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    Chapter 437: The Sea

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    The Holy Immortal Realm possesses a steady flow of power, and the original energy is even more unknown. Yun Hao felt that he could not act rashly.

    Previously in the black world, it was because the situation had not been figured out yet, so there was a change.

    As long as he can handle it, Yun Hao himself will not be so troublesome.


    Before O'Meara could take a shot, a flash of lightning ran out of the cave, extremely fast, and with good eyesight, it was a long and slender figure.

    "Dare to challenge my majesty, I want you to come back and forth!" There was disdain in the voice, thinking that even if you have Thor's Hammer, as long as Thor is not here, there is nothing to make it fear.

    The figure came to O'Meara in the blink of an eye, and slapped him with extremely sharp front paws.

    It is no more than three meters long, and it is covered with blue and white fur, with dark blue spots between the hairs. A pair of eyes are very sharp, pointed fangs bite at Omela.

    The speed of the Shenguang Leibao is very fast, and I felt its power in the first match.

    "Although you are very fast, but I am a level ninety-nine limit Douluo, how could you be my opponent?" O'Meara said in an ironic tone.

    And the moment when Shenguang Leibao had an offensive, he had a reaction. Raising the hammer of Thor with a wave, a hammer smashed at Shenguang Leibao.

    Between this move, the two sides also exerted tremendous force.

    Shuangzhu Ahzi slapped the Thor's Hammer fiercely with a loud noise, and the two sides quickly backed away, pulling apart.

    "You have two chances, but unfortunately you are still not enough!" Shenguang Leibao said coldly.

    "Then add me?"

    A blue light and shadow galloped down, the wings spread out, like two sharp guillotines, slashing swiftly towards the Shenguang Leibao. Xiao Lei's reaction was also very quick, and he rushed down almost at the moment when O'Meara and Shenguang Leibao met.


    Xiao Lei's body stretched out in the air with a loud cry, and then a blue-gold halo flashed on his body, and his eyes suddenly emitted a light.

    The wings vibrated suddenly, and also followed the divine light Leibao.

    Xiao Lei and O'Meara, dealing with a divine light Leopard, did not seem to have much pressure.

    Instead, he came to Shenguang Leibao, but it was Alexander!

    No matter how small Lei had been cultivated for a hundred thousand years, even if it was still a little different from Shenguang Leibao, but with O'Meara on the side, Shenguang Leibao couldn't devote too much energy to deal with it.

    The most important energy is still to be used on O'Meara. The Ninety-Nine-level Limit Douluo is not a simple thing, if you are distracted, it is very likely to suffer a disaster.

    Without caring about the battle involved, the Shenguang Leibao was also very cunning, leading Xiao Lei and O'Meara into the forest.

    If you want to use the advantage of the terrain, get some guidance.

    Entering the forest, Xiao Lei and O'Meila are not as flexible as the Shenguang Leopard.

    The main reason is that Shenguang Leibao lives in such a forest all year round and has long been accustomed to everything here, so even if he encounters a stronger opponent than himself, he can still rely on such a geographical advantage to find a way to defeat his opponent.

    What's more, there were still two opponents this time. One soul beast with a cultivation base of 100,000 years seemed to have the blood of a god, and the other was the peak limit Douluo of a human soul master.

    "Swish swish--"

    The three figures of Xiao Lei, O'Meila and Shenguang Leibao were moving around in the forest, unable to judge their movements at all, because the speed was too fast.

    Shenguang Leibao was constantly oppressed by Xiaolei and O'Meara, making it a little flustered for a while.

    The Shrek Seven Devils who watched the battle in the distance all looked at the scene in front of them without blinking their eyes.

    "To be honest, this is the first time I have seen Senior O'Meara take action. I used to say that the High Priest is the strongest existence in the Thunder Soul Sea Territory. Now it seems that Senior O'Meara is still stronger than the High Priest."

    With the approval of the gods, he still has a certain strength no matter what, and the high priest Ouya is now only the guardian of Thor, and he is still incomparable compared with the true inheritor.

    His mission is naturally to guard the Thunder Soul sea area, guard and protect the inheritance of Thor in the world, there is no possibility of becoming a god, and O'Meila has a great opportunity.

    "It's not easy to reach their level. It takes a lot of time and energy to reach this level. This is something we can't compare." Dai Xingyu said.

    But each of them is also very hardworking and hardworking, even O'Meila they did not have such hard work back then, but the difference between them is the experience.

    Omela and Eurasian have experienced too many things, and naturally they are not comparable to Ning Feng.

    If you experience more things, you will naturally have more knowledge, and you will have more understanding and understanding.

    Limit Douluo is like this, reaching this cultivation base, the age is very old.

    Seeing O'Meara fighting the Divine Light Leibao, she seemed so unhurried, and the more she worshiped him, the more she wanted to be so strong, the more passionate her heart was.

    They all yearn to become stronger, and they all yearn for stronger power. How many spirit masters in the world don't think so?

    It can be said that every soul master hopes to become strong and has different goals, but the ultimate beliefs are different.

    "If Senior O'Meara's strength is placed in Douluo Continent, I am afraid there will be no opponents, right?"

    In the early battles on the mainland, many top powers fell, and that matter has been passed down. Everyone who passed through that period is unforgettable and cannot be erased from his heart.

    The wings moved forward quickly, with a violent whistling wind, very fast.

    Shenguang Leibao watched Xiao Lei rush towards him, and opened his mouth, as if laughing at Xiao Lei's stupidity.

    Then the figure disappeared in the same place in an instant, should be said that it moved instantaneously, and there was still an afterimage. This speed was really shocking.

    As a level ninety-nine limit Douluo, how could it be defeated by a 150,000-year-old soul beast, even if the speed is fast, so what?

    The Thor's Hammer lifted up, the first and second spirit rings on it flashed at the same time, and then the third spirit ring also lit up. It was a spirit ring representing a hundred thousand years.

    The three spirit rings are shining at the same time, which is enough to show that O'Meara is powerful. When three spirit abilities are released at the same time, the instantaneous spirit power consumption is very huge. The body suddenly became weak and collapsed, and the mental strength could not keep up with its own brain circuits.

    But it's not a problem here at O'Meara, because he is strong enough.

    The speed of the Shenguang Leibao was very fast, and the figure moved around on the ground, moving fast.

    However, after O'Meara displayed his spirit ability, his speed also began to become faster.

    Chasing the figure of Shenguang Leibao, they reached the same speed in a short while, and the two sides confronted again.

    This space is extremely special, and the world is unpredictable and unpredictable.

    The power of the Temple of Heavenly Oracle cannot invade it completely, so the only thing to do is to figure out the situation in the holy fairy world.

    It's just that in a special place, when you reach an ocean, the ocean seems to be filled with endless light.

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