Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 419 - MWDSFD 419

    Chapter 419: Coming Soon

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    All the changes brought about by the space-time tunnel are undesirable, and connection is not equal to absolute advantage.

    There is a sad past behind so many choices, maybe it's the same this time, even if it was successful.

    Hope that it will always bring about miraculous changes, nothing can't be done.

    No matter what the purpose of the two sides, at least now they still have to destroy the Dark Empire together.

    "Then you mean I'm unkind, am I stingy?" Yao frowned as he had signs of turning his face.

    "No, I didn't mean that. I meant to say... Let's put aside our grievances and cooperate for the time being, and wait until the Dark Empire is destroyed and the world is peaceful. Wouldn't it be okay to separate at that time?"

    "We all live in this world. Are we not obligated to maintain peace and order in this world? The Dark Empire wants to occupy our world. It is definitely impossible. Although the current situation is not good for us, most of the situation is already in place. Under their secret control, but we still have hope if we are still alive. Even if we are going to die, we must fight with them to kill and break the net. We will never give them a chance. There is nothing to be frustrated for a while. The empire is what we need to consider now!" Ning Feng talked to Yao a lot of details in a whirlwind, let him understand this truth, now should not cast his temper on his prejudice against humans, but directly attack Diablo empire.

    It turned out that the Dark Empire was afraid that God would only come, threatening them to swallow and dominate the world.

    The Dark Empire failed once in the ancient times. At that time, it was also destroyed by the descending gods, and the demon gods were also sealed, which ushered in the peace of Douluo mainland with a long history...

    It's just that the world itself is not peaceful, and struggles between races are commonplace.

    It's just that the power of the Dark Empire rises again, that's no small matter. All races should put aside their prejudices and face the Dark Empire together!

    Yao looked at Ning Feng with a glimmer of admiration in his eyes. This young man really made him look at him with admiration.

    Not only is he extremely talented, he has a broad chest, but now I look at him, but I can't see through.

    It's really not easy to be able to think about the overall situation like this at a young age!

    "Well, I will leave those things aside for the time being. Since you said that, I certainly agree with you, so I hope you can remember what you said. The Dark Empire is our common enemy. Don't forget! Yao didn't say anything more, he accepted Ning Feng's statement, and no longer prevented Luo Xiaojie from leaving with them.

    Dilar stayed here and guarded it with Emperor Yao, also to prevent the Dark Empire from attacking again.

    Ning Feng and the others immediately left the Whale Spirit Sea by boat, Yao also specially sent the Sea Soul Beast to help them lead the way, so that they could reach the Thunder Soul Sea as soon as possible.

    Yao is the emperor of the soul beast, so no matter where the soul beast is, he will naturally be afraid of his majesty, and will respect and obey him.

    When the Whale Emperor fell, he became the hope and guardian of the peace of this ocean...


    After driving for a few days, it was far away from the Whale Spirit sea area, and basically no shadows could be seen.

    Now everyone is sailing on the sea, and they don't think about extra things, they all want to relax more.

    After finally having such time, I still need to recharge my energy.


    Xiao Lei was soaring high in the sky, and the eagle falcon scanned sharply, with a wide field of vision, and no scenery along the way could escape its eyes.

    It has also become a warning light for everyone in the sky above this ocean. Once there is any reaction, it means something has happened.

    Sitting on the bow of the ship, Ning Feng leaned Hai Feifei in his arms, always staying with her.

    Even if there is no words right now, they can still feel the heartbeat and calling of each other.

    "Feifei, I will definitely find a way to wake you up. I can't lose you. I swear that I will never let you suffer again. I will destroy the Dark Empire myself and take revenge for you!" Ning Feng whispered.

    All those pictures once appeared in his mind. His face sometimes has smiles, sometimes sadness, and sometimes happy... Those happy times always feel short, but the pain often takes root in the depths of the soul. An indeterminate hormone attacks, and pain will come to my heart immediately.

    Hai Feifeis death brought Ning Feng a big blow, and even almost gave up everything, but finally stood up and mustered the courage. Feifei brought him...

    "Xiaofeng, don't be sad, we will always find it, and Feifei will definitely wake up!"

    Ning Xiaoxue came over and sat next to Ning Feng. She did not deliberately approach him as before, but kept a certain distance.

    She and Ning Feng are not destined to become the fairy family members of their dreams. He has Feifei, and he has Xiaojie, but the two sides can still be the purest good friends, and even the life and death brothers who share in suffering!

    When a friend is in trouble and suffering, he still does not forget to comfort him.

    This is the most basic principle of being a friend, and I also hope that he can come out of pain and not depress himself too much.

    "Xiaoxue, do you know how sad I was when Feifei blocked the blow for me? At that time, I only hated myself for being so useless. I couldn't even protect my favorite person. My heart was cut..." Ning Feng wanted to say what was in his heart, and felt that if he held it back, he would have an internal injury.

    He just doesn't want everyone to see his fragile side, but on the contrary, the more sad and guilty he is!

    "This is good, it shows that Feifei is very important in your heart...well...just let the unhappiness in your heart be vented, you don't have to be so sad, Feifei will definitely get better." Ning Xiaoxue revealed With a lovely smile, I certainly hope that Hai Feifei can wake up sooner.

    The power of the dark empire was quietly growing, and no one had noticed it, and their power had begun to penetrate the world of Douluo Continent very early.

    It's just that many people haven't been kept in the dark, and even the most powerful force in the mainland like the Wuhun Temple is controlled by them from behind.

    At that time, their power might not be able to directly penetrate the Douluo Continent, but by using the Spirit Hall to dominate the mainland, they don't need to spend so much energy anymore, and this will save a lot of strength.

    It's a pity that things went against their wishes, and as a result, they didn't expect that there could still be the inheritance of gods in this world, and they also lost at this point.

    That's why I will do everything possible to obliterate all the inheritors of the gods, and never leave any troubles once discovered!

    The same was true when he was hunted down before. At that time, he didn't know why he became the target of being hunted down, but after Eurasian told him, he understood.

    Is the end of life prosperous or something? It's just because of the possibility of a different ending.

    There is always a magical scene in the upcoming change, no matter what it is, it is so magical.