Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 432 - MWDSFD 432

    Chapter 432: The Black World

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    "Hao, don't worry, there will always be a way." Qian Renxue was also worried for Yun Hao. He had never been hit like this before, and it was really difficult this time.

    If the Temple of Heavenly Oracle can enter here, then everything is much simpler, how could it be so troublesome.

    Such a powerful soul beast, how can that mere thunder soul sea trap him?

    "Well, don't think too much, hurry up and try to get to the far north as soon as possible!" Dai Xingyu said helplessly.

    Their current cultivation base is completely different from that level, so there is no need to think about that.

    It was a feast for his eyes to be able to witness a million-year-old soul beast with his own eyes, and he was enthusiastic when he thought of this.

    Ning Feng thought, got into the carriage with everyone, and set off again.

    Along the way, Ning Feng was still immersed in his previous thoughts, because he might really have seen that soul beast, could it really be that guy...

    After all, it's just a phantom, I didn't see it clearly, but if it really is...

    "Going to the far north is bound to be dangerous, so when you get there, you must stay within the range I can protect at any time, and you must not run around!" Dillard's original calm and cold state disappeared. , Began to care about other people.

    He has not expressed the thoughts in his mind, just because he is afraid that everyone will ask him and he will not be able to explain it.

    Along the way, everyone regained their silence, Luo Xiaojie occasionally said something to Ning Xiaoxue.

    Except for a break in the middle, it is to calm down to practice soul power.

    Not only Ning Feng, but Dai Xingyu also wanted to seize this time to make a breakthrough.

    Each of them is in a bottleneck period, as long as they work a little bit, they should be able to break through.

    "Now that I practice soul power, it is really faster than before!" Ning Feng closed his eyes tightly, feeling the changes in soul power in his body.

    If you practice now, it is indeed more efficient than before.

    Since leaving the Thunder Soul Sea, the body has been in a state of self-regulation and recuperation.

    Now that I returned to the cultivation mode, I felt that my soul power was full and full of inexhaustible power. The most important thing was that my soul power operated more efficiently.

    "It feels like the cells of the whole body are following the rhythm of the soul power, and there is a certain resonance!"

    Ning Feng condensed his energy to maximize the operation of his soul power!

    The meridians of the whole body began to expand and relax following his instructions, driving the rapid circulation of soul power.

    This feeling was very obvious, and Ning Feng immediately felt happy.

    The carriage sprinted forward, and Ning Feng also set aside a certain amount of time for soul training every day.

    A month later, he finally reached the border of the Far North.

    Ning Feng and the four of them also got their wish and made a breakthrough.

    The current cultivation level of the four:

    Ning Feng, the fifty-sixth level assault war spirit king!

    Dai Xingyu, the fifty-two power attack system war soul king!

    Luo Xiaojie, the forty-two defensive battle soul sect!

    Ning Xiaoxue, the forty-third level auxiliary battle soul sect!

    This is also the result of each of them, and overall it is good.

    When you get out of the car, you can feel the cold wind on your face.

    Looking around, a piece of white snow, the howling of the cold wind is very clear.

    In the distance is a haze and shadow, and the scene is completely unclear, only some outlines.

    The snow in the sky is like the feathers of a swan.

    "How are we going now? We can't stay here for long. It won't be easy if there is a cold wave!" Ning Feng asked loudly.

    This is only the border, and once you get deep into it, you are fighting against the cold current.

    "You follow me, there should be no problem!" Luo Xiaojie responded immediately.

    Ning Feng also let the coachman leave first, and they followed Luo Xiaojie's footsteps.

    "We follow the direction of the cold current and go around the mountain valley over there to avoid the cold wave. It is relatively safer there!" Luo Xiaojie explained.

    He grew up here since he was a child and has lived for so long, so he knows the environment and climate here.

    And he also took this opportunity to hug Ning Xiaoxue's waist, and obtained Ning Xiaoxue's reluctance to accept it with the method of "I will protect you".

    Dai Xingyu was still mocking, but he also thought of his Xian'er.

    I knew I had brought her here too, at least I had a companion on the road.


    Xiao Lei fluttered in the air, and with its current size, it could still resist the increasing cold current.

    The bodies and wings of birds are streamlined, so it is easy to face such weather.

    Dillard is very casual. Faced with such a harsh environment, he has no worries about any trouble.


    The cold current is slowly increasing, and the cold stings the skin, bringing a chill.

    Fortunately, they all wear a little more layer, and they can withstand the erosion of the cold wind.

    "It's really hard to imagine. If someone dared to live here, I guess they wouldn't be able to stay for a long time!" Ning Xiaoxue's face was reddened from the cold, and she looked strangely cute.

    It wouldn't be because of the departure of Senior O'Meara, the only thing Ning Feng could think of was this possibility.

    However, if I had the opportunity to take a look at Senior Dillard's Martial Spirit, it would be good.

    Half a month later, when passing the border of the Star Luo Empire, a strange phenomenon was discovered.

    The passing "landscape" makes people can't bear to look directly at it. There is a desolate scene along the way. The big trees have all withered and there is no decent leaf.

    I don't know what happened here, but looking around, it was a scene of dilapidation.

    "How could it be like this here?" Luo Xiaojie was surprised, "I remember that when I passed this area, it was still normal..."

    Dai Xingyu looked at this scene, and his heart collapsed quietly. Could something big happen to the empire?

    He has always chosen to escape because of his father's letter, so he has not dared to go back and find out the situation.

    Now that I saw the decline of this film with my own eyes, I became more worried.

    "It seems that even the Star Dou Forest and the place where it is connected have been affected!" Ning Xiaoxue pointed to a place and shouted.

    "It seems that there have been some major changes in the Star Luo Empire, but it has nothing to do with us. It is someone else's territory. As citizens of the Heaven Dou Empire, there is no need to blend in!" Ning Feng flatly expressed his opinion. .

    They still have important things to do, and if they can, they want to see it.

    The horse-drawn carriage drove quickly, all the way through the desolate avenue.

    Perhaps it was a coup in the dynasty. It was a situation within the empire. Even their own people had no right to interfere. People in other places would not care about these irrelevant things.

    Dai Xingyu could understand what Ning Feng was thinking, but he wanted to go back and take a look, but he couldn't tell...

    It wasn't until the carriage crossed the border of the Star Luo Empire and drove to another area that Qian Renxue's mood improved slightly.

    After Qian Renxue and Fang Tianyu's various efforts, soon after trying various methods, they really opened the door.

    But it was pitch black inside, as if entering a black hole, walking into it, it was dark, and I couldn't see anything.

    Yun Hao tried to activate his spiritual consciousness, but he couldn't distinguish the direction and the things. Where is this place?