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    Super Swallowing Upgrade Chapter 826 - SSU 826

    Chapter 826: Yuan Peidan

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    Ye Tian looked at the group of people in front of him who were hesitant to speak, and immediately knew what they wanted to say. After all, the aura here is very strong, and Ye Tian naturally knew that they were already a good time for cultivation. , So it happens to have the right time, the right place, and the right people. Under various circumstances, as long as they add in their own practice, they will definitely make a huge leap.

    Now that they look like this, it is estimated that they have already reached the kind of place where they need to break through, but after all, it is not so easy to get promoted, so it is very easy to get stuck in a bottleneck, which is also very common. thing. Ye Tian himself had encountered it before, so he knew their situation very well now.

    "In fact, I am very ashamed. During this period of time, our cultivation strength in the mineral veins really improved very quickly. There were a few people who were about to break through, but I don't know why we can't find that breakthrough. The solution has been stuck at the bottleneck.

    Believe in the head, you should also know that when you are stuck in a bottleneck, you will be particularly anxious, and your heart will be particularly uncomfortable. Thinking about how you can quickly break through that bottleneck, and then change to a new world In the middle?

    After all, everyone knows that as long as the cultivation level is raised by one level, the vision of the entire cultivator will be completely different, so everyone hopes to be promoted quickly, not to mention the current situation here. So dangerous, we dont want to hold you back. "

    After Lin Yunan saw Ye Tian, because he was a big brother, he would naturally lead everyone to say what he said. In fact, when he said these things, he was very nervous in his heart. After all, Ye Tians Everyone knows that Ye Tian has such a strong strength now, and he is not a few years older than them.

    So naturally it is the path of cultivation, and there are basically no bottlenecks along the way. Otherwise, it is impossible to cultivate to where it is today at a young age. The other reason is that Ye Tian can only break through these bottlenecks by himself.

    So for people like them, they are also wondering if after telling Ye Tian this matter, Ye Tian cursing them is useless. After all, it is indeed a matter of strength that they themselves got stuck here this time. In the final analysis, it is my own reason, there is no way to escape.


    After talking about this, Lin Yunnan's mouth suddenly closed, and he didn't know how to make this request to Ye Tian next. Although Ye Tian has already told them what they want, and even if there are any questions about cultivation, you can also ask Ye Tian questions, but when it comes to this, I am really ashamed. After all, he is not capable enough, so I said Can't break through.

    "So you want to ask me how can I break through this bottleneck, or let me help you, right?"

    When Ye Tian saw them look so embarrassed, he didn't think it was useless with them, but felt that they were simply too useful. After all, ordinary people actually know that they are so fast. Although the aura in the veins here is more abundant, if they are replaced by ordinary people, it is probably impossible to be like them.

    And Ye Tian had already thought about this issue a long time ago, so he said that there is nothing to do on weekdays. When he practiced alchemy, he also specially refined Yuan Pei Dan, just to make them have bottlenecks. It can be more convenient and better to break through the bottleneck, otherwise, there is no need to worry about it.

    After all, they are people in their own school. Therefore, it is natural to think of them all the time, and they have a bottleneck now, which represents a good start. This is mainly the case, after breaking through the bottleneck in the future, the strength will definitely improve. So Ye Tian was naturally happy with what they said, and felt that he was not like them at all, and that it was a very embarrassing thing.

    After hearing Ye Tian's words out so generously, several people suddenly felt that their knowledge was too short. Some Ye Tian didn't think of them very badly, but instead thought of this. Take it as a very ordinary thing, so they think too much.

    "I've already told you about it. If you have any questions, you can just ask me for leave. Anyway, I may not be able to ask for leave. But I should know more about cultivation than you. After all, I am more than you. After eating for so many years, I am now stronger than you.

    So in this respect, I still have the ability to let you know, so you can just say it if there is any problem. There is no need to twitch it. Everyone is a man. What other requirements do you have?

    Ive already thought about this issue a long time ago, and I also thought about it if some of you want to advance in this period of time here again, it will naturally be more difficult. After all, everyone is now on the books. It's all stabilized, so if you go up a little bit, that's your own ability.

    I have a few Yuan Pei Dans here, which I used to practice calligraphy specifically for you, and also in case of emergency. If some of you suddenly need to be promoted, but have been stuck at that bottleneck, I believe this should be of great help to you.

    So if you have any questions, just ask them directly. Taking advantage of the time I still have, I came here today to ask if you have any questions. After all, I cant just ask you directly. If you leave it here, you don't care about everything. It turned out that I brought you out. Then I will definitely bring you back safely, naturally thinking that you can become even better. "

    After Ye Tian finished speaking, the eyes of several disciples suddenly lit up. Of course, they knew how effective the pill Ye Tian said was. They had heard of it before, but it was outside. There is almost no market in the market.

    So if you want to buy one, you cant buy it, and if you want to buy one, you basically get the kind of auction house to buy, and the price on the auction house is simply not they can afford, so even if you want to There is no way to get this single request, after all, he is not strong enough.

    In addition, I didn't have a particularly rich family background, so I can only watch those rich people buy these pills back. There is a shortcut in my heart, why can't I go? The most important thing is that because I don't have enough strength and wealth, there is no other way, and I can only cultivate silently.

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