Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 396 - MWDSFD 396

    Chapter 396: Night

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    With the advent of the night god, the whole world has undergone earth-shaking changes.

    The heavens and the earth were eclipsed, the whole world was dimmed, even the dimensional space of the whole world was distorted.

    That was where Ning Feng was impacting the spirit ring's age. The tall image brought a violent energy aura that shocked their hearts.

    Not just them, the two protectors were also attracted by this spectacle.

    "It's the young man named Ning Feng. Is that his martial soul real body?" Fengyue said.

    "That young man is really not easy, this Wuhun real body can actually make us feel a huge sense of fear, and the power is really powerful!" Feng Lan exclaimed.

    "The hero is born in a young age, and the talent of the saints is also unique. If they were before, they must be golden boys and girls..."

    "Don't say these things, the world in the future is for young people. As long as we live the rest of our lives well, it will be useless to think about other things."

    The mermaid tribe was attracted by this spectacular and shocking scene, and they were also very envious and shocked!


    On the other side, Ning Feng, who had become behind Wu Hunzhen, looked at her body, and then at the bottom, she was actually like this.

    "This is one of the seventh spirit abilities, Wuhun true body, the Thunder God is coming?" Ning Feng was amazed when he felt the power of thunder in Peng Bai's body.

    "Congratulations to the inheritors for reaching the Soul Sage, and the last evolution of the martial soul, the martial soul reaching the final form, Thunder God! The third test of the nine thunder test is completed, the age of all soul rings is increased by 50,000 years, and a **** bestowed soul ring is awarded !" In his mind, the old and powerful voice sounded again, and this time Ning Feng was completely shocked.

    God bestowed spirit ring? !

    It is a **** bestowed spirit ring again! ?

    "What is the secret hidden in Thor's Ling?" Ning Feng pondered.

    And this Wuhun real body, the Thunder God descended, felt the power is extraordinary!

    Maybe even with a punch, he can easily smash through this mermaid island...

    Before the soul master had cultivated to the soul sage, he hadn't actually released all his power, because he hadn't activated the spirit body yet.

    But now it's different. He opened the real body of Wuhun, and the first Wuhun finally evolved to its final form, which can come in the name of Thunder God!

    Thunder God's martial soul body is so powerful, and it feels like he can detect a trace of divine power fluctuation.

    "This Thor's martial soul body is truly the world's best, with a breath of abundance, and I can feel the strong resonance of the world's energy!" Ning Feng closed his eyes and felt it seriously, feeling extremely comfortable and content in his heart.

    When a spirit master turns on Wuhunzhen, his strength will be several times that of before. What's more, Ning Feng's Wuhunzhen is like a god-like Thunder God descending, not to mention his power.

    I have always longed to become stronger, hoping to get stronger power, but I have never seriously felt the changes and feelings in my heart.

    Until he came to the world of Douluo Continent, he really had a new understanding, and the most important thing was to get the road to godhood he had always longed for!

    Although this road was extremely difficult, what he got more from it was huge gains and progress, which may not have been in his previous life.

    But in this life, he did it, and this step is also the key to his highest position.

    "However, even though it has reached the 76th level of Soul Sage, it still seems to be incomparable with the power behind the Heavenly Soul Sect. You can only look at their situation in the Zongmen Grand Competition..."

    Taking back the Thunder God's Ling and the God-given spirit ring, Ning Feng disarmed the martial spirit body, the seven spirit rings on his body also dissipated, and everything around him was calm...


    And just when Ning Feng broke through to the soul saint, somewhere above the sky, there was a mysterious secret territory...

    The top of the sky, the remains of the Emperor Phoenix!

    "Xiaoyu, I am very satisfied with your experience at the top of the sky. I know you still have your own business to deal with. When you reach Title Douluo, you must come back to accept the last few trials of God. Remember, Brought by the Thor inheritor, no matter what you try to do, you must bring him!" A majestic voice resounded through this magical world.

    In front of a sacred and noble hall, there was a woman wearing a white golden phoenix robe. She looked beautiful and magnificent, and she could not be too stunning!

    There is a huge phoenix eagle on the main hall, spreading its gorgeous phoenix wings towards the sky, as if singing loudly, singing the moving brother Kai!

    "High Priest, you haven't told me yet, what is your intention to bring Thor Heir here?" Bai Yu asked respectfully.

    "Xiaoyu, didn't the high priest say that you don't want to ask more?" The persistent flame bell could feel Feng Xi's terrifying and powerful pressure, and did not dare to say a word.

    "It's okay!" Bai Yu said.

    "You only need to remember that only the inheritor of Thunder God can help you in the final assessment. If you want to achieve the position of God, you must bring him here as the inheritor of the wind god, and I am the guardian, naturally Everything will be considered for you, understand?" Feng Xi said solemnly, her majesty made people dare not resist, because her strength is absolute.

    "I understand, high priest!" Bai Yu nodded and agreed, and immediately left the Emperor Phoenix ruins with a fire bell.

    Looking at Bai Yu and Huo Ling who left, Feng Xi whispered softly: "It's a pity, that Thunder God inheritor actually broke through the Soul Sage one step ahead of you and opened the Martial Spirit Real Body. I hope that the next plan can still be fulfilled..."

    A breeze blew, Feng Xi disappeared into the air...

    Bai Yu took the fire bell and quickly left the top of the sky. The wings on his back were twice as big as before, and he and fire bell seemed to have grown a lot.

    "Xiaoyu, I always feel that the high priest is hiding something from us, are you really going to take Xiaofeng to the top of the sky?" Huo Ling asked.

    "The high priest has his own reason for saying so. We just need to obey. Besides, you have not passed the black test. Now you are already at the sixtieth level. When you return to the Douluo Continent, I will help you prey. The spirit ring!" Bai Yu said.

    The most important thing is that the life span of all spirit rings has increased by 50,000 years. What is this concept?

    The fourth spirit ring is the Thunder Eagle from 30,000 years. If it has been promoted in these 50,000 years, wouldn't it mean that the fourth spirit ring has also reached the level of 80,000 years. The most important thing is that the other spirit rings are not less than 50,000 years. Ten thousand years?

    "The reward for this **** test is really the same as the opening, and soul power...soul power actually increased by two levels?" Ning Feng said in shock.

    Before absorbing the **** bestowed spirit ring, the spirit power was directly increased to the 74th level, and now it has gained the 50,000-year increase of the full spirit ring, and the spirit power has increased by two levels again, which means that the spirit power has now reached the level. Level 76!

    "Thunder God's Ling is turned on for three-twelfths, rewards 10% affinity, and 30% total affinity!" The voice sounded again, and as the sound fell, a blue-golden light came from the forehead. Flying out.

    It's still the same picture, it's Thor's Ling, this is the third piece!

    Because the power of the night **** is too strong, the power of the **** cannot exist in a mortal world.

    So that the space is oppressed, if the power is not sealed, then everything will become very unbearable.

    The world can no longer be damaged, because it cannot be damaged in the early days of its establishment.