Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 414 - MWDSFD 414

    Chapter 414: Missed

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    "Hao, where are we going?" Qian Renxue still couldn't help asking, even though she knew it might be important.

    "Go to the end of time and space!" Yun Hao didn't want to hide Qian Renxue, he still told the truth.

    In today's battle, he must be defeated with all his strength, so that he will not dare to be so presumptuous...

    "King Mermaid, since you don't know the current affairs, then I can only let you completely disappear from this world..." Quie said harshly, indicating that his men can do it directly.

    Thousands of nest sea monsters rushed over from all directions, and the dark soul beasts in the sea were already hungry and thirsty, wanting to tear the chest of their prey and taste their fresh and delicious flesh and blood.

    "All fish warriors, listen to my orders, even if they die with the Nest Sea Monster Race today, they must be annihilated in this ocean and fight for peace in our world!" The Mermaid King raised his scepter high and gave an order. The mermaid warriors and the sea spirit beasts around the Mermaid Island faced off against the nest sea monsters.

    Those sea soul beasts listened to the orders of the Mermaid King when the Whale Emperor was away. This was the task the Whale Emperor gave them to guard the Whale Spirit sea area and protect the Mermaid Island!

    Once these evil nest sea monster races have the urge to rush in, they must let them know how powerful it is.

    In an instant, the entire whale spirit sea area set off a grand battle, the huge bodies of the soul beasts stirred in the ocean, the nest sea monster tribe and the mermaid tribe rushed together, and the scene fell into chaos...

    "Feifei, let's go too!" Ning Feng said.

    "Unexpectedly, those two human soul masters really had two things, it's a pity--" Quite wanted to speak, and the entire sky suddenly darkened, and even the scorching sun on the horizon was suppressed by the black cloud that made people breathless. Concealed.

    The whole sky was dead and terrifying, and black streamers began to circulate in the sky.

    "That's... two adults, don't they plan to wait any more?" Quie was astonished. He thought he would have to wait a little longer so that he could have fun with his children and let the beasts try new things. , Unexpectedly, they plan to shoot now.

    Above the sky, a huge black vortex condensed out. From the vortex, three figures came out with different postures.

    If you look closely, you can find that they are three tall, stern-looking people, two men and one woman, all wearing black gilt shirts, their aura looks magnificent and huge!

    The man and woman walking in the front all felt like smoky makeup. The man has two black dragon horns on his head, a pair of blood-red eyes looking down below, and the womans long hair is fluttering, her posture is enchanting, her eyes are dark purple, her temperament is cold and charming, and the man puts his hands on On the shoulders of the woman, the two of them kissed me a little bit. The man standing behind was very respectful and dare not say a word.

    "Well, there are two soul masters at the Soul Saint level. The mermaid clan is also at a dead end, but why has the million-year-old soul beast that Kui E said hasn't appeared yet?" The woman's voice was soft and delicate, her eyes on the chaotic battlefield Soon the only two soul masters on the field, Ning Feng and Hai Feifei were locked.

    "What about the million-year soul beast, if he dares to come, we will skin him cramps, take his life cycle back to the dark abyss and give it to the queen, the million-year soul beast is a great tonic!" The dragon horned man immediately Said.

    "Obsidian, you are still so casual, even if the million-year-old soul beast is to become the tonic of the queen, it depends on whether it is suitable for him. It can't be any beast, right?" the woman criticized.

    "Yuemei, what you said is, then let's clean up this place first!"

    "Eh, don't worry!" Yue Mei covered Obsi's mouth with her white hand, then turned her head and said to the man behind her: "Qianye, you go and have fun with the two soul saints. Then we look at the struggle of the ants."

    "Yes, Master Yuemei!"

    The man behind him looks enchanting, and his voice makes people feel nauseous.

    Even Obsi felt a chill in his body, and felt uncomfortable when he heard a man's voice like this.

    After Qianye answered the words, his body disappeared directly, and appeared above the battlefield below in the next second.

    "Why call this ladyboy and let him follow a thousand punishments, the old immortal is not good, I look at him and feel sick." Obsidian complained.

    "Thousands of punishments are still in retreat. Give him to us for the time being. If you feel nauseated, it's over..." Yue Mei smiled, her soothing gaze looked down, nestled in Obsidian's arms, that fire Spicy figure makes people drool looking at it.

    "Xiao Feng, look at it!" Hai Feifei noticed the sky and said immediately.

    "Could it be...wait, Qianye, is it really Yuanjialuzhao?" Ning Feng looked up and saw Qianye at first glance. His pupils immediately contracted, and his heart was like a storm.

    "What's the matter, Xiao Feng?" Hai Feifei asked.

    "That Qianye was the one who chased me back then. He has the strength of Super Douluo. I think the two behind should have the strength of Extreme Douluo. It's not easy to do this now..." Ning Feng felt the real danger. It has come, and my heart is messed up.

    After all, it's the erosion of everyone living together, so you have to clean it up before you leave.

    Compared to Ning Feng and Bai Yu, Luo Xiaojie just tidied the bed, helped clean the room and left by himself. He didn't bring anything, but he had a free and easy image.

    Ning Feng put some dirty clothes and his own sheets into the Soul Guidance Device, and was about to leave.

    Looking at Dai Xingyu, who was still lying on the bed, his eyes were closed, but there was a look of loss on his face. Without disturbing him, he turned and left.

    They couldn't watch from the side, and Ning Feng could never let go for the sake of the mermaid clan and Feifei.

    "Xiaofeng, we still have to pay attention to the two hidden powerhouses at all times. If we are attacked by them, we will not be better..." Hai Feifei said.

    "Relax, I always pay attention to the surrounding situation!" Ning Feng said seriously.

    The two started the martial arts again, cooperated with each other and joined the battle. The strength of the Mermaid tribe has been consumed by the Nest Sea Monster tribe, and now they can only fight to the death.

    In the end, there might be a chance. Once the whale emperor leaves the customs, these nest sea monsters are not to be feared. Even the two hidden powerhouses can't do anything to them.


    There was a flash flood and tsunami-like scene in the whale spirit sea area for a time, one after another horrible scenes that people could not bear to look directly at, the blood stained the water...

    "Boss, they actually have a human soul master in their mermaid clan!" A nest sea monster stood behind the evil spirit, whispering.

    "It's okay, even if they have human help, the two adults just have to take action, they have no chance at all. Now it is mainly the whale emperor who doesn't know where to go. It hasn't appeared yet. The two adults are also waiting for the whale. We don't worry about the appearance of the emperor, and slowly consume them." Quie did not rush, standing on the body of a dark soul beast, his posture was aloof, and his appearance was even more disdainful.

    "I have no relationship with the future, but it doesn't mean that I will give up." Yun Hao said firmly.

    He knows this means that it may take a long time to understand, but this is not the point.

    There are too many missed things, and this one is not bad.