Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 436 - MWDSFD 436

    Chapter 436: Take It Easy

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    Not anyone can do this, Yunhao himself is a special exception, after all, the system is not available to everyone.

    It is because of good luck that there will be a system. For a better future and development, everything is not so real.

    Luo Xiaojie, like Ning Xiaoxue, does not need to go through a two-player combo battle to get individual points, and in the case of the two of them, the speed of earning points is much slower than the others.

    "Xiaojie, you have over 170 points now. I want to get the Golden Fighting Soul badge in less than half a year!"

    This is the idea that Ning Feng came up with through that battle, and he has always considered, "Mental power has no substantive explanation, but an abstract definition, but it can be used in cultivation, and it can be imagined as one. When the invisible net needs to release its mental power, the invisible net will begin to expand to achieve the desired effect..."

    Ning Feng also began to explain what he was thinking, and the master was also serious about being a listener.

    "The combination of thunder attribute and spiritual power I mentioned is to directly integrate the spiritual power into the energy body condensed by the thunder attribute, not the martial soul itself. You can imagine that invisible net enveloping the power of thunder, attacking At the same time, it also has a certain spiritual attack, so that it can weaken the enemy's combat effectiveness, just like the sky soul bow..."

    At first, Ning Feng suspected that if it was a pure mental attack, then the opponent would not say that. It can be seen from this that the opponent should only launch an attack by combining part of the spirit with his own attributes, but also because of this, Ning Feng can only guess that the strength of the opponent's spiritual power is higher than that of himself, and it can also be regarded as a half spiritual soul The teacher, coupled with the strange ability of the Heavenly Soul Bow, is indeed difficult to figure out.

    So Ning Feng also used his mental power to perceive his own thunder attribute, hoping to find some connections from it.

    Unsurprisingly, when he tried his mental power, his own lightning attributes did not reject him, but he was not very accepting, or that... the mental power and the lightning attributes could be combined indirectly.

    If this is the case, if you use the Thunder Alchemy Body and wrap the net of mental power on the outer layer, as long as the mental power is strong enough, is it not afraid of the spirit bow's method of attacking that day?

    After listening to Ning Feng's explanation, the master quickly understood what he meant, and he praised Ning Feng even more in his heart. At this age, he has such a comprehension ability, and it seems that he has surpassed Xiao San to some extent!

    "Teacher, Luo Shanpao's fart should be accompanied by mental paralysis, wait for you to cooperate with me!"

    Ning Feng is about to start experimenting with his own ideas, and the master is also very willing to cooperate with him. If this can help Xiao Feng, of course it is a very good job. This old bone is no longer active.

    However, although Luo Shan Pao's mental numbness is not as good as a real spirit type spirit master, attacking a powerful attack type spirit master like Ning Feng, once invaded the body, it will still have a great impact. I was worried that this would affect Xiao Feng, but Xiao Feng insisted, but of course he believed in him as his teacher, and Xiao Feng never did anything uncertain!

    Ning Feng concentrated on his energy and began to circulate the spirit power in his body. At the same time, the spirit power was quickly released. Under his precise control, the spirit power began to wander along the surface of the body like an invisible net.

    The real state of Thunder Alchemy Body!

    "Teacher, come on!"

    Ning Feng said.

    The master immediately released the spirits, and the spirit rings appeared under his feet one by one, and then he shouted: "Boom the sky and crack the earth, Luoshan Cannon!"

    Luo Shanpao's limbs forcefully bounced up vigorously, aiming at Ning Feng with his butt, his whole body shook hard, a large cloud of purple smoke rushed out, and the fetid and mentally paralyzed fart attacked Ning Feng.

    Ning Feng was not in a hurry, his spirit power surged rapidly, and the net of mental power had already covered his whole body. The power of the thunder of the thunder alchemy body suddenly bloomed, and the mass of fart was then blocked at the periphery of the body, after five or six. Minutes, it gradually disappeared.

    And as a result, just as Ning Feng had imagined, such a method could indeed resist the spirit ability with mental attack.

    The master admired: "Xiao Feng, I didn't expect your method to be really effective!"

    Ning Feng smiled confidently and said, "It just consumes some mental power, so I have to spend more time on spiritual cultivation!"

    "Hahaha, not bad, not bad!"

    Suddenly, a vast and powerful voice came from the world, and Ning Feng and Master immediately became vigilant.

    This voice seemed to be whispering, but with infinite power, as if far away in the sky, and as if he was right beside him, such a powerful penetrating power, Ning Feng encountered it for the first time!

    Ning Feng himself always pays attention to everyone's points, except that he has already obtained the Golden Fighting Soul badge, Xingyu and Lingling can get it within two months. And Bai Yu can get it by working hard for more than three months, Feifei will be a bit slower, Xiaoxue and Xiaojie will get it later due to special circumstances.

    Ning Feng also carefully considered it, and everyone's situation was still relatively optimistic.

    "I believe everyone, but I won't accompany you today. I recently learned something new and I need to try it!"

    Hearing Ning Feng's words, the master on the side immediately said to Liu Erlong, "Erlong, the children will trouble you!"

    "Yeah!" Liu Erlong replied without hesitation.

    "What? Xiaofeng, after you have completed your training, you are going to abandon the brothers who share the ups and downs with you. It's not interesting!

    Dai Xingyu complained.

    Ning Feng also just smiled sincerely, then took a look at Hai Feifei, and then left the imperial capital battlefield with the master.

    However, their leaving figure happened to be caught by Wutian, and he immediately said softly: "How about, is she here?"

    It seemed as if he was talking to someone, and when his voice fell off, a voice replied: "Don't worry, that adult will take action, no prey can escape!"


    After leaving the Great Fighting Arena, Ning Feng and Master returned to Shrek Academy as quickly as possible.

    Still in the woods behind the college, on the ring, Ning Feng sat down, thinking carefully about something.

    The master then asked: "Xiaofeng, what you said is to combine your own attributes with spiritual power, to integrate spiritual power into the martial arts, and then to have a miraculous effect?"

    Ning Feng shook his head and replied calmly: "It's not all right. This is what I suddenly thought of when I was fighting the Sky Soul team before, but I didn't have enough time to try. Now that I have completed the second stage. Training, just take this opportunity to give it a try!"

    The Thunder attribute is a very special attribute, because its penetration and destruction are interspersed with each other. The attack on mental power is somewhat similar, but it does not achieve the effect of mental power attack.

    But if you combine your spiritual power with your own lightning attributes, can you withstand the spiritual attack of the soul bow that day?

    Ever since Yun Hao came to the Douluo Continent, he has always been in a state of being at ease, without any special thoughts.

    Because of my own experience, I had to do these things. What if everything went back to the original point?

    The fact that things can get to this point is no longer as simple as just talking.