Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 434 - MWDSFD 434

    Chapter 434: Warm Glow

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    It has been ups and downs, the darkness has always been there, the starlight is so illusory that I can't like it, and I can't find the way out.

    I originally intended to go out first, but after I came in, I couldn't find the exit. I could see where the exit was, but I couldn't get out.

    There should be plenty of food to feed these two little guys without a problem.

    Thunder Soul sea area, southeast of Thunder Island, Yunyin Clan has fallen!

    A group of strong and strong men are performing something, each of them is full of muscles and full of male hormones!

    "Look quickly, isn't that the inheritor brought back by the high priest?"

    A soul master yelled loudly.

    "Why come here? Is the test too difficult to stay?"

    "I think so too, it's really bad luck for an outsider to be selected as the heir of Lord Thor!"

    "Go and see what he is going to do!"

    Everyone sighed and strode up.

    Ning Feng noticed them, and didn't want to pay attention to them at all.

    However, because he thought so, it didn't mean that others thought the same. The group of people surrounded them with a fierce look.

    It blocked Ning Feng's way forward!

    "Boy, don't stay in the capital of God, with the arrangement of the high priest, and come here privately, don't you take the rules of our Thunder Soul Sea Territory into consideration?"

    A rough-looking man warned Ning Feng angrily and put himself above others.

    Ning Feng ignored it and went around it!

    "Eh, I still want to run, can't you hear what I said, are you deaf?"

    The strong man immediately intercepted Ning Feng.

    "I'm afraid I was frightened by you, scared in my heart, haha!"

    "If you are a man, accept my challenge. If you want us to accept you as an outsider, you have to show proof, otherwise we, the Yunyin clan, would not be willing to accept you, huh!"

    The young man had a high spirit, full of fighting spirit, and his face was clearly self-confident. To Ning Feng, he was too arrogant!

    It seems that the Yunyin clan has a common problem, that is, the temperament of the surname Yun is not bad, especially too easy to be arrogant.

    But since the other party said so, it means that they don't want to bully the less with more, and the two sides stand in the same position and position for confrontation.

    This also proves that they are extremely competitive, which can be seen in Yun Feiyang.

    "Okay, I accept your challenge!"

    Ning Feng didn't want to waste so many words with them, and settled the matter as soon as possible.

    "There is a kind, I appreciate it!"

    The boy gave Ning Feng a thumbs up, but his eyes were playful.

    Taking Xiao Lei and Xiao Yin back into his Soul Guidance Device, he was ready to start fighting.

    When the battle began, everyone quickly pulled apart to make room for both sides.

    That young man was the first to release his martial spirit. It was a lightning leopard with extremely fast speed. Four spirit rings appeared on his body. It was the best spirit ring combination!

    "Yunhu, Wuhun Thunder Leopard, forty-sixth-level agile attack type battle soul sect!"

    "Then release your martial soul, let us see, what is outstanding about Thor's inheritors!"

    Yun Hu said triumphantly.

    "Look up!"

    Ning Feng drank loudly, his body began to flash with thunder light.

    A blue thunder and lightning phantom appeared behind him, and four spirit rings of purple, purple, black, and black appeared under his feet, instantly conquering the audience!

    They were stunned!

    This is also the best spirit ring match!

    It's just that his spirit ring match is actually two thousand years plus two ten thousand years!

    What a terrifying existence is this?

    Does such a monster really exist?

    "This...impossible..." Yun Hu was also shocked.

    "How can you be the third and fourth ring is Wannian, how old are you this year?"

    "Eleven and a half years old!"

    Ning Feng didn't want to hide it. Since the other party wanted to know, it didn't hurt to tell him.


    Eleven and a half years old? Four Ring Soul Sect?

    The key to any topic that a soul master can't even think about is that someone has done it and is still standing in front of them!

    Two ten thousand year spirit rings are enough to shock and madden everyone present, hesitating and shocking in their hearts!

    "How come you are only eleven and a half years old, this is unreasonable!"

    Yunhu still didn't want to believe it, but he wondered if it was true.

    He was almost nineteen years old now, and he was only a forty-sixth level Soul Sect.

    The guy in front of him was so much younger than himself, he was already a soul sect, it was really hard to believe.

    Ning Feng smiled boredly and said, "It's true or false. You'll know if you try it. Aren't you going to challenge me? Why, are you afraid now?"

    Yunhu said indignantly, "Will I be afraid of Yunhu? I really don't believe you are capable!"

    However, he was so unforgiving, but he didn't think so.

    If the other party really said it, the eleven-and-a-half-year-old four-ringed soul sect, two thousand-year-old spirit rings with two ten thousand-year-old soul rings, it seems that he is not sure.

    But the words have already been released. If it is not a man's action to escape, then you can only bite the bullet.

    Test the opponent's bottom first, and then adjust the tactics, it is not impossible to defeat him.

    No matter how much he is older than him, he has experienced more things than him, and he knows more than him. This battle may have to work **** tactics.

    "Are you ready?" Ning Feng asked softly.

    "Anytime!" Yunhu's momentum is not lost to Ning Feng at all.

    "Then, I have to do it!"

    As soon as the voice fell, Ning Feng's body had rushed out, and the power of thunder on his body instantly bloomed.

    The strong pressure actually made Yunhu almost distracted, the place's spirit power pressure was still a bit strong.

    Just head-on, that is definitely not good, he can't get close to him easily!

    Someone immediately responded.

    The crowd began to laugh at Ning Feng, the ugly faces made Ning Feng disgusting.

    "Step aside!"

    Ning Feng said forcefully.

    "Oh, the hair hasn't grown up yet, and the temper is not small!"

    "Who gave you the courage?"

    These people are just like shit-chucking sticks, never letting Ning Feng go.

    Although Ning Feng was very angry in his heart, he did not want to make trouble, and his mentality was very calm!

    He knew that every soul master here had enough power, so facing so many people, he might not have much chance of winning!

    What a bad luck, knowing that you are here!

    "Hey, do you dare to accept my challenge?"

    At this time, a cool-looking teenager came out and pointed to Ning Feng's nose to provoke him.

    "I don't want to have trouble. Since you are residents of Seagod Island, you should also understand the rules here!"

    "Hey, I said your dog can't spit out ivory. An outsider really thinks he's a few pounds?"

    Those people were immediately unhappy, and they looked at Ning Feng just as they looked at the enemy.

    With such an unfriendly conversation, Ning Feng knew in his heart that these people did not accept themselves.

    In their eyes, the inheritors of Thor can only be people in the sea of their Thunder Soul. If they are outsiders, they have blasphemed the gods!

    But this is not something I can control. Since I have already arrived, I have made such preparations.

    Even in the face of everyone's doubts and dissatisfaction, as long as Senior Eurasian believes in himself, that is enough!

    Moreover, I am not doing it for anyone to see. This is the way I have to go. If you want to accomplish things that others can't, then you have to endure things that others can't.

    Yun Hao closed his eyes, really wanting to know where is the way to leave.

    He prayed in his heart, praying to be blessed by the goddess of luck again.

    It was as if the goddess felt his shout at this moment, and actually took him to the exit, the light was so warm, like sunshine!