Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 409 - MWDSFD 409

    Chapter 409: Time Tunnel

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    Set sail at the Temple of Heavenly Oracle, after a long time of preparation, all aspects were fully prepared, not everything was enough.

    At least Yun Hao has done everything he needs to do, and he won't delay the main journey.

    It is estimated that the Eurasian predecessors are not doing anything. Let them go out and walk more to increase their relationship.

    No matter how they are "good brothers" who have cultivated and grown up together, they have to fight for each other.

    Ning Feng didn't study this aspect in particular, and can only see when they can let go of the stubborn temper in their hearts and are willing to talk to each other well.

    After about an hour, I finally saw the crowded place.

    It was a small village. When Ning Feng and the three of them walked into the village, they saw friendly eyes from those old and young.

    The residents here live by fishing and growing vegetables all year round. The folk customs are simple and honest, and they always like to have tourists visit them here.

    Ning Feng walked to an elderly person and asked with a smile, "Old man, do you know how to go to the Heaven Dou Empire?"

    If you live here, you should also know a general idea, or businessmen and travelers who come and go may reveal some information to them.

    The old man thought for a while, then showed a kind smile, and pointed in a direction: "Over there, go over there..."

    Ning Feng looked around and thanked him, "Thank you, old man!"

    Turning around, he said to the two worshippers: "Let's go, now we don't need to ask around if we have a direction!"

    After leaving the village, the three of them began to speed up, which made it easier.

    "Tweet tweet~~~"

    Suddenly, several beeps sounded.

    Along the way, I was walking around day and night, Ning Feng thought about finding a place to rest.

    Suddenly, there was a big movement not far away, and the two priests also felt it.

    "Are there soul masters hunting soul beasts?" Ning Feng guessed.

    "Forget it, let's go and take a look in person!" I wanted to let Xiao Lei find out about the reality, but after thinking about it, let's forget it.

    If it encounters any powerful soul master team, it will be dangerous.

    After walking in the direction that the movement and stillness came from, he walked nearly two hundred meters and saw a team of seven or eight soul masters.

    They are dressed in uniform white clothes and have light blue hair.

    "That is......"

    Seeing this situation and scene, Ning Feng felt quite familiar.

    "What's the matter, do you know them?"

    O'Meara saw Ning Feng's voice and asked.

    "Yes, I think they are not fake!"

    Without taking a peek, Ning Feng and the three directly walked over, bypassing a towering tree, and saw a huge figure.

    That is the soul beast! ! !

    A snow shadow leopard with a length of five meters and a pair of amber eyes are full of murderousness.

    Among those people, Ning Feng saw a very familiar young man, who seemed to be 18 or 9 years old, and had met in the Great Fighting Arena of the Imperial Capital.

    The young man who had been noticed by Ning Feng turned his head subconsciously and saw the three of Ning Feng.

    The man has long light blue hair, sword eyebrows and star eyes, and a delicate face. The temperament of the whole person is really gentle.

    "Are you... Ning Feng?" the young man asked in surprise.

    "Long time no see, fifth frivolous!" Ning Feng responded magnificently.

    "Haha, I didn't expect to meet you here. You suddenly disappeared. I thought something happened to you. At that time, I went to your college to find you!" Fifth frivolously said.

    "No, it's just going out to experience, this is not just coming back, you guys... are you hunting soul beasts?"

    "Yes, this is the fifth soul hunting group, I will follow them to get my fifth soul ring!"

    The fifth replied frivolously.

    "Fifth Soul Hunting Group?" Seeing that those people are all very old, at least not less than fifty years old, the soul power level is estimated to be at least the Soul Emperor!

    "It's a bit regretful that I didn't have a chance to fight with you. I hope I can ask you some advice when I have time. By the way... these two are?"

    "Oh, these two are my uncles. Let me practice together!" Ning Feng explained.

    The fifth frivolous gaze fell on O'Meila and Dillard, but he felt no spirit power fluctuations.

    They are actually two ordinary people, which is really strange. They are not soul masters?

    "Tweet tweet~~~"

    At this moment, he heard two calls, and when he looked up, he saw two strange-looking soul beasts hovering in the air.

    "That is a snow shadow leopard that is at least fifty thousand years old, are you sure?" Ning Feng immediately shifted his attention and looked over there.

    "Don't worry, the fifth soul hunting group is all of the soul emperor level. It should be no problem to jointly deal with a fifty thousand-year-old snow leopard!" The fifth frivolous replied very confidently.

    It seemed that he was very optimistic about the Fifth Soul Hunting Group, but he didn't understand what a 50,000-year soul beast meant.

    The soul beast has reached the 50,000-year cultivation base, and has the threshold of attacking 100,000 years, and its strength is naturally not simple.

    What's more, it's still a fifty thousand-year-old snow leopard, this guy is in trouble.

    The fifth frivolous signaled Ning Feng and the others to stand a little further away, and they might be affected by the battle.

    The seven soul emperors took the lead in attacking, surrounding Xueying Leopard from different directions.


    The Snow Leopard roared, and the figure quickly turned into a white air mass and moved quickly.

    However, the seven people reacted quickly, and at the same time the spirits were released, all the sixth spirit rings were lit up.

    At that instant, the surrounding air began to freeze rapidly, and the temperature dropped abruptly.

    "This is... a fusion technique?" Ning Feng asked in surprise.

    "Yes, fusion skill, not martial soul fusion skill, this move can completely limit the movement of Xueying Leopard, it must not be able to run today!" Fifth frivolously said.

    I have seen the fusion skills of six people before, but this is the first time I have seen the fusion skills of the six soul emperors.

    Ning Feng urged his soul power, and two lights flew out of the soul guide and turned into two thunder eagles.

    When leaving the Thunder Soul Sea area, Ning Feng took them back into the Soul Guidance Device, thinking about waiting for them to be hungry before letting them out for food.

    I never thought that the two guys were going to be depressed to death in it.

    They had to release them, and the two guys soared up and circled on top of Ning Feng's head.

    "Don't run around, it can be dangerous outside, and it can be troublesome if you get caught!" Ning Feng still wanted to remind them more.

    "Tweet tweet~~~" Two Thunder Eagles screamed to show that they understood.

    Accelerated along the way, and soon came to the periphery of a dense forest.

    This is a certain edge of the Star Dou Great Forest, but according to the direction pointed by the old man, there should be no need to cross the Star Dou Great Forest.

    However, he still had to enter it, repeatedly instructing Xiao Lei and Xiao Yin to enter the Star Dou Great Forest.

    There are two enshrines and accompany, as long as it is not a special situation, it is safe.

    After walking for nearly five days, he has already gone deep into the forest. If you count it, you should walk out of the Star Dou Great Forest in another five or six days.

    The space-time tunnel that the Temple of Heavenly Oracle has to pass through to the end of time and space, this must be opened through special methods.

    Yunhao did it after a lot of trials, not because of how difficult the process is, and the method is not necessarily one-time.

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