Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 410 - MWDSFD 410

    Chapter 410: Great Love

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    The time tunnel is a very special link, connecting all worlds and planes, Yun Hao also finds it incredible.

    But this is not the point, the point is that they are about to pass the Douluo world plane.

    His heart was broken, so broken that he could not hold back, and his Feifei left him!

    "I said, if you don't surrender, there is only one dead end. You have a chance to live, but now, you don't cherish the opportunity, so this is the end!" Yue Mei said coldly in the air, she said nothing. He didn't feel compassion because of Hai Feifei's death, but worsened.

    Also, they are cold-blooded and dark animals. They never care about the existence of a precious life. In their eyes, there are only endless killing and ruthless rule!

    Everything that does not submit to them will be completely destroyed by them, destroying their will in the most direct way, making them struggle on the edge of life and death, and making them suffer. This is the ugly and disgusting face of these people.

    "Xiao Feng, you go, take Feifei's body and leave. Thank you for everything you have done for our mermaid tribe. Feifei shouldn't bear such a burden. It's because I'm a bad grandmother and didn't think about her. ......" The mermaid king has already burst into tears, and the mermaid king who has always been strong in heart still shed tears at this moment.

    Even the two guardians and the many surviving mermaid warriors are crying. Their saint died in this war. Who can be happy?

    It was already a battle with a clear outcome, what else can we do now?

    The Nest Sea Monster Race has the help of the Dark Empire, two Extreme Douluos and a Super Douluo, who else can compete with them?

    "That's right, you have to remember that your mission is very important. The Dark Empire has already taken action, and the Demon God is about to recover. Only the messengers who truly represent the light and justice can quell the cruel war and end the advent of darkness. !" Thor felt it was difficult to convince a human being. As a god, he felt that it was a very painful thing.

    In fact, God is not omnipotent, and there are still limitations. This is the destiny!

    "What am I going to do? The opponent has two Extreme Douluo and a Super Douluo. It is basically impossible for me to escape here..." Ning Feng said immediately.

    "You don't need to deliberately escape. My spirit can sense that a powerful energy fluctuation is approaching. Isn't there still a million-year-old soul beast emperor here? I believe these two forces are coming, and they can still do You won the time." Thor reminded.

    "Just fighting for it?" Ning Feng was surprised.

    The two million-year-old soul beast emperors will definitely not be inferior to those two Extreme Douluo in strength, they are actually just fighting?

    This is really exaggerated!

    "The dragon clan is not that simple. Didn't I tell you that he is also transformed by a real dragon that has been cultivated for millions of years. Do you think the soul beast can compete with the dragon?"

    "That...that can't..."

    The dragon clan is the real overlord who surpasses the soul beast co-owner, definitely not the soul beast can match.

    The blood of the dragon is noble, and the power of the dragon comes from the blood of the dragon god, unless the strength is not lower than the demigod, otherwise it is definitely not the opponent of a million-year-old real dragon.

    Ning Feng hugged Hai Feifei, then stood up and looked up at the figure that made him extremely hated.

    The goddess of the night butterfly, yes, I will make you pay a thousand times the price!

    Today, Feifeis hatred, I will vent all my anger on you, so that you can also taste the struggle on the edge of death.

    "Xiaofeng, you have to retreat one after another, we will desperately fight for you. Feifei is no longer there, and we can't open the door to the Holy Land. It seems that this is our destiny. We can only fight with them!" The Mermaid King struggled. Said.

    "No, don't worry, everything is not over yet, the outcome is not yet known, we must have absolute faith!" Ning Feng's eyes were gleaming, as if he had walked out of the abyss of agony just now and completely lost the look of despair. .

    His words are very exciting, even if he has not given up, don't give up easily!

    The Whale Emperor has not yet exited the customs, I am afraid that when he exits, everything will be over long ago.

    Ning Feng didn't answer her words, and quietly hugged Hai Feifei's body, wanting to wake her up.

    "As my inheritor, how could you be so lost for a woman? You have to remember that you still have a mission and you can't just die here, otherwise the world will be even more horrible and everyone will be swallowed by darkness. If you can't pluck up the courage, then why should I choose you?" Thor's voice sounded in his mind, and he also sympathized with Ning Feng's current situation, but if he still has such a mother-in-law, how can we continue?

    "Thor, I don't think I'm fit to be an inheritor at all. I can't even protect my beloved woman. What qualifications do I have to inherit the position of God?" Ning Feng began to abandon himself. This is the first time he has been so messed up. pain.

    In the past, I always wanted to become stronger, always eager for stronger power.

    But until he met Feifei, a brand new banner was erected in his heart, that is, to love her and protect her forever!

    As long as you become stronger, all this can be achieved!

    But now?

    On the contrary, the ending made him unpredictable!

    Feifeis death caused him too much pain, and its really hard to accept this fact...

    "If you have been so self-defeating, she will not be happy. Since you don't want such a tragedy to happen to other people again, then you should stand up bravely and fight for justice and fight for her. Since you love her so much, Then you should let go of distracting thoughts, make yourself stronger, and avenge her!"

    "If you die here today, then everything is empty talk, and this world will face the cruelest dark erosion. No one can escape. Only you can stop all of this. Do you understand?" Thor said anxiously .

    "Is it only me?" Ning Feng muttered.

    "Feifei, did you think so too, right?" Looking at Hai Feifei's pale face that had lost her blood, Ning Feng's eyes flashed with a gleam of light, and the fragile and only light of hope in his heart bloomed again.

    Yeah, if it really keeps sinking like this, isn't Feifei's death meaningless at all?

    She saved her own life. If she doesn't beat the enemy severely and avenge her, then what is the point of all this?

    Feifei, my love, you have to wait for me, when I kill our enemy with my own hands and avenge you, I will come back to accompany you! I mustered my courage and fueled the last trace of fighting spirit.

    This last remaining fighting spirit was bestowed by Feifei, his strong heart, that solid willpower, at the moment Hai Feifei died, shattered without reservation!

    Standing up again, it was also because Qian Renxue wanted to avenge her by killing those nasty enemies with her own hands!

    Yun Hao is about to see his lover Qian Renxue again, after so long.

    This is a great love, a love that spans time and space, but it is a place that both parties cherish more.

    But this time Yun Hao also considered the need for strength, so he would bring Qian Renxue with him.