Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 400 - MWDSFD 400

    Chapter 400: Take It Right

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    All the continuation of life comes from the distant end of time and space, and the mystery has not been revealed, at least for all the supreme gods.

    No matter how great the ability is, it is impossible to understand all of it. This is necessary.

    She knew that Luo Xiaojie really liked her and was willing to do everything for her, and in her heart, he had already placed him in the most important position.

    "Xiaoxue, I'm sorry, I don't want to deceive you either. I blame me and I am too weak..." Luo Xiaojie expressed his inner thoughts emotionally.

    Yes, he finally has the courage to say it, and finally has the courage to truly express to Xiaoxue in his heart.

    It was his happiest thing to get her wholehearted acceptance.

    "Xiao...Xiaojie, I understand, I understand!" Ning Xiaoxue only comforted Luo Xiaojie.

    I was too serious with him before, so I should let go of Missy's temper and talk to him properly.

    "Really, Xiaoxue, do you really understand me?" Luo Xiaojie looked at Ning Xiaoxue excitedly, with a happy smile on his face.

    "Yeah!" Ning Xiaoxue nodded shyly. The eyes of the two were close at hand.

    At the moment when their eyes met, the nerves seemed to have some kind of passionate reflex, as if seeing the light that made them intoxicated, the two were deeply involved.

    In this enthusiasm and beauty, the eyes of the two slowly approached.

    "What, I want to resist, do I want to resist?" Ning Xiaoxue's heart beat wildly, but her eyes were already deeply attracted by Luo Xiaojie.

    "I... I'm not afraid anymore, I actually..." Luo Xiaojie was full of excitement in his heart.

    The moment the mouth touched each other, the throbbing of the body became more obvious.

    They hug each other and kiss each other lovingly, it seems that at this moment, the world is peaceful for them...


    Tiandou Empire, the southwest entrance of Tiandou City.

    The unfriendly eyes said it all, but O'Meara still disdains the general knowledge of such spoiled people.

    "Let's go, I will show you the academy I used to go to, so I can just go back and have a look!" Ning Feng said grandiosely, already walking out.

    Omila and Dillard followed behind, and they looked around from time to time, but there was nothing worthy of their attention.

    To put it bluntly, this kind of city is developing faster than other backward places, and there is nothing strange about it.

    After not walking for a while, I saw an orderly army hurried out one after another, and I didn't know what happened.

    "Wait, I'll ask about the situation!" Ning Feng quickly stopped a middle-aged uncle and asked: "Uncle, has something happened recently? Why are the troops so urgent? Are they going to do something big?"

    The uncle replied in a low voice: "Where is it? The Great Emperor Xue Beng accepted a concubine three years ago. He said that a grand wedding is going to be held recently. Recently, bandits have been rampant. In order for the wedding to go on normally, it has been strengthened several days ago Patrol of Heaven Dou City!"

    Ning Feng was astonished, and pondered: "So..."

    "thank you!"

    After inquiring about the situation, he didn't pay much attention to it, and walked into the city with Omela and Dillard.

    Crossing a street and bypassing a large patrol area, you came to a somewhat deserted and wide street.

    Walking along the right side of the street to the most central position, you suddenly saw a simple and special gate to the college.

    There are two students who are in charge of standing guard at the door, and the five characters "Shrek Academy" are written on the beam of the door.

    This is the college where Ning Feng once attended. Even though he dropped out of school and left, it could be regarded as his alma mater!

    "Shrek Academy? The name is very special. The academy you are talking about is not the so-called academy that only accepts monsters, right?" O'Meara said with interest. Lal also had a bright feeling.

    Of course they didn't care about the academy, but the three words "Shrek", indicating that this academy's admission standards were very high.

    What kind of soul master can be called a "monster"? Naturally, he has extremely high talent and strength at a very young age. This is the premise of the "monster".

    Walking over, Ning Feng hurriedly greeted the students at the door: "Brother, please inform the dean of the academy, so that Ning Feng is back!"

    An ordinary-looking student stepped up, looked at Ning Feng, and said disapprovingly: "Ning Feng? Which Ning Feng, I have been in Shrek for three years and I have never heard of Ning Feng!"

    Another student said disdainfully: "If you want to find a back door to enter our academy, I advise you not to waste your efforts, even if the Emperor Avalanche is here, you must behave well!"

    This made Ning Feng sneer a bit. As a student of Shrek Academy, he did not know how to respect people.

    Luckily, they are from Shrek Academy, so they have to teach them a lesson.

    "Ning Feng?" At this moment, a somewhat familiar voice came from behind him.

    Ning Feng suddenly turned around. A man wearing a white dress and long golden hair was hugging a graceful woman. The two were very close.

    "Xingyu, long time no see!" Ning Feng quickly thought of who the other party was, and hurried forward.

    However, Dai Xingyu's appearance has changed, he has become more mature, and looks better than before.

    "You kid, it's been five years. I thought you would never come back!" Dai Xingyu said excitedly.

    "This is...?" Ning Feng's eyes fell on the woman next to him.

    "Oh, this is my girlfriend named Narcissus, and this is my brother, Ning Feng!" Dai Xingyu immediately introduced the two parties with interest.

    Ning Feng nodded to Narcissus, and then asked Dai Xingyu: "You... have you graduated from the college?"

    Three figures appeared there, two tall, dressed in gorgeous robes, their expressions calm and steady.

    The other figure seemed a lot weaker than the two of them, and they watched the pedestrians coming and going.

    On both sides of the bustling streets, there are buildings with unique signs, and there are various shops and vendors, tourists, merchants, and soul masters are in an endless stream, showing the prosperous scene of Tiandou City.

    "Oh, I finally came back. I am exhausted after walking for nearly half a month!" Ning Feng stretched out and watched Tiandou City still prosperous as before. He felt that the long-lost irritability had disappeared, and some were only relaxed and happy. .

    "This is the Sky Dou City that you have always praised, so so, not too prosperous!" O'Meara was not attracted by this scene, but looked dismissive.

    He was originally a rough man, and he didn't pay much attention to the tone of his speech. When people passing by heard his ridicule, they all cast strange glances.

    Seeing that he is dressed like a nobleman, wouldn't he be a wild man from where?

    It is estimated that the clothes were borrowed from someone, it is really a frog in the bottom of the well!

    From their eyes and faces, you can almost infer what they are thinking

    The origin of everything is also true, but all practitioners are absorbing the aura of heaven and earth.

    These are not produced by oneself, so this is a reasonable approach without breaking the rules of nature.

    Otherwise, Yun Hao would not send the **** seat to investigate, it will take a long time to accumulate.