Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 411 - MWDSFD 411

    Chapter 411: Huge Changes

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    After the Douluo Continent became a god, the control of the God Realm is still very impressive under the leadership of Qian Renxue.

    It's just that there is no such passionate scene, and I always feel very uncomfortable in my heart.

    While Hai Feifei transformed into soul bone energy, Ning Feng trained Xiao Lei for a while.

    But one thing is strange, Xiao Lei's body shape is a bit strange, Ning Feng always feels something is wrong.

    It feels that Xiao Lei's body is bigger than his mother, and the appearance is just similar, especially the pair of golden eyes, which are completely different from his mother.

    "Is it a special bloodline variety?" Ning Feng muttered in his heart.

    After all, his fourth spirit ring was also a 30,000-year Thunder victory. Ning Feng remembered that it was not as big as a 10,000-year-old Xiaolei.

    From this perspective alone, it must not be simple. It seems that we need to spend some time to study the bloodline of Xiao Lei, maybe it is the descendant of some beast.

    Time passed quickly, Hai Feifei successfully merged the left leg bone of the Thunder Demon Emperor, and Ning Feng rode Xiao Lei down from the sky.

    "Feifei, how do you feel?" Ning Feng asked.

    "Well, my spirit power has also reached rank sixty-six, which has been improved by half a rank. This one hundred thousand years of spirit bone is really good!" Hai Feifei said happily.

    "Xiao Feng still has vision. I didn't expect that a soul bone would have such great benefits, and it would also have two skills. I really want to get one soon too!" Dai Xingyu said enviously.

    The two skills attached to One Hundred Thousand Years are not only more powerful, but also explosive power that ordinary spirit bones cannot compare.

    Two hundred thousand year skills alone are more useful than one spirit ability, so it is not false to say that one hundred thousand year spirit ring is the absolute treasure of the spirit master.

    When Hai Feifei's affairs are over, Ning Feng also suggested that everyone can take a good rest.

    Every day is a very long time of cultivation, and it takes a certain amount of time to recharge and consolidate the spirit power and improve the soul power, so that the body can achieve the effect of soul power transparency.

    This is indeed a bit unacceptable. I didn't expect to adopt this method, which made Ning Feng very disgusted with this approach.

    "The sea monster clan lives in the chaotic sea area. There is an ocean abyss. Except for the sea monster clan living there, no life dares to approach easily, because there is a strange power that absorbs the breath of life from all life. , Even Grandpa Xu didnt dare to approach easily, and the Nest Sea Monster Race had a special ability to resist that kind of suction. In addition, they belonged to a dark species and would not be affected by the troubled seas, but they liked to launch wars and invade others. The territory of marine life is a very annoying race." Hai Feifei explained, letting Ning Feng learn more about the situation of the Nest Sea Monster Clan, it seems that they are really going to start something.

    In such a situation, the mermaid would behave like this, which shows that they are already confident enough to take action.

    But the enemy is in the dark, they are in the light, and I don't know how many nests the sea monster clan has sneaked into. Now it seems that we must strengthen our guard and defense.

    "It's better to notify the mermaid king as soon as possible, and prepare in advance so as not to be preempted by the other party." Ning Feng said.

    Although he still didn't know what kind of cruel and violent demon clan Chaohai Demon Clan was, but looking at their working style, he could also imagine how cruel they were.

    Hai Feifei did not stay here any longer, and hurriedly went to the temple and found the mermaid king.

    The mermaid king was discussing with the three law protectors at this time, and Hai Feifei immediately informed them of the matter.

    "What? Quick, take us to see!" The mermaid king was also shocked when he heard this, and began to worry in his heart.

    The catastrophe of the mermaid tribe has not yet come, and the invasion of the Chaohai monster tribe has to be faced, and things are in trouble now.

    Ning Feng had been waiting in front of the corpse, until the mermaid king and the three guardians came over.

    Hai Feifei brought them over, and the mermaid king carefully inspected the body of the tribe, frowning.

    "This is indeed the killing style of the Chaohai monster clan. Some of them have sneaked into our clan's territory. The three of you tell me, what is going on?" The mermaid king looked angrily and immediately asked the three guardians.

    Usually, the mermaid king handed over all the affairs of the clan to the three guardians, except for some special matters, which must be handled by her personally, but such a situation would actually happen at this time.

    It can only show that the three law protectors did not fulfill their responsibilities for the accusations and protections of Mermaid Island, and there were some omissions, so that the Nest Sea Monster Race could take advantage.

    The three guardians looked at each other and didn't know how to answer for a while. This was indeed their negligence.

    "The mermaid king, I waited for not doing the guarding of Mermaid Island well, and was willing to be punished!" Feng Xin, the head of the law protector, said respectfully immediately.

    "The mermaid king, we are willing to be punished!" The other two law protectors also immediately admitted their mistakes and were punished.

    It is estimated that the catastrophe of the mermaid is not far away. Before that, Hai Feifei must cultivate to the soul saint, so it can't be delayed for a moment.

    She also just took a break, and Ning Feng wanted to continue practicing.

    They didn't feel relieved until night fell.

    "Xiaofeng, in fact, even I don't know how long the catastrophe will come. It is a catastrophe for our entire mermaid clan. How I hope this situation will not happen to us..." Hai Feifei said sadly.

    "Don't be afraid, no matter how hard it is, we will definitely be able to survive it!" Ning Feng said.

    The two walked back all the way, only to discover the situation midway.

    "What's that?" Hai Feifei suddenly pointed in a certain direction, and Ning Feng immediately looked over.

    "Is any of the people down there?" Across the dim faint moonlight, Ning Feng still caught the silhouette of the figure.

    The two hurried over to find out the situation. They were indeed members of the Mermaid tribe.

    But why did it fall in such a place?

    Ning Feng turned his prone body over, and a scene of horror appeared.

    The face of that tribe has withered, as if he had been drained of blood, his face is extremely hideous.

    "How could this happen?" Hai Feifei couldn't believe what she saw. Under the protection of Whale Emperor, how could such a thing happen to Mermaid Island.

    "It seems that someone has sneaked into the Mermaid Island and tried to do something to the Mermaid tribe. Isn't this... the so-called catastrophe?" Ning Feng said.

    "No, this is not a catastrophe, it must be the infiltration of the Nest Sea Monster Race, and they are about to start acting again!" Hai Feifei said with certainty.

    In the ocean, if there is anyone who can threaten the Mermaid tribe, only the Nest Sea Monster tribe, but the place where they live is also very special, and ordinary marine creatures dare not approach it easily.

    Looking at this situation, it should be a special method used to absorb all the blood in his body. There is such a cruel method! I couldn't bear to look directly, seeing the dry body, the whole soul sea was shaken to a certain extent.

    The tremendous changes in the Douluo world made Yun Hao feel very good, at least there was no dispute, no power whirlpool and struggle.

    At least for now, a prosperous scene, this is the Douluo world now.