Myriad Worlds Domination Starts From Douluo Chapter 392 - MWDSFD 392

    Chapter 392: Create

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    "This world is really amazing, it is so cultivated." The Godless God said loudly.

    Even a simple sentence is enough to shock the whole world.

    All forces came to watch, just to witness the coming of the **** seat.

    Ning Feng's experiences in the Thunder Soul Sea will make him unforgettable and unforgettable!

    That was the most meaningful thing since he came into contact with soul master cultivation, and it made him understand more truths.

    Even so, he never gave up, and wanted to stick to the end. This is to follow the original heart and not forget the original heart!

    Only by constantly struggling and tempering on the edge of pain can one understand what kind of faith still exists between life and death!

    In short, in Ning Feng, no matter how things change, no matter what the world will look like in the future, he will never forget the original desire to become stronger. In order to become stronger, even if he is an enemy of the whole world, how is it?

    "Your belief is very good, but you must remember your own duty. You are the heir of Thor. Your mission is to protect world peace, maintain supreme order, drive away darkness, and annihilate evil..." The vigorous voice echoed again. In my mind, the voice Ning Feng couldn't be more familiar, it was actually that...

    "Are you Thor?" Ning Feng spoke with him through consciousness.

    "Hahaha, you deserve to be the person I fancy, that's right, but this is just a trace of my spiritual thoughts, I can't talk to you after this time, because there is a more important thing that needs me Remind and help you, you will be able to pass, and now you have completed my fourth test of you, your speed makes me hard to imagine, you are very good!" Raytheon said.

    "It turns out that Thor has always been in my spiritual world, so you know everything you have experienced before!" Ning Feng said calmly.

    "Didnt Euras tell you that you are the Heir of Thor, but he doesnt know. In fact, Heir of Thor will only appear when the previous Thor of Thor has died. Now I only have this trace of spiritual thought. Now, I will keep it to help you with the final assessment!" Raytheon said.

    "How come?" Ning Feng asked in surprise.

    "The Thor's Hammer is a super divine weapon. You can only explode the strongest power when you cultivate it to the strongest form. Your physique is very special, and you can attach a spirit ring to Thor's Hammer at the same time."

    "But... the one-hundred-thousand-year spirit ring of my first spirit is either a sacrifice or a god-given spirit ring. If it is a second spirit, it needs one-hundred-thousand-year spirit ring, and there are still seven. Is this a bit difficult? Huh?" Ning Feng said puzzledly.

    "Hahaha, you can rest assured that as long as you return to the Thunder Soul Sea, I will tell you how to do it. Even Eurasian does not know these things, and your mission is more than these. You have a third Is it a martial soul? That martial soul is also a vital existence, but you cant attach a spirit ring to it now, because the Thunder Dragon Emperor can only attach the spirit ring of a real dragon, and other types of spirit beast spirit rings cannot be attached. ."

    "What? Real dragon? It must be a dragon's spirit ring, but...that's not nine dragons, there are so many?" Ning Feng was full of consternation.

    He only remembered that he had seen a huge figure in the Thunder Soul Sea, some resembling a dragon, that was the emperor, and it seemed that the others would be unknown.

    "Of course the dragon exists, and before you carry out the final mission, you must also attach the Thunder Dragon Emperors spirit ring, and you must inherit my thunder **** position. All of your martial arts must reach the nine rings, otherwise Everything is empty talk!" Thor said.

    "I understand, but before that, I still need to deal with some things. When things are finished, I will return to the Thunder Soul Sea immediately. I know that time is pressing and I will not waste any time." Ning Feng said.

    Of course he believed what Thor said, but how could the **** who inherited the position of God be untrustworthy?

    The most important thing now is to resolve the issue of the Nest Sea Monster Race as soon as possible and return to the Thunder Soul Sea.

    It still takes a certain amount of time to break through to Title Douluo, but with the existence of the Thor's Hammer spirit and seven hundred thousand year spirit rings, it seems that it is not difficult to break through to Title Douluo.

    And now he was already at level 76, at least two hundred thousand years later, he would be able to break through to the Contra, and I felt that things were even faster than I thought.

    For Thor's fourth test, he must also try his best to complete the breakthrough with the fastest speed and strength.

    "I don't care about your own affairs, but you must always keep in mind your mission and tasks. The darkness is about to fall. If you wait for the demon **** to recover, then it will be another war of catastrophes. I don't want something like that to happen again. The second time, you are my choice, and you have to shoulder the mission of destroying darkness..." Thor's voice disappeared after speaking.

    "Devil God?" Ning Feng muttered.

    I heard this name more than once, and it seemed to be the most powerful existence behind the Dark Empire, but because of special reasons, it has not yet woken up.

    In other words, before the Demon God wakes up completely, he must reach Title Douluo as soon as possible and lead all forces to destroy the Dark Empire.

    Their strength is deeply rooted, and now they have penetrated into many parts of the Douluo Continent. If the efficiency is not accelerated, I am afraid it will be difficult to control the entire situation...

    He originally thought that Thor should be in a sacred place. He chose to inherit the author because he wanted someone to protect this world. He didn't expect that Thor had fallen...

    "Listen, you have only reached the Soul Sage now. The road behind you is still very long, but time has not tolerated your half-delay. The fourth test is to attach seven spirit rings to your Thor's Hammer. It must be at least one hundred thousand years old, and... as soon as possible to break through to Title Douluo, you have the Thunder God Martial Spirit, and you are still blessed by the Three Lives Martial Spirit, your cultivation efficiency will only be faster, I believe in the inheritance that I like. Who!" Thor explained in detail.

    "I...I can attach a spirit ring to Thor's Hammer?" Ning Feng asked in surprise.

    Because he had heard about it before, before the first spirit had not cultivated to Title Douluo, rashly attaching spirit rings to the other two spirits would suppress the spirit's power.

    It was possible to obtain a spirit ring with a higher age, but adding it early in the morning would only result in a lower age of the spirit ring, which would prevent the spirit ring from exerting its power.

    But now Thor directly asks him to attach the spirit ring of Thor's Hammer, and it must be no less than 100,000 years. Is this really a bit embarrassing?

    Is it possible to return to the Thunder Soul Sea again, and let Senior O'Meara help perform soul beast sacrifices in the phantom jungle?

    Yun Hao created this world and endowed it with its system and everything.

    Therefore, Yun Hao is the creator of this world and the top of all power.

    "The ruler allows us to travel through this world in order to find that power."

    "Yes, don't care about these."