Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 425 - MWDSFD 425

    Chapter 425: Core

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    Entering the Holy Immortal Realm, Yun Hao followed the pre-determined route to the destination, but the process was a bit troublesome.

    A lot of time was wasted when destroying the enchantment. Now the focus is that, just find the entrance.

    "That's right, you can say these things too?" Ning Feng teased.

    "That is natural. I have been with you for so long. Although I can't talk, I can feel it, hear it, and understand it slowly."

    "That's good, since you have reached a 100,000-year cultivation base now, and you also have the blood of a god, maybe facing those guys, we have a better chance of winning."

    "Do you mean the kings of soul beasts in the Eternal Holy Land?" Xiao Lei asked.

    "Yes, that's them."

    "I feel that I can compete with them. According to the situation of the Titan Thunder Great Ape, I can fight with you in the fourth and fifth levels and help you pass the levels faster." Xiao Lei was confident. Said.

    "I can't fight now. If you can, you and Senior O'Meila help him. That way, you will pass the level faster."

    "Well, we got it."

    "Xiao Feng, are you Xiao Feng?" Suddenly a familiar voice came from outside.

    "Do I need to avoid it?" Xiao Lei asked.

    "No, it's Yun Feiyang, you have met each other."

    "It's that big idiot, won't you come again?" Xiao Lei mocked.

    "Maybe!" Ning Feng replied, and then shouted outside: "Come in, Feiyang!"

    Yun Feiyang strode into Ning Feng's room and saw Xiao Lei and Hai Feifei lying motionless on the bed.

    "Xiao did it become smaller?" Yun Feiyang asked in surprise.

    "What have I become, do you have anything to do with you?" Xiao Lei said unwillingly.

    Yun Feiyang was startled, and said in horror: " can actually speak human language?"

    Xiao Lei said: "It's rare and weird, I don't speak human words, am I talking nonsense?"

    ", of course not, I just feel magical, you can talk, is it possible that your cultivation level has reached 100,000 years?"

    "Brother, I'm so good, do you want us to learn from each other?"

    "Haha, forget it, you have cultivated for a hundred thousand years, how could I be your opponent." Yun Feiyang refused embarrassingly.

    "What are you looking for me?" Ning Feng asked.

    At this time, I definitely didn't come to talk to myself. There must be something important to tell him.

    "Yes, I came here to tell you the content of our fifth exam."

    "The content of the fifth test?" Ning Feng hesitated.

    "I have completed the fourth exam, and the fifth exam is waiting for you. If you don't accompany me, I'm afraid it will not be easy for me to pass the exam alone. Don't forget that our fifth exam is the same in the beauty department." Yun Feiyang Said.

    "Quickly talk about it, what is the fifth test?" Ning Feng immediately became interested. Since it is the same test, of course everyone must tide over the difficulties together.

    "Do you know Thunder Purgatory?" Yun Feiyang asked.

    "Of course I know this. I have been in Thunder Soul Sea for so long, how could Thunder Purgatory not know."

    "The content of our fifth test is to go through Thunder Purgatory and reach the other side of Thunder Purgatory. If you successfully reach the other side, even if you pass the test." Yun Feiyang explained, his voice was trembling, and it seemed that this Thunder Purgatory was not so easy to pass. of.

    "What are you afraid of? With Xiao Feng, are you afraid that you won't pass the assessment?" Xiao Lei said disdainfully.

    "You don't know that there are many pure thunder-type spirit beasts living in Thunder Purgatory. How difficult it is to pass, and there is also a... a million-year-old spirit beast emperor. Once it is disturbed, we may even There is no chance of surviving..." Yun Feiyang said nervously.

    "Aren't you talking about the emperor, as long as we act carefully, there will be no problems." Ning Feng smiled and fell asleep.

    "You know, that Thunder Dragon Emperor is not easy to provoke. The high priest can't help it. If we startle it, there is only one dead end."

    "What's the matter, it's a big deal!" Xiao Lei said.

    "Xiao Lei, what are you doing? People are half gods. You have just entered a hundred thousand years of cultivation. How can you fight hard with them?" Ning Feng was shocked when he heard Xiao Lei's tone that a newborn calf was not afraid of tigers. , A hundred thousand-year-old soul beast, dare to challenge a demigod emperor, what is it doing?

    "I'm not trying to cheer Yun Feiyang, the emperor can't be alarmed so easily, as long as you act cautiously, it should be fine."

    "I also think, don't worry too much, and now I am mainly dealing with the fourth test, and my fourth test is not easy!" Ning Feng exclaimed.

    "There is a big offering to help you, how difficult is this, besides, now that the small radar has reached a 100,000-year cultivation base, the strength is comparable to those soul beasts."

    "You can value me, of course I help Xiao Feng defeat those opponents." Xiao Lei said.

    This will also be the first time that it truly represents Ning Feng in a battle, so no matter who the opponent is or how powerful it is, it will never shrink back.

    In the past, Ning Feng took care of it, caring for him and his sister in every possible way, now it is time to repay him and help him fulfill his wishes.

    "Thunder and Purgatory, let me put it aside for the time being. After I have completed the fourth test, I will discuss the countermeasures of the fifth test with you. At this stage, all you need to do is to strengthen yourself while I am still in the fourth test. The strength of cultivation, physical, spiritual, and soul power are indispensable. We must make ourselves more progress in this shortest time. At that time, we will be more confident to pass the fifth exam. "Ning Feng said in detail for a while.

    "Don't worry, I will work hard, and try not to hold you back when the time comes!" Yun Feiyang said with a smile.

    "You still know that you are holding back, then you have to work hard, don't ask Xiao Feng to pay attention to your safety at all times."

    "Xiao Lei, don't hurt me. I doubt whether Xiao Feng is a human being. He is so terrifying to improve in such a short time."

    "What do you mean, am I a human? You have ambiguity?" Ning Feng said hurriedly.

    "I mean you are a freak, and your innate talent is a freak, otherwise the talent won't be so good, and I'm progressing so slowly."

    Yun Feiyang said with a little loss.

    Xiao Lei always regarded Ning Feng as his friend, and even the closest person.

    No matter how many difficulties await them, they will accompany him to face them.

    Since being taken in by Ning Feng, he has always regarded him as his closest family member, so of course it doesn't care about the views of the outside world. It only needs what Ning Feng feels.

    "The battle of the Holy Land is still something I didn't expect, mainly because I didn't expect that I would be able to attach Thor's Hammer's spirit ring so soon. It seems that the situation is faster than I imagined!"

    "Xiao Feng, no matter what, I will accompany you." Xiao Lei said.

    "Of course I believe you. I just want to say, I don't know what the road will be. It doesn't seem to be anything right now, it seems very peaceful, but I always feel that things are not as simple as I thought, and I always feel that something is missing. ....."

    It has always been under the promotion of fate to accomplish things that seem to be life's mission again and again, but in the midst of it, I still feel that there is something wrong.

    But this way, I haven't found it before, so I feel strange.

    When leading to the core area of the Holy Immortal Realm, Yun Hao used a lot of the power of the Heavenly Oracle Temple, and he had to open the entrance with this.

    But the core area is more troublesome and not so easy to reach.