cultivated to the limit, the body, the true essence, and the divine consciousness are the three most fundamental things of oneself.

    A powerful physical body can nurture more divine minds, and similarly, a powerful divine mind can counter the physical body and speed up cultivation.

    Su Qin is in a similar state at this moment.

    "Next, work hard to cultivate and strive to reach the realm of the Arhat as soon as possible."

    Su Qin calmed down, thinking silently in his heart.

    The realm of the Great Arhat is the realm behind the Lord Arhat, equivalent to the land gods.

    Of course, whether it is the realm of the Great Arhat or the realm of the real immortal, they are essentially different names for the warriors of the same level.

    In fact, the nature of the power controlled by the two is the same, similar to the myth of Arhat Venerable and the martial arts.

    Next, Su Qin devoted himself to cultivation again.

    Except for the practice sign-in every day, he almost ignored everything.

    Tang Huang Li Sheng occasionally brought his pair of children to Su Qin to chat with him, so that Li Yuan and Li Wan were close to Su Qin.

    Compared with other royal heirs, Emperor Li Sheng of Tang was more willing to let his son and daughter get closer to Su Qin.

    Tang Huang Li Sheng has been on the throne for so many years, and he has become accustomed to the treacherous changes in people's minds, but he never sees any motives in Su Qin.

    Only in front of Su Qin, Tang Emperor Li Sheng felt that he was not the emperor, but the poor scholar who had nothing.

    Since the last time Su Qin reminded Tang Emperor Li Sheng that the premise of cutting the vassal vassal was sufficient, Tang Huang Li Sheng has never mentioned the cutting of vassal vassal before his ministers.

    Su Qin knew in his heart that Emperor Li Sheng was forbearing.

    Forbearance is not cowardice, nor is it submissive, but for the future of Tang Guo.

    Li Si was a man, and he naturally knew that the most effective way to cut the vassal was to implement the Tweet Order.

    As long as Emperor Li of the Tang Dynasty gave birth to the will, the princes were allowed to divide their territory equally among their children.

    In this way, the domains of the vassal kings are getting smaller and smaller. Although the overall situation remains the same, they fall into the hands of different people. Their strength is scattered, and the power of the vassal princes is weakened invisibly.

    However, the implementation of the Tweet Order is based on the premise that the king is obedient.

    In other words, you have to let the king obediently follow the instructions on the Tweet Order.

    But the problem facing Tang Guo is that the princes everywhere simply ignore the imperial power, not to mention the Tweet Order, even if any will issued by Emperor Li of Tang Dynasty comes to the domain of the prince, it is equivalent to nothing.

    Besides, the prince is not a fool. Every prince has countless counselors, and he can definitely guess the influence of the Tweet Order on the prince.

    Time passed slowly.

    In an instant it was three years later.

    During the past three years, although Tang was still restricted by local vassals, it showed a trend of prosperity on the whole.

    Emperor Lisheng of Tang drew boldly, developed commerce, increased taxes, and had sufficient money in the treasury.

    In addition, under the imperial court of Li Wan, Emperor Li Sheng finally agreed to let her practice martial arts.

    In fact, Tang Emperor Li Sheng did not want to see Li Wan step into the martial arts. In Tang Huang Li Sheng's view, which martial artist had not polished his flesh for decades, and his life was ordinary.

    As an emperor, Li Wan didn't need to suffer this.

    This day.

    Inside the right spring square.

    Su Qin sat cross-legged, breathing endlessly, slowly but unwaveringly ascending upward.


    Su Qin's breath stopped abruptly, and the speed of the ascension suddenly slowed down before calming down after a while.

    And at this moment.

    Su Qin slowly opened his eyes, a smile appeared on his face.

    "Finally complete."

    Su Qin's thoughts fluctuated, and his face was joyful.