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    Super Swallowing Upgrade Chapter 832 - SSU 832

    Chapter 832: To Be Studied

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    Yun Feiluan looked at the way a group of them were cultivating assiduously, and indeed he suddenly started to feel emotion in his heart, as if he had experienced such a time before. But at that time, where there is anyone who can help me, all relying on my own strength to rush forward.

    "If I had someone like you to help me at that time, how good would it be? I guess my strength will be much stronger than now. And I won't have to suffer so much before. Now, thinking about it, I really feel that timing is very important.

    After all, you think they can be like this now, with our help, but at that time, almost no one came to help us. Therefore, we can only rely on our own strength, and never thought about relying on others to give us any guidance, because basically we will not accept the guidance given to us by others. To be honest, the most important thing is that no one can be accepted by us. "

    After listening to Yun Feiluans words, Ye Tian naturally felt free and sighed. It is true that he was a person before, and he never looked back, so he said that he will have the current strength in the end, but Who could think of it at that time, what would happen if someone came to help him?

    "It's too late to say this. After all, we have all survived the most difficult times. I believe you should be the same as me. Otherwise, how could there be so many things in common? I did think of it here. I really feel that there are some unfairness. After all, God is always like this. For some people, it will always make them extra fortunate. But for us, we may have to work hard first. Hungry for its muscles and bones."

    In fact, when he said this, Ye Tian still felt that he shouldn't say something like that. After all, he still had a systematic help, but Yun Feiluan was indeed real, and no one came to help him at all. So thinking of Ye Tian here, he felt that Yun Feiluan might be a little bit worse than himself.

    But it is impossible for him to tell Yun Feiluan about the system. After all, the master Yun Feiluan is completely useless. It is also impossible for Yun Feiluan to take away his system, and it is impossible for him to give the system to Yun Feiluan. Even if he wants to give it, he can't give it. This is what he possesses.

    "For the time being, I think things should come to an end. The first batch of ore has been dug out, so it is natural to put them under your name, and then everyone will basically know. This vein is yours, no one will continue to make trouble, and if someone comes to make trouble, I believe they will be scared back by the strict guards here.

    You dont have to worry about this, just leave it to me. After all, I also had mines for sale before. Although it is nothing compared to yours, I have done these things after all. people. So naturally it will be more handy than you. I believe you probably haven't done this before, so if I leave it to the people below to do it, I can do it more quickly, so we don't have to continue to worry about it. "

    Ye Tian naturally nodded, and agreed to Yun Feiluans suggestion. After all, it is true that everything cannot be done on his own body. The things that should be let go are still to be let go. It is to learn Yun Feiluans point. It's not as good as Yun Feiluan, after all, Yun Feiluan can divide his affairs into everyone's hands very evenly.

    And in the end, they all did it brilliantly. The most important thing is that Yun Feiluan can discover the advantages of each of them, so that they will naturally know which part of the things they are most suitable for. But for myself, I basically do everything myself. So if you really get it into the hands of others, you will still think in your heart whether they will not do well enough. If you do this, you will be very tired.

    But many times it really takes four generations to let other people sit down, so that they can exercise others, or else they will always put things by their own side. How can it be possible for people around them to exercise? Get up? In this way, even if they want to help in the future, they can't help much. After all, their own requirements and standards are already very high, and it is naturally not easy for them to meet such high requirements and standards.

    "I naturally listen to you on this point. To be honest, I really can't compare to you in this respect. It is true that many times I have to delegate power appropriately and cannot put everything into my own hands. If you are like this, you will only make yourself more and more tired. Anyway, you have reached this stage. Many times you have to exercise them. If you don't exercise them, it will be really difficult for them to come out in the future.

    It is also thought that I will not be with them every day in the future. If they can hang around me every day like a jade pendant, then I guess I can protect them all the time. But this is definitely impossible. They are also a living person, so it is natural for them to have the ability to protect themselves. That is the best.

    I'll leave everything to you in the veins. I believe you will do my best to make the world perfect. After all, I still have to give you this trust, so you should feel comfortable and bold. Do it, if you have any problems, just tell me in time, and we will find a solution together. "

    Ye Tian already trusts Yun Feiluan very much now. Although I dont know why, but Ive only known him for such a short period of time, but Ye Tian can trust him so much. Even our team thinks its right. My suspicious character is a bit inconsistent.

    But in fact it is so. It is true that Yun Feiluan can do everything very well, so that she can't find any fault. It was precisely because of this that I said that I would be so relieved to leave everything to Yun Feiluan to do.

    On the one hand, it is because Yun Feiluan basically does not covet his own interests and thinks everything for himself. On the other hand, it is also because now that Jia Qingqing is here, Yun Feiluan basically doesnt do anything special. The relationship between Yun Feiluan and Jia Qingqing still needs to be studied.

    Anyway, Ye Tian thinks that the only person who can match Jia Qingqing is Yun Feiluan. After all, Yun Feiluans strength and various talents can help Jia Qingqing, and Yun Feiluan is very good to Jia Qingqing. .

    So relying on this alone, Ye Tian was able to safely hand Jia Qingqing to Yun Feiluan. It was not that he would just find someone to give his daughter to him, but because these two people passed by. Has its own test. That's why I was so relieved, otherwise Ye Tian would definitely not be able to easily agree.