Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 418 - MWDSFD 418

    Chapter 418: Time To Go

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    There is nothing that can't be done, Yun Hao thinks that it is the most important thing to have confidence whenever he can.

    The meaning of life is to have enough confidence in yourself and understand the meaning of life.

    The mother died because of them. This time we must avenge her mother, and avenge the dead people...

    "According to my order, all the mermaid fighters will resist the foreign enemy desperately, and they must stick to the Whale Emperor's exit!" Hai Feifei flickered severely. She was not afraid of life and death, and put all thoughts behind her. Now the most important thing is We must protect Mermaid Island, their only home.

    If the Mermaid Island is breached, then their mermaid will be in danger of being destroyed, and once the entrance to the Holy Land is destroyed, then catastrophe will eventually fall on them.

    "Yes!" After receiving Hai Feifei's instruction, the celebrity fish clan warrior quickly left.

    Hai Feifei followed the remaining warriors, and the sea spirit beasts in the sea, waiting for the next wave of nest sea-monster tribes invasion...


    The top of the sky (also known as the city of the sky), the remains of the Emperor Phoenix!

    Temple of Wind!

    "High priest, what's your order?" Below the hall, a middle-aged woman wearing a white shirt saluted respectfully, bowing her head and waiting for something.

    "Those guys can't bear it anymore. Our plan must be implemented as soon as possible. You go to Douluo Continent and watch Bai Yu. If you see Thor's inheritor, you must bring it here. If Bai Yu hesitates, grab it. Living with the woman called Huoling, I believe that Bai Yu will definitely choose to compromise for that woman. If you encounter someone in the Thunder Soul Sea, dont go head-to-head and act by chance. Im afraid that person is also there, understand?" Feng Xi Commanded seriously.

    "Please rest assured, the high priest, I will definitely complete the task!" The woman left the Wind Sacred Hall after speaking.

    "Eurasia, Eurasia, although you are one step faster than me, but...huh, as long as I kill your inheritors, everything can only be done by the Holy Palace of Wind, and the ultimate winner is also still me......"

    "I just can't think that the Dark Empire is ready to move, the demon **** is really unwilling to change, as long as I get that power, how can even the law enforcement association of the gods do me?"


    Douluo Continent, Star Dou Great Forest!


    A loud phoenix chime resounded through the forest.

    At the same time, the seven spirit rings of purple, purple, black, black, black, black, and red lit up on Bai Yu's body, especially the seventh red spirit ring that was even more dazzling.

    The red color represents one hundred thousand years, which means that this is a spirit ring from a one hundred thousand year soul beast, and its power can be imagined.


    The two were back to back, paying close attention to everything around.

    And as the voice grew louder, it seemed that the other party was moving faster, and he was about to arrive.


    When a large tree was knocked down, a soul beast with a red body and a height of five meters appeared.

    It was full of hot flames, with rows of spikes growing on its head, and its whole body seemed to be pieced together from fiery red stones, and it looked extremely fierce.

    "It's Blazing King Kong, it seems that this time I have good luck!" Bai Yu was relieved when he saw the appearance of the soul beast.

    Seeing the age is close to 50,000 years, it is quite suitable for fire bells.

    This Flame King Kong belongs to a power-type spirit beast, and its explosive power is amazing. The spirit ring obtained by this spirit beast will inevitably bring a very good spirit ring to Huobell.

    "Go to the side first and give me a few minutes!" Bai Yu said.

    Now that he is a soul saint, it should be no problem to single out a 50,000-year-old Flame King Kong. Moreover, he has a 100,000-year-level martial arts body, so you don't have to worry too much about it.

    "Then you be careful!" Huoling said.

    Originally wanted to deal with the Flaming King Kong with him, but Bai Yu didn't want her to take risks, and was able to deal with it with her own strength.

    Bai Yu didn't answer, and the martial spirit body turned on, the nine emperor phoenix vibrated their wings and flew straight to the sky, instantly setting off a violent hurricane.


    Feeling the sense of crisis brought by the strong hurricane, Flame King slammed his chest with both hands, as if to demonstrate against Bai Yu.

    He looked as if he was not afraid. After Bai Yu flew up, he jumped up and smashed his fists directly at the same time.

    "Too slow!" Bai Yi said sarcastically.

    Although its size is relatively large, but the speed is not covered.

    After a perfect twist, he dodged, and then slapped his wings fiercely, and a strong wind with a wind blade that was enough to cut metal fell on Flaming King Kong.

    "Roar!" The guy was beaten by Feng Jian and his whole body was in pain.

    I didn't expect this human soul master to be so powerful!

    Originally, 50,000 years of cultivation was enough to deal with these two human spirit masters, but I didn't expect to miscalculate.

    But Flaming King Kong is extremely grumpy, and even so, he still has to fight to the death.

    However, the result was obvious. In the end, Bai Yu was beaten to the ground, just like the time Bai Yu gave the fire bell, less than five minutes.

    Huoling personally ended the Flame King Kong and began to absorb its spirit ring.

    The process lasted for half an hour, and Huo Ling also successfully broke through to the 63rd level of the soul emperor, because he had been cultivating at the top of the sky, although he had not obtained the soul ring, so his soul power level was always increasing.

    And now that he had obtained the sixth spirit ring, his spirit power level was finally revealed.

    Together, the two quickly left the Star Dou Great Forest and headed towards the Heaven Dou Empire...


    Whale Spirit Sea!

    Ning Feng and Hai Feifei led the mermaid warriors to resist another round of attacks from the Chaohaimon tribe, but not only the others, but also himself consumed most of his soul power.

    Bai Yu and Huo Ling finally arrived here after a few days of flying.

    After the experience and assessment of the top of the sky, Bai Yu's cultivation has reached the 75th level of the soul sage, and the nine-headed Emperor Phoenix Wuhun real body has been opened, and the flying speed is comparable to the tip-tailed Swift. Luo, the speed will definitely be above it.

    "Xiaoyu, what do I want for my sixth spirit ring, is it the best?" Huo Ling said.

    "Of course it's a power explosion. I'll forget it, you should be able to absorb a 50,000 year-level soul beast soul ring." Bai Yu said.

    "Listen to you, I also want a range-type spirit ability, and I hope I can succeed this time!"

    The two of them have gone deep into the Star Dou Great Forest, and the life of the soul beasts here has exceeded the ten thousand year level.


    There was a loud noise from a distance, and Bai Yu and Huobell immediately increased their vigilance.

    "Get closer to us, pay attention to the surrounding situation!" Bai Yu reminded.

    "Yeah!" Huo Ling nodded, and immediately became vigilant.

    The two opened the spirits at the same time, and the strong flame energy and violent wind energy burst out at the same time.

    The Flame God King rolled up a violent heat wave, surrounding the fire bell, with five spirit rings of purple, purple, purple, purple and black shining.

    And Bai Yus nine-headed Emperor Phoenix has grown seven heads, three times larger than before.

    "The task we have to complete this time is different, so you have to be mentally prepared!" Yun Hao explained.

    "We will not let you down, at least we are very confident in ourselves." Qian Renxue said.

    "Very well, it's time to go!"