Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 422 - MWDSFD 422

    Chapter 422: Origin

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    To enter it, you must keep your own divine power active at all times, and gather divine power at all times. In addition to these, its dangers are also obvious.

    If you can't pass the Holy Immortal Realm, all preparations will be wasted.

    Live a carefree life with the people you like, will not be displaced by the smoke of war, and will not be left behind by frequent wars.

    It's just that there will never be eternal peace in the world, no matter in any era, there are always some evil people in their hearts, trying to do things that people spurn.

    Ning Feng couldn't be clearer after experiencing the life experience of a lifetime.

    The three of them walked on a green trail, and O'Meara and Dilar both restrained their breath.

    Just take a look, apart from the more decent dress, they are no different from ordinary people, it is easy to make people think of which big family or royal family they are.

    "How come there is no one here, it's not a human mentality..." O'Meara said in an energetic tone, still looking around to see if there is a figure suddenly passing by.

    "It's been a long time since this world has really changed. I remember that this place was a large forest at the beginning, and it is most unlikely that humans would dare to live here..." Dillard said calmly.

    Times have changed, and many things have undergone tremendous changes.

    "Maybe if you walk inside, you can see people..."

    Ning Feng said with a smile.

    The two worshippers have not talked, they would say a few words when they were happy, and they would still talk to themselves, just like no one in the whole body.

    Ning Feng felt that he was an air person, but no matter how temperament he was, he would not dare to mess around!

    It's also served, why did Senior Eurasian let two rivals together?

    Hey! ! !

    "Wait..." O'Meara waved his hand suddenly, and Dilar seemed to sense something and immediately became vigilant.

    "What's wrong..." Ning Feng didn't react yet.

    Whoosh whoosh! ! !

    Seeing that the three of them didn't speak, the man in red roared: "Aren't you hearing them? Are your ears callused?"

    "I said... Robbery, can't you hear me?"

    "Brother, I guess I was frightened by our momentum, haha!"

    "That's it. Seeing that they are dressed so gorgeously, they can make a fortune today..."

    "Brothers, today's money is worthy of everyone!"

    The man in red who was called the eldest brother raised his broadsword and raised his arms and shouted, as if he was encouraging his momentum.

    But Omela and Dillard both closed their eyes, especially Omela, with their arms around them, calm and calm without warning, feeling that they were not there.

    Ning Feng was also speechless. At this time, two consecrations could take them away.

    What is this for?

    No way, I had to say tentatively: "You robbers have robbed the soul masters, are you afraid that you won't see the sun tomorrow?"

    "Oh, soul master, I'm so scared!"


    The man in red mocked, causing an uproar around him.

    "We are not ordinary robbers, we are big pirates. This area is our territory. Seeing the three of you, your spirit power fluctuates a little. Do you want to slip away from us?"

    "You really don't know the heights of the sky, the mere pirates, and dare you to be so blatantly delusional to rob?" Ning Feng saw that the two priests didn't do anything, so he had to do it himself.

    He did not release Thunder Soul Martial Soul, but only summoned Thor's Hammer to deal with some pirates, enough!

    "Brothers, let him see how good we are!"

    The man in red shouted loudly.

    More than a dozen islands released their spirits one after another, and the spirit rings appeared one by one. The lowest one was the Soul Sovereign, and the leader was actually a Soul Sect.

    However, most of them are beast spirits, and they don't seem to have any big power bursts. They can cope with the power of Thor's Hammer.

    "Not even a spirit ring, kid, wash and sleep!"

    Someone laughed immediately.

    Then everyone else laughed and laughed, really despising people.

    It's a bunch of reckless things! ! !

    Ning Feng's eyes became fierce, and he directly locked on the man in red.

    Catch the thieves first! ! !

    As long as he is resolved, others will not be afraid.

    Murderous aura rises at this moment, holding Thor's Hammer, his figure flashes out.

    The man in the red dress looked disapproving and laughed wantonly.

    His martial spirit is the beast martial spirit Black Demon Wolf. Under the possession of the martial spirit, the whole person has doubled, black hair has grown on his body, his hands have become sharp, holding a big knife, he is eager to try.

    The four spirit rings of white, yellow, yellow, and purple on his body kept turning. The moment Ning Feng came closer, he burst out.


    The hand suddenly shook the big knife, slashing at Ning Feng, and the sound of the blade cutting through the air could be clearly heard.


    Ning Feng smiled contemptuously, his muscles tightened, and he slammed his right hand hard.

    boom! ! !

    Card wipe! ! !

    There was a loud noise, and then a broken sound was heard.

    I saw that the man's knife was smashed so abruptly, all those around who watched the show were dumbfounded.

    The man in red also looked incredible, this young man actually had such brute force.

    Although he didn't know what his weapon spirit was, he could explode such power without attaching a spirit ring, which shows how amazing its power is.

    "Boy, can you introduce your Martial Spirit?" the man asked curiously.

    "No comment!" Ning Feng resolutely refused.


    The man was irritated and fixed his eyes on him.

    At this time, an island ran up to him and quietly said to him: "Big Brother, do you think that hammer is a bit like Clear Sky Hammer, is it possible that they belong to Clear Sky School?"

    Clear Sky School is not easy to provoke, even if they are big pirates, I am afraid it will not end well.

    However, the man in red actually shook his head and said: "It is definitely not the Clear Sky Hammer. I have seen the appearance of the Clear Sky Hammer. This is too far from the Clear Sky Hammer!"

    "Hey, have you discussed it yet? I can hurry and solve it as soon as possible, so you can hurry!"

    Ning Feng said.

    "Don't be ashamed, don't you guys want to leave today!"

    The man suddenly used his spirit power. As soon as the fourth spirit ring was on, his claws burned with black flames, and a black halo was attached to the surface of his entire body.

    When the body moved, the speed of light rushed over.

    It seemed that he didn't want to waste time, he wanted to end the battle as quickly as possible.

    Of course, Ning Feng wants him to get what he wants. If he can't wait to end, then it will be you!

    Suddenly, dozens of figures shot out from the surrounding trees.

    They surrounded the three of them one after another, one by one, they wanted to eat people.

    Seeing that they are dressed like a group of robbers, it is hardly possible to want...

    "Robbery, I planted this tree, and I drove this road. I want to pass by and leave to buy money!"

    Thinking that the man wearing a red blouse was holding a big knife, he swaggered out and pointed the knife at the three of them.

    Yun Hao just wants to laugh!

    Robbery? ? ?

    Brothers, you are afraid that you are not dreaming, and the robbery hit them, isn't it looking for death?

    However, Yun Hao encountered all the gods and souls he had defeated here, including Tai Chi, destruction, etc., and even the demon **** Qianye.

    This is the origin, no matter when it is unavoidable, it cannot be avoided.

    Then you have to face it, and it must be so to survive.