Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 429 - MWDSFD 429

    Chapter 429: Mystic Eye

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    Opening the door to the end of time and space, the mysterious crystals he was looking for were a bit strange to Yun Hao.

    Everything here seems so illusory, there is no truth at all, in the vague, he can feel some strange changes.

    When it grew to almost the same time, it began to fall again, and the scales that had fallen continued to gather together and became a small blue-gold ball. The energy of the small ball constantly pouring into the scales also kept growing.

    "This feeling is amazing. My body is undergoing an earth-shaking transformation. This time it feels like a new life. It just feels that the power is much stronger than before!"

    "The warm current on my forehead... Could it be that the Thor's Seal had some induction, which accelerated the sublimation of physique, or that the Thor's Seal felt a certain change in my body, and then conveyed that consciousness to it? I?"

    For a long time, Ning Feng hadn't fully understood the role of Thor's Seal. After all, there were occasional changes, which was also in a hurry and could not explain anything at all.

    Until now, I only know that Thors Mark should be able to store specific items, such as Thors Ling. Through this, it can be inferred that anything related to Thor should be stored, including Thors Hammer, which will become an artifact. !

    However, the physical sublimation seems to have only this time, and I didn't feel it at all in the first two times.

    While he was thinking about it, the body of thunder light began to transform.

    The thunder energy in the body became stronger, and the real state of the body of thunder light was automatically turned on, and the speed of thunder god's light poured in faster and faster.

    Gradually, golden streamers began to appear in the body, looming, extremely magical!

    Physical enhancement is not only the body's muscles, bones and stamina, but also the most important cells. Cells are the most important part of the human body.

    The so-called physical fitness of ordinary people is only in terms of external muscles, muscles and bones, but for cultivators, it involves cells. Only when cells become more active and stronger can the body become stronger. Become stronger!

    The so-called physical sublimation is also constantly developing in this direction.

    Ning Feng has now reached the first step, and the Thunder Blessed Body is also the first sublimation of cell function enhancement.


    An energy wave burst out from the body, spreading in all directions.

    Golden light radiated from his body. At this time, Ning Feng was like a Buddha statue, golden light!


    Two energy waves erupted again, and the golden light on his body became more surging.

    After the golden light flickered, the golden thunders in the body became stronger, making the body look full of energy!

    "Did you make it?"

    The change stopped, his body returned to its original shape, and Ning Feng felt that his strength had been greatly improved.

    Open your eyes and raise your hands to observe carefully.

    Under the skin, there seemed to be a few golden light and shadow, the skin became smoother and stronger, the whole body lifted, and the whole body was full of power!

    This means that I really succeeded!

    The physique of the thunder light once again sublimated, reaching the level of the thunder sacrament!

    For a while, I felt like my body was reborn, and I felt that every part of my body had become stronger, and I felt that I now have endless power!

    "Thunder Eucharist! Thunder Eucharist! In the end it made me break through. It seems that even God is helping me!"

    In the beginning, Ning Feng was just trying to try. Although he believed in winning, he couldn't predict the result.

    But I didn't expect that after my persistence, I finally succeeded.

    My heart is full of excitement and excitement, so that I will be more confident in the face of Thor's Light!

    "Look now, how many more steps can be made!"

    Standing on the ninety-ninth step, Ning Feng focused on the hundredth step.

    I've stayed here for three days, and I'm already tired of it, now let me cross this gap and climb higher!

    He slowly raised his foot and tentatively stepped up a hundred steps. He didn't expect it to be so easy without encountering any obstacles?

    Succeeded? ! !

    It seems that my direction is right, so...

    Keep going up, this time you must climb more steps.

    Going up step by step, I didn't feel the obstacles from Thor's Light.

    I didn't feel a trace of oppression until I reached the hundred and fiftieth steps.

    But it was not over yet, and continued to go up, when the two hundred steps came, the oppressive force of Thor's Light became stronger.

    "It's okay, I can do it!"

    She mustered up the courage and continued to walk up nearly ten steps before she felt the violent squeeze.

    I continue to want to stretch my legs forward, but I can no longer go.

    But don't think this is over, the power of Thunder Eucharist has not been used yet.

    I just experienced physical sublimation, just to test how much this Thunder Eucharist can help me move forward.

    Before the Thunder Light Body spanned fifty to sixty steps, then the Thunder Holy Body would only be more or less.

    Moreover, the power of the Thunder Eucharist completely surpasses the Thunder Light Body, even if the Thunder God's Light is constantly increasing, it cannot prevent the power of the Thunder Euphoria from being released.

    It didn't take long for those golden streamers to become clear. Under the explosion of thunder energy, those golden streamers began to turn into golden lightning, which was completely integrated with the whole body.

    In the end, those golden lightning turned into golden thunder, attached to his skin, just like his own meridians, exuding a strange metallic luster!

    Outside, all the scales grown by Thor's Ling had fallen off and changed back to its original appearance. The blue-gold sphere became the same size as Thor's Ling.

    Boom boom!

    When Ning Feng's body was sublimating at the last moment, cracks appeared in the blue-gold sphere, and brilliant blue-gold lights were released from the cracks.


    In the blink of an eye, the sphere exploded in an instant, and a piece of Thor's feather floated out of it.

    Two pieces of Thor's Ling float together, no matter from any angle, they are exactly the same!

    At the same time, Ning Feng thought of a familiar voice:

    "Congratulations to the inheritors for awakening the second piece of Thor's Ling, the awakening degree is two twelfths, the reward is 10% of Thor affinity, and the total Thor affinity is 20%!"

    As the sound dissipated, the two pieces of Thor's Ling turned into rays of light and flew into the Thor's Mark.

    Ning Feng was shocked when he heard that voice. Is this the second awakening?

    "It's no wonder that Thor's Seal is sensitive, it turned out to be another piece of Thor's Ling, this time the distance mission has gone further..."

    But it's not over yet, and can't be distracted yet.

    Ning Feng concentrated on coping with the sublimation of the physique, watching all the changes in the body closely.

    The cells absorbed the energy of Thor's Light, and many cells became blue-gold, like blue-gold crystal beads, shining brightly and dazzling people's eyes!

    But this is in the body, naturally only one can feel it.

    It is not random that any factor that may be involved can be used as a reference, after all, there is only one answer.

    While opening that mysterious eye, Yun Hao also sincerely hoped that he could understand the truth as soon as possible.

    Changes are happening all the time, so this seriously increases the difficulty.