Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 433 - MWDSFD 433

    Chapter 433: That Starlight

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    The black world is nowhere to be found, there is no point to rely on, and there is no breath.

    Being in it, it's as if you have lost everything, as if you are dead, you can only hear your own heartbeat and the sound of blood flowing through your body.

    Ning Feng wanted to ask why since the first time the predecessors talked about this place, and only now has the opportunity to ask.

    Could it be that he left the Thunder Soul sea privately before and angered the gods?

    As the high priest and guardian here, his self-blame is to protect this place at all times, and he will be punished by the gods if he leaves without permission!

    Eurasian thoughtfully said: "You will understand, but not now, your task has not been completed, the next time I meet, I hope to see a different you, go, boy!"

    What I saw on his face was unprecedented love and care, but why could he feel the loneliness and sadness in his heart, but he still pretended to be strong and didn't want others to know.

    Before Ning Feng had time to respond, he hurriedly followed.

    "It's a facial paralysis, can't you speak well?"

    I always feel that this great worship and the Eurasian predecessors are completely two kinds of people, and this person is not friendly to people at all.

    Always a face that refuses to be thousands of miles away!

    Who do you pretend to?


    Omela's spirit power was released, and with a wave of her hand, she was muttering something in her mouth, and the door of the passage connecting the Thor Tower was opened.

    Ning Feng didn't say wait, so he went in without saying anything.

    Ning Feng followed up, his face black!

    It's really unpleasant. I can't tell your seniors to look up to you. I really think I'm great?

    If you get the inheritance of God's position, you will float?

    Isn't Lao Tzu also the inheritor of God? Are you so superior and defiant?

    A ray of light flashed, and Ning Feng came to the phantom jungle again.

    Looking at the familiar environment, Ning Feng subconsciously looked up at the sky.

    That weird figure seems to be gone!

    What the **** is that?

    Coming here, Ning Feng's first thought was that mysterious creature.

    Appearing several times over and over again attracted great curiosity in Ning Feng's heart.

    "Where is it, if we don't want the spirit ring, we can go straight away. You are not here for a walk and leisure. If you don't have a sense of urgency here, I don't care if you die!"

    O'Meara scolded him for a while, and Ning Feng was so scared that he quickly walked over.

    The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and the impression of this great worship had fallen to the bottom.

    No, there is no good impression at all!

    No, you can't be polite when you speak?

    Although you are an elder and I am a junior, you must have the least respect for people, right?

    Besides, Lao Tzu has lived longer than you. It is reasonable that you should call me grandpa.


    "Don't think that you have passed the test several times to prove that you are very powerful, and you can do whatever you want!" O'Meara began to think again, "This road is more difficult than you think. Of course, if you dare Come mess, I promise to give you a happy one before you accept the punishment from the gods!"

    "The meaning of the great sacrifice is that I must complete all the tests anyway, only to succeed but not to fail?"

    Ning Feng said.

    "It's good to understand. If you get into trouble first and end up in failure, then you will be punished as your guide and tester. Do you understand your heavy responsibility?"

    O'Meara seemed to have something to say, but he didn't make it clear.

    I guess from the literal meaning that they should be implicated, including the Eurasian predecessors!

    But that is my own problem, why does it involve other people?

    What a strange heritage test!

    "Great worship, when I get the fifth spirit ring, will you personally **** me back to Douluo mainland?"

    Ning Feng asked.

    "This time it is mainly to confirm some things, so I will take you with me. If you cause trouble for me, don't blame me for putting heavy hands on you!"

    O'Meara said mercilessly.

    There was only deep disgust on Ning Feng's face. Why is this person always so cold? It was not like this in the Thunder Sacred Hall before, at least the tone of his speech seemed gentle.

    Leaving there, it's like a different person, is the contrast too big?

    The two stopped talking and kept walking along the dense jungle into the jungle.

    Along the way, the soul beasts I saw were pitiful!

    This is how the same thing! ?

    When I came before, I could still see a lot of spirit beasts, but today it is the sight of this barren beast smoke.

    "Someone came outside, just to see if the talisman meets your spirit ring requirements!"

    O'Meara looked like a sword, her face was very rigorous and meticulous, and at the same time she spoke, her mental power had spread.

    He wanted to search for traces of prey, Ning Feng guessed in his heart.

    The strength of this great worship should be about the same as that of the Eurasian predecessors. They all possess the spirit of Thor's Hammer, and he is the inheritor of the gods.

    However, I don't know which **** he has received. I haven't heard of this yet.

    "I found it, I really am a terrific guy!"

    O'Meara looked serious and serious, as if she saw a great guy.

    "Follow me and don't get lost!"



    If you get lost, I won't get lost, what pretend to be!

    I don't care about you!

    Immediately behind O'Meara, the two quietly lurked over.

    In the direction Omela sensed, he passed through several dense clusters, walked for a long time, and finally felt movement.


    A strong breathing sound echoed in this terribly silent jungle.

    Gently opened a gap and saw a tall and burly figure.

    Seeing that figure, Ning Feng was dumbfounded...

    Eurasia stopped talking, Ning Feng also followed his instructions, turned and left the Thunder Holy Palace!

    Finally, I looked back at Eurasian and left with reluctance.

    For Ning Feng, Eurasian is already equivalent to half a family member.

    The days I spent with him made my lonely and boring days warmer and happier.

    What Ouya brought to him was warmth and care. Although the intensity of cultivation was very high, in Ouya's heart, he still cared about Ning Feng all the time.

    Ning Feng knew very well in his heart, Senior's heart for him!

    Senior, I will not let you down!

    Waiting for me, next time I meet, I will bring you absolute surprise!

    I will become stronger! Become strong!


    Without thinking about these things, he followed O'Meila down the holy mountain and came to the ring sea in front of the Thor Tower.

    O'Meara said, "Next, I will take you to hunt for your fifth spirit ring. Do it yourself. I will protect you by the side. Do you understand?"

    His tone was solemn, but he didn't even look at Ning Feng at all, so Ning Feng nodded and said, "Understood, Senior!"

    O'Meara said: "You don't need to call me senior, I am different from my brother. I don't like those false seniority names here. Just call me a great worship, and follow the rules here!"

    While speaking, he took a step forward, flew slightly, and quickly crossed the ring sea and landed outside the space.

    It is possible to lose yourself at any time, and there are no rules to explain.

    In the dark, you can see such a ray of starlight, but it seems to be in your own inner world, which is not real.

    It's just that Yun Hao even lost contact with Qian Renxue, and this is its terrible place.