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    Super Swallowing Upgrade Chapter 827 - SSU 827

    Chapter 827: Bear The Mission

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    Everyone knows that many times those things that dont belong to them cant get into their own hands anyway. Even if they want them, they can only think about it in their hearts. After all, If you rely on money, you can't buy this kind of thing, because there is not so much money.

    So you can only try your luck and see if you can get one by chance. But now after hearing what Ye Tian said, they were naturally very excited about Ye Tian's alchemy. They also had some insights. They knew that Ye Tian's alchemy was very powerful, so if it were Ye Tian's alchemy Medicine, it will naturally be much better than those sold outside.

    In the same way, the pill is actually the same as between people, and there are also levels. The more powerful the alchemist, the pill produced by the alchemist is completely different from the pill produced by the ordinary alchemist. The pill that was refined by such a powerful expert like Ye Tian would naturally have a lot of potency.

    Ye Tian looked at the words wanting in their eyes, but he was actually a little helpless. After all, even though these things were ordinary on his side, they could only come out in a few hours. But they may not find it for a lifetime, and they may be eager for a lifetime. So it is natural to know how much they value these elixirs.

    Ye Tian actually thought about whether he should practice more, but he didnt. But after thinking about it, he didnt seem to be able to do that. After all, if he had mass-produced these things, he wouldnt let everyone anymore. Cherish it.

    After all, things are precious. They think it is so important now because they can't get it, so they want it very much in their hearts, and it happens to be helpful to them. But if this kind of thing is all over the floor, then they won't feel how precious this thing is at all.

    Ye Tian never thought about making these things so cheap. After all, alchemy means that alchemy is a lifelong reliance. Although I am not the kind of person who can only practice alchemy, there are still a lot of fighters who can only practice alchemy. They only rely on so few elixir all their lives, maybe It will be a lifetime. Therefore, it is naturally impossible for Ye Tian to smash other people's signs.

    "Although I said that I can give you this thing, you have to promise me that I must not use it in any bad place and I can only use it by myself. After all, I also know that you work very hard when you cultivate. As a reward for you, and everyone has worked very hard during this period, and I see it in my eyes.

    Thats why I thought of refining a few pills for you, but you must not think that it is very easy to buy, but it is the result of your hard work in this period of time, so it can be said Can't take it too lightly.

    After all, the people at the Heavenly Sword Gate should not be as greedy as those outside. So I will try my best to help you. Your strength has improved, I am naturally happy, but I don't want your strength to become the kind of people outside.

    If you are really the same as them, then I naturally have a way to abolish all of your play rights, and there is no last chance in it. I believe these words may feel a bit more important, but after all, I still have to tell you first.

    If you can cultivate well, as long as you can practice very dutifully and honestly, then I will naturally give you the greatest help. But if you have any crooked minds, don't blame me for being cruel, after all, there are so many rumors about me from the outside world, and I don't mind if they have more. "

    Yun Feiluan looked at Ye Tian's appearance. He didn't know why, and suddenly he wanted to laugh. In fact, Yun Feiluan naturally knew that Ye Tian was the kind of person with a knife-mouthed tofu heart. Maybe many times, actually Ye Tian His mind was much warmer than himself, but it was not expressed in his mouth. Otherwise, how could he casually give such a precious pill to such a few young disciples.

    In addition, when three people were kidnapped before, Ye Tians worries and anxieties were all seen by Yun Feiluan, so Yun Feiluan knew that Ye Tian took them very seriously. However, it is also very often necessary to have the right benefits. After all, it is impossible for Liwei to get along with them too lobsters and friends.

    In that case, they would lose the role of a level, so they felt that Ye Tian had nothing to fear, so they were likely to do evil under Ye Tian's eyelids in the future. If there are a few unhealthy minds, it is very likely that they will use Ye Tian's name to go out and do bad things.

    So this is also what Yun Feiluan has always been on the embankment. This is why I didnt want to be friends with the people under my own hands. On the one hand, I was afraid of bringing them together. After hearing that their relationship with me is too good. I borrowed my reputation to go out and fake tigers, if it was really like that, I guess Yun Feiluan would not forgive himself.

    "Lets rest assured, we have all these words you said in our minds. We naturally wont touch those side-by-side things. We have always been upright cultivators, and we will definitely not have anything to do with the demons. What contact.

    Today you gave us this pill, we will naturally use it when it should be used most, and we will not use it lightly. After all, we also know that on the road of cultivation, we can not only rely on these pills. If you are a sister and sister, you can only rely on the pills, you will not be able to truly control your strength in your own hands.

    In the end, you still need to digest these things slowly. Therefore, it is the most true ability that you can practice the last step by step. Everyone knows this because they know that they can You can't try a breakthrough and stop bothering you. After all, we know that we are not strong enough. It's just not enough in your eyes, but we also want to do our best to make a breakthrough on our own, so that you think we are still useful, because the disparity is too big. "

    What a few disciples said suddenly made Ye Tian feel sour. Indeed, many times everyone feels ashamed of themselves by their side. This is not because of the wife he brought, but because there is a gap between strength and strength, just like when Ye Wan'er and Jia Qingqing are usually by their side.

    In fact, Ye Tian can also feel that they are a little unhappy in their hearts, and they are all very hard trying to improve their strength by practicing, they can seriously and competently come to their side, especially Ye Waner and Ye Tian. Everyone knows that his pressure is very, very great, but there is no way, he has a mission.