Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 415 - MWDSFD 415

    Chapter 415: Myth

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    It turns out that at the end of time and space, there will be such a magical place, but Yun Hao has not been able to figure out the ins and outs, anyway the most important thing is to figure out.

    "Ho, I will always be by your side, what you do, I will support you!"

    Although the two parties are peaceful on the surface, a strong confrontation has formed in the marriage.

    After Eurasian introduction, Ning Feng also learned about Yun Feiyang, the reckless young man.

    He is a student of the Second Enshrinement and has also obtained the qualifications for the top seven exams of Thor Tower.

    This is somewhat unexpected. This stubborn teenager can be recognized as high as Thor Tower, which shows that his aptitude is still quite high.

    The Thunder God Tower is the place where the soul masters living in the Thunder Soul waters are tested by the Thunder God. This is also a way of cultivation for them.

    "High priest, the teacher said that I will practice with Ning Feng during this period, and I will ask you afterwards!"

    Yun Feiyang sat down with a grin, picked up a roasted sweet potato and stuffed it into his mouth. He was still straight.

    Just to practice with him, Ning Feng felt that he would suppress more than the anger in his heart.

    This will actually affect your own cultivation. I really don't know what the second worship mind thinks.

    Eurasian smiled and said, "That's not bad. Since you are the same age, there is a place where you can learn from each other if you want to come!"

    Ning Feng's heart sank!

    What can you learn from him, you are just a kid!

    I'm an adult. Of course, it is no wonder that Senior Eurasian does not know his secret.

    Forget it, I should hone my mentality more. After thinking about the situation just now, Ning Feng asked: "Senior, you said the Thunder Alchemy Body is the weakest physique, so how strong is it? constitution?"

    This question must be understood, and it must be understood.

    Xuanwu was the strongest defensive martial soul, and Ning Feng himself also agreed.

    But there is actually a physique stronger than basalt defense. It would be shocking to say that it is on an equal level. If it is really completely surpassed, Ning Feng really can't believe it.

    "Your Thunder Alchemy Body is only strong by forging bones and skin. Once you face an attack with amazing destructive power and lethality, you will still be severely injured. The Thunder Alchemy Body can barely support it in its true state, but it must Your spirit power is enough to support the conditions for you to continue fighting!"

    Yun Feiyang is also very thorough and easy to understand.

    Ning Feng quickly understood that in the battle with Haotian Shuangjie, he had felt this way, but it was difficult to realize it even when he didn't know the real situation of Thunder Alchemy Body.

    In the battle with the Sky Soul Team, Ning Feng really felt the weakness of the Thunder Alchemy Body. The powerful mental power was enough to penetrate the defenses on the surface of the body, attack into the body, and produce destructive power.

    "Feiyang is right. This is the problem of your own defense, but you can cultivate the Thunder Alchemy Body and activate the real state of the Thunder Alchemy Body with your own efforts, it is already very good!"

    Eurasian said.

    "It was completely coincidental at the time, and I didn't expect this to happen!"

    Ning Feng has always believed that only with the thunder attribute physique can he have the opportunity to develop this physique, but the principle of appearance is somewhat unclear.

    Until just now, Yun Feiyang's explanation made him suddenly enlightened.

    The Thunder Alchemy Body was just forging the bones and flesh, instead of completely forging the body.

    As for why thunder and lightning did not cause harm when entering the body, it was also because he belonged to the thunder attribute physique.

    "What is the level of senior's physique?"

    Ning Feng asked Eurasia curiously.

    "Thunder Soul Body!"

    Eurasian replied simply.

    "Aren't they the body of Thor?"

    It was only after seeing Eurasian and Qianye fighting with his own eyes that Ning Feng had this idea.

    Since he was a peerless Douluo, his lightning attribute physique must have reached its peak state.

    However, Ouya's answer was not what Ning Feng had imagined, it was just the body of thunder soul!

    "Do you think the body of Thor is so easy to cultivate? Only those who have obtained Thor's Nine Tests are qualified to inherit the strongest physique, the body of Thor!"

    Yun Feiyang's heart was obviously a little upset, probably because Ning Feng was the only person who had the opportunity to cultivate the Thunder God's Body.

    Ning Feng was also taken aback by this, and he really did not expect this to be the case.

    "In the entire Thunder Soul sea area, only two have initiated the top eight trials, that is, the high priest and the great sacrifice. There has never been Thor nine trials, you are the exception!"

    Yun Feiyang explained somewhat dissatisfied.

    "I really don't know this. Seniors are just the body of thunder soul!"

    Ning Feng said with emotion, but his heart was already a little ecstatic.

    However, with a calm mind, he still has to remain calm and not be contemplated by others.

    Being able to be the only one is enough to prove the previous guess: everything is destined!

    But at this time, Yun Feiyang said again: "Don't think that you can really succeed if you have a chance. The road to becoming a **** is very difficult. No one can become a **** casually!"

    In his heart, he naturally looked forward to such a moment, but he seemed to have passed it by!

    Ning Feng's eyes were burning and firm, and said, "No matter what the result is, I will not give up!"

    Naturally, there is no casual success, then let me create success!

    "Oh, okay, Xiaofeng will do more nutrition conditioning for the body during this period, and you can also learn more about it with Feiyang!"

    Eurasian smiled happily, got up to leave, and at the same time murmured secretly in his mouth: "Yeah, I should go and see if Mina's loving meal is ready for me, hehe!"

    Leaving quickly, he left Ning Feng and Yun Feiyang behind.

    And before Eurasia could speak, Yun Feiyang on the side immediately explained: "These spirit masters can only be cultivated with thunder attribute physique. Other spirit masters are different, but they can also be cultivated through special training since childhood. A very strong physique, but compared with the thunder attribute physique, it is still weak."

    "The overall thunder attribute physique is divided into six levels, the thunder alchemy body, the thunder alchemy body, the thunder light body, the thunder sacrament, the thunder soul sacrament, and the thunder **** body. Every time you raise a rank, your physique can increase exponentially. And the defense power will increase exponentially!"

    Ning Feng's heart began to heat up, and he exclaimed: "There are actually six stages, I really didn't expect it..."

    At this point, Yun Feiyang tasted another delicious sweet potato, and continued to preach: "If you cultivate to the strongest physique of Thor, your defense can surpass the Xuanwu soul, which is known as the strongest defense, even if you have cultivated to Title Douluo. The Xuanwu spirit can't be compared with the body of Thunder God!"

    The basaltic spirit is recognized as the strongest defense. It embodies not only the powerful physique and physique endowed by the basaltic spirit itself, but also a collection of powerful defenses. A team of basaltic spirits has a basaltic spirit. , That is simply an invincible group.

    This reminded Yun Hao of Luo Xiaojie. He was the soul of defense in the team. Although he had also fought defeats, it happened when the spirit power of the two sides was very different.

    Yun Hao also believes that Qian Renxue can do it, but the future cannot be predicted.

    Some can only become myths, and they are doomed to not be realized, because the truth is too much to prove with words and actions.