Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 399 - MWDSFD 399

    Chapter 399: Noble

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    The existence of any life has the most essential things, and it is not easy to fully understand it.

    What Yun Hao wanted to do was to make these lives continue according to the original rules.

    Even the most noble existence has the same fate.

    Ning Feng also reluctantly told him, explaining in detail how he passed the various assessments in the Thunder Soul Sea.

    The two chatted very happily, until the evening, Dai Xingyu and Ning Feng were also hungry, and they were going to the cafeteria to eat something.

    Ning Feng hadn't eaten Shrek Academy's nutritious meal for a long time, and was used to eating Mina's own food in the Thunder Soul Sea, and he didn't know if it would suit his appetite.

    However, as soon as I walked out of the dormitory building, I heard several calls.

    Dai Xingyu looked up and saw that there were two soul beasts circling above his head. He immediately became vigilant and said, "Xiao Feng, be careful, how come there are soul beasts here?"

    Ning Feng smiled slightly, and said: "Don't be afraid, those are my friends, Xiao Lei and Xiao Yin, I didn't tell you just now, they were picked up in the phantom jungle!"

    Only then did Dai Xingyu understand, and smiled and said, "So, I don't see it, do you still like to play with birds?"

    amount! ! !

    Ning Feng's face turned black all at once, so why is this familiar line again?

    Are you going to collude with that guy Yun Feiyang, are you a distant relative?

    But Ning Feng didn't care about Dai Xingyu. After eating and drinking enough in the cafeteria, he brought some nutritious food to the two Thunder Eagles. They also ate very fragrantly.

    Back in the dormitory, Ning Feng and Dai Xingyu fell asleep early...

    I got up early the next morning.

    Anyone with a discerning eye can see that that is the famous Avalanche Great, and the enchanting woman next to him is the concubine who is about to marry him.

    "That's the concubine offered by the Heavenly Soul Sect, so fascinating, and a man who is afraid that he can't resist such temptation. It's no wonder that Emperor Xue Beng is so addicted to her!" Dai Xingyu looked over there and said in a low voice.

    "I think it's just a demon girl trying to seduce the emperor and want to infiltrate the ruling and the opposition. I really don't know what the emperor thinks. She was fascinated by a woman!" Ning Feng stared sharply at the woman, but did not Not intoxicated by her beauty, but on the inside is vigilant.

    This kind of witch has seen too many, most of them have bad intentions, either they want to harm the empire, or they have other conspiracies.

    "Hey, look at that, isn't that the imperial concubine Yu Ji, who is about to come to power? I heard that the emperor will hold a grand wedding ceremony for her!"

    "Yeah, she looks so attractive, how many men will greet her, as the king of a country, the hero of the world, how can she pass such a beauty level!"

    "It's good to say that Yu Ji, in the entire Tiandou Empire, I am afraid that few women can match her appearance, she is a real stunner!"


    "Yu Ji?" Hearing someone talking, Ning Feng thought about the name in his heart, she was really a demon girl.

    This avalanche is not too faint and incompetent. No matter how he is a person who has experienced a war, he can't control his desires in the face of a woman. It feels that the empire is going to decline because of him!

    "I think it's definitely not easy for us to check this Yuji!" Dai Xingyu whispered.

    And Dillard behind him noticed the moment that Yu Ji appeared.

    In her body, he felt vigorous spirit power fluctuations, and it was a spirit master with good strength.

    A concubine has such strength, this Xue Beng Great Emperor is really kept in the dark.

    Of course, Yuji had reduced most of her spirit power, but Dillard had a special ability, and she naturally sensed the changes in her body.

    When the army was gone, Ning Feng turned around and asked, "Second worship, did you find something?"

    Dillard whispered: "This Yuji is not simple. It seems that our guess is good. Your Heaven Dou Empire is already in crisis, but many people don't even know that the great emperor still looks like enjoying intoxication... "

    The problem will be here. There are also powerful soul masters in the empire, and they didn't even notice the strangeness. It's not justified...

    And the elder Bone Douluo of the Nine Treasure Glazed Glass Sect is considered an empire, and doesn't he have any consciousness?

    "Let's go back to the sect first and ask Elder Bones!" Ning Feng didn't want to waste too much time here, anyway, he couldn't think of one for a while.

    Through the bone elders, you can learn about the internal affairs of the empire, and it depends on the situation.

    A few people quickly left Tiandou City without staying too much.

    On the way, Ning Feng still recalled Yu Ji's face from time to time. She was really an **** queen, but the Heavenly Soul Sect let her sneak into the empire, is it to steal the secrets of the empire?

    That is the idea of fighting the empire. They are a small sect, dare to compete head-on with the empire?

    If this is the case, then there must be even more terrifying forces behind it.

    This will involve the group of people who chased him down, and may have something to do with them.

    "Have you ever played against the Heavenly Soul Sect in the future?" Ning Feng asked.

    "They shouldnt participate in the battle of the Great Arena, but to hide themselves. This is the teachers guess. Their core members have always been only two, and the remaining five have never appeared. This is The Fifth Clan told us!"

    "I said that I saw it by accident, but it was not very clear, so this possibility is very high, what they should be waiting for!" Dai Xingyu explained impatiently.

    "If my guess is correct, it should be the Zongmen Grand Competition three years later. What action do they want to take through the Zongmen Grand Competition!" Ning Feng estimated.

    "You are too naive, the Heavenly Soul Sect is definitely more than that simple on the surface!" Dillard said thoughtfully.

    "I guess that Senior Eurasian found me, it must be related to this, but it's not now. Although I don't know the meaning of my being able to pass on the position of God, it is definitely not that simple!" Ning Feng said immediately.

    After finishing a little bit, he was ready to leave for the Nine Treasure Glazed Glass Sect.

    When leaving the college, he also bid farewell to the dean, and then left in a hurry.

    Narcissus did not go with Dai Xingyu, while the second worship Dilar kept protecting Ning Feng.

    It's been a long time since I returned to the sect, and it was longer than I left the academy. Ning Feng also felt that time flies so quickly.

    Walking through the street, two thunder eagles soared on the high sky, following Ning Feng's direction.

    When passing through the periphery of the imperial city, I saw neat rows of troops walking in an orderly manner. In the army, there were three generals in golden armors, surrounded by two noble men.

    It was a man and a woman. The man wore an imperial robe and a crown on his head. The status was noble and distinguished. The woman wore a purple-black crystal gauze dress with sparkling amethysts on her skirt. She wore a purple phoenix crown. Holding the man's arm, the two men frightened out of the army's support.

    What else is noble? What Yun Hao cares about is not the nobility itself. The practitioner is naturally the noblest, and man transcends all life forms.

    Because the potential is more obvious and huge, it can be expanded infinitely, at least in his own opinion.