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    Super Swallowing Upgrade Chapter 831 - SSU 831

    Chapter 831: Gennoshin

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    After listening to Ye Tians words, several disciples quickly turned their heads and said to Yun Feiluan to thank Yun Feiluan for looking at them. They couldnt get used to it. After all, even though they said that there are always various kinds People come to thank themselves, but it's all because of the trivial things that basically don't really see their face.

    But now suddenly I feel the people I have helped come over. After the kind of gratitude that comes from my heart, I suddenly feel as if this is really a good thing. Helping others doesnt seem like I thought, its just a waste of time and energy. That's it.

    Helping others can actually get a certain reward. After all, for him, he is in this state, and he is not expecting anything at all. There are other people who can come to help him become stronger and stronger. The only thing that can be done is to help those around me.

    "These are actually what I should do. After all, you are Ye Tians disciples. He also said that you are now the people next to him, so he will protect you to a certain extent, so I will naturally You treat it as the people around you. After all, Ye Tian, I now regard him as a friend. So you dont need to think that my help to you is that kind of non-obligatory.

    And I basically haven't helped anyone else in the weekdays, but today it really seems to make me feel that helping others still has a certain meaning. So I still want to thank you for letting me know this. Otherwise, maybe I really wont change it. After all, I really dont have this habit, but now I think about it carefully and find out this The child is really very good. "

    After Ye Tian listened to Yun Feiluans words, he was actually very emotional. After all, Ye Tian could know that Yun Feiluan was in his mansion before. Naturally, no one could come and seek Yun Feiluans help. If anything, they were basically stopped by Yun Feiluan's housekeeper.

    But in fact, at the very beginning, the scope of this continent was not like this. At the beginning, this continent belonged to the kind of mutual help among humans, and then it finally led to such a perfect result. Otherwise, it is estimated that there will not be so many cultivators now.

    In fact, at the beginning, everyone has a certain amount of talent, but there are no people with particularly strong strength and talent. So everyone is you help me, I help you, or to help one person together, but after its strength becomes stronger, it can resist foreign enemies.

    But now on the mainland, everyone is thinking about how they can make their own strength stronger. After all, the point of respecting the strong has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. So what everyone thinks in their hearts is how to make themselves stronger. I don't even think about helping other people, and then other people will become stronger together.

    Generally speaking, the strong are actually obliged to help those who are weaker than themselves. However, from the perspective of the current social atmosphere, if you want to restore to the original state, it will take a very, very long time for the acquisition to be restored to that state.

    After all, this society is always improving, so the current state of everyone is naturally the most suitable state for the current society. If there were any changes rashly, maybe it would suddenly become unbalanced in various aspects of society. Ye Tian had actually thought about it.

    So it is precisely because of this that he never said that something must be changed forcibly. After all, everything is God's own God's will. If it is forced to change, it may still attract Tianlei.

    After all, everyones existence in this world is very reasonable, but he is a very unreasonable existence, and not only does he carry a system on his body, if he is so arrogant, he still If you want to change the law between heaven and earth, then maybe it will really attract damnation.

    "There are still some things on our side that we cannot stay here anymore. I believe I have pointed out all the problems you should have. Therefore, you will definitely be able to proceed with the next cultivation, so I said I also believe that you are all a group of very smart children, and your strength and talent are all excellent, so all such excellent bodies can definitely become strong in the future.

    So you just need to believe in yourself when you are cultivating, don't say that you feel it, because you shrink from a little problem. After all, as long as it retreats, it is very difficult to return to its current state. "

    These words of Ye Tian naturally made the disciples understand very well, after all, they had indeed thought of shrinking before, but after thinking about it carefully, they decided to survive like this. It seems that after it has passed, it really becomes completely different, and the realm of the whole person has become deeper than before.

    There are indeed people around who cant make it anymore and then give up. They always feel that they just need to take a break, wait for a while, and then recover again in the future. But it seems that up to now, they have not discovered what they have to make progress.

    After leaving Kumai, Ye Tian did feel a lot of emotion. After all, this time not only helped a few disciples break through the bottleneck, but also made Ye Tian feel that this is not just a help for them, but can Let them be very helpful in their future cultivation.

    After all, the problem of cultivation is a very big problem. For cultivators, their lifelong pursuit is that their strength can become stronger, but it is precisely because of this pursuit that many times they will make their original heart. I gave Zhixia who had lost his ignorance to improve his strength, and didn't think about fighting steadily, it would be easy to make his strength completely virtual.

    Even after talking about it, I didn't know how these strengths should be controlled in the battle, after all, they did not steadily improve their strength. In addition, those who rely on resources to make their own strength look very powerful are actually just paper tigers. Ye Tian naturally knew these truths, so he didn't have a system to rely on.

    "Looking at them like this, it really really made me think of who I was at the beginning. But at that time, where can anyone help me? It's all based on my own strength. Then I kept thinking about pushing forward, thinking that once my strength became stronger, I would no longer suffer and suffer."