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    Chapter 430: Eternal Fireworks

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    Combining these questions and thinking about it carefully, it seems that the problem is not simple, and after searching for a long time, there is no clue.

    The Holy Immortal Realm is an independent space barrier, and the energy from the universe is gathered, and the Heavenly Oracle Temple has not been able to enter.

    It is Yun Hao who can borrow his power through his own contact.

    He wanted to see if human beings could really surpass the limits of human beings and soul beasts, and reach that unattainable situation, like the rumors.

    The mermaid king's psychology at this moment is also nowhere, even the Whale Emperor has spoken like this, she dare not say anything more.

    Even if the Whale Emperor didn't like to care about the mermaid tribe, she couldn't even realize this whim, this was Whale Emperor's own opinion.

    "I believe these children, in his eyes, I see the possibility, maybe the chance is slim, but you might as well give it a try!" Xu Ping said calmly.

    "The Whale Emperor values them so much. As the mermaid king, how can I embarrass these young people any more, if the saint insists on doing this, then all the mermaid clan members will support you!" These seemingly simple words of the mermaid king , But it makes it difficult for her to make a decision.

    "Grandpa Xu, you are so kind, I believe Xiaofeng and the others will meet your requirements."

    "Feifei, your spirit power level has increased too much, even more than Xiao Feng's progress, how did you do it?" Dai Xingyu asked curiously.

    They didn't know why Feifei cultivated so fast.

    "Our mermaid's cultivation method is closer to that of soul beasts, so of course the cultivation speed is fast, and I am a saint. While my grandmother trains me to become stronger, she never stingy to give me the best practice, so... ...."

    Hai Feifei feels very uncomfortable with what was originally a good thing, but it is indeed because of her reckless temper to make it like this.

    Even if it's for Ning Feng, he shouldn't be separated from his grandma, after all, they are relatives.

    She was just sad that she would be awkward with her grandma. Ever since she became a saint, she felt that she was living in a space of disgust every day, and wanted to get rid of the shackles, soar into the sky, and be free!

    Cultivation needs to be done step by step, not blindly and hard. There is no way or it is wrong.

    He couldn't be more clear about Hai Feifei's own cultivation.

    "Feifei, it's okay. We are all with you. Although Xiaoyu and Lingling are not there, we will still be with you, and we will work hard together!"

    If it were changed to the previous words, Hai Feifei would only jump up happily, but unfortunately it is not anymore, because things have long been different from the original.

    During the time she was studying at Shrek Academy, she always felt fulfilled and happy every day, but since becoming a saint, everything has changed.

    "I don't know if I can cultivate to the Soul Sage before the catastrophe of my race arrives. I always feel that time may not be enough. Moreover, the catastrophe is without warning, and it may have erupted directly at this moment."

    Although this kind of thinking is indeed unfounded, it is a sense of urgency that must be possessed.

    Faced with anything, this is the case. Hai Feifei went out to experience, learned a lot of fresh knowledge, and learned a lot of human things.

    "Feifei, I think based on your talent, maybe you can reach level 70 in less than three years." Ning Xiaoxue said.

    "Yes, Feifei, your talent is already great, so don't worry too much, we will accompany you together, we will face it together, because we are best friends."

    Luo Xiaojie said with a silly smile.

    "Thank you. I am grateful that you are still willing to stand with me under such circumstances. I once thought that we might never see each other again in our lifetime, but it was like a dream. We actually met again."

    Yeah, met again!

    Thinking back to the past, Hai Feifei really cried, it was touching tears.

    "Feifei is now at level 61, and there are nine levels to break through. As long as you practice enough time every day, I believe she can do it!"

    Dai Xingyu said comfortingly.

    Cultivation still has to go one step at a time.

    "Then let's use Mermaid Island as the place of cultivation for the time being. Anyway, even if we go back, we still have to face this situation. We still need to help Hai Feifei to get through the sadness together. It's nothing."

    Ning Feng said.

    "Anyway, we are all in the same family, so why don't we care about this, don't be so hungry.

    The three people talked happily along the way. Under the leadership of Hai Feifei, they came to a small wood that looked very lush.

    I began to discuss the situation of the next practice. Although it was a temporary decision, I would definitely make it since I said it. Cultivation is not like a trifling matter. You must be vigilant at all times. Only by avoiding unnecessary time wastage, it can save a lot of time.

    The world is always fair. When a door is closed for you, a window will be opened for you. Only by working hard to become stronger can you gain a foothold in this world.

    When meeting for the first time, Ning Feng only felt that the Whale Emperor would be different, but his terrifying strength was enough to bring a visual shock.

    "When Feifei grows up, she should have her own rights. You should fight for it..." Jing Dixu said.

    "Grandpa Xu, I will work hard. I will definitely become the most powerful patron saint of the Mermaid!" Hai Feifei said.

    "Well, even though your friend has expressed his innermost words, don't be impetuous. He is a saint. You should understand that only by becoming stronger can you protect the people around you."

    For Hai Feifei, this is just the beginning, so he must continue to grow anyway.

    "Grandpa Xu, I also have something to say to you, I don't know how to say it..." He moved without a brow, but was attracted by Hai Feifei's sudden language.

    "Well, since everyone may live in Mermaid Island for a while, everyone must live in harmony. You should abide by all the rules here. Of course, I am just standing on the sidelines. I naturally dont want you. Is there any disagreement with the mermaid? Okay, let's go on!"

    Xu is also a painstaking effort to solve problems for Hai Feifei, a word from the heart.

    However, cultivation is not something that can be solved overnight. What is needed is the process of mastering the artistic conception and the power of belief.

    Hai Feifei is now a sixty-one level soul emperor, but she is still far away from the real powerhouse.

    After talking with Xu and the others, Ning Feng and everyone left the temple.

    Along the way, they were taciturn, even Ning Feng didn't say a word.

    They are all thinking back to what Xu said just now, which is indeed the case.

    The talent of a soul master is important, but if you have talent, you can't have a flexible mind.

    Talents are bestowed on you by God, and you need to make good use of your talents through various ways.

    Regardless of whether there will be any changes in the future, Qian Renxue has already thought of it, and will never be separated from Yun Hao again.

    Just when Yun Hao felt confused, Qian Renxue suddenly appeared in front of her. What's the matter?

    The power of this faith led him to find a way to the interior of the holy immortal world and enter it.

    The eternal fireworks are burning, as if seeing a ray of hope, entering the space that opens the key point.

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