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    Super Swallowing Upgrade Chapter 825 - SSU 825

    Chapter 825: Bottleneck

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    What Yun Feiluan said was from his own thoughts from the bottom of his heart. After all, he had such thoughts a long time ago. What he is doing now is not just for himself. The most important thing is to be able to protect the people around him, otherwise, the strength of an empty body is completely useless.

    The people below were naturally very excited when they heard Yun Feiluan say this. They had always been with Yun Feiluan, and they were very good for them. Everyone knew very clearly in their hearts. This is why they have been able to do things under Yun Feiluan's hands in such a whole-hearted manner for so many years, but many times after all, this just makes them feel that it is their own conjecture.

    In the eyes of more people outsiders, they still feel that they are just one of Yun Feiluan's subordinates. But now that after listening to Yun Feiluan's words thoroughly, he said it from Yun Feiluan's mouth. Those who represented their previous efforts were not in vain.

    "Master, in fact, if you don't give us cultivation resources, we won't have any opinions at all. After all, these resources are originally yours. If you can give them to us, then we are very grateful.

    So if you can send us back from the outside and give us a bite of food, we are all very grateful to you for what we have achieved today, but there is not much time to contact you on weekdays.

    So basically, the brothers rarely expressed Gandhis affection to you, but in fact, the person most grateful in everyones heart is you. After all, without you, we would not be where we are today. Perhaps many brothers will not be today Knowing where to wander, some people may have left the world early when they were young.

    So many times, in fact, for us, our cultivation resources are far less than yours. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to work hard by your side for so long. "

    Looking at the affectionate look of the master and servant here, Ye Tian felt that he should go and see how the disciples were doing. Although there would be no problems in cultivating here, after all, the veins Among them will still be aggrieved.

    If they are all the kind of people who like to run outside, so if they are locked in here for two or three days, it is estimated that everyone will feel some discomfort in their hearts.

    So after thinking about it, Ye Tian still felt that he should go over and take a look at them. By the way, see if their cultivation has made progress, and if there are any questions on cultivation that need to be asked. I just happened to be here today to help them solve it together. After all, these days are really too busy.

    "Head, you have finally come. We have all been waiting for you for a long time. Originally, I thought you must be too busy during this period of time, so I said that you probably won't come to us anymore. Thinking not to let people disturb you, waiting for when you have time to come over.

    But I didn't expect you to come back and watch it again in such a short time. We really made us a little unexpected, but we were really happy to see you. After all, everyone is waiting for you. "

    Although the whole vein is said to be very large, the disciples are all gathered together, so when you hear Ye Tian's footsteps, you naturally know that someone is coming. And Ye Tian didn't specifically want to hide the sound of his coming in, after all, if he scared them, it wouldn't be great.

    And Ye Tian really wanted to chat with them, otherwise, it would take a long time to wait for them to finish their cultivation, and he didn't know if he could catch up with the time. So after a closer look, it is better to make a little movement and let them know that they are here.

    And this group of disciples did not live up to Ye Tian's trust. Indeed, as soon as Ye Tian came in, they immediately felt that someone else had come here. After everyone opened their eyes, they saw that Ye Tians original vigilance was suddenly put down and replaced by his legs. Is a very happy expression.

    Seeing them like this, I was a little at a loss. I suddenly felt that I was staring at me, and people who didn't know thought they were going to carve themselves up, and then they ate them in their stomachs. So now, Ye Tianjiao is a little strange, what is it that makes them want to come so much.

    "Didnt I have already said it before, if there is something to say, let someone come out and call me, after all, although this period is indeed a bit more stressful, I can still come over and take a look. And the opposite There are so many things, and sometimes I may not take care of this for a while, so what do you want?

    In other words, if there is something that you can't handle well by yourself, you must bring it up. Otherwise, don't be here by yourself. In the end, there will definitely not be a good solution. It can only be a waste of time. So it seems that you really haven't listened to me. These days have really made your life a little easier.

    So all of them have already started not to listen to me, so is this still possible? When the time comes, go back to the martial arts, but don't bring it back like this, or else Elder Wen should say that I have taken you badly. "

    Although Ye Tian had a bit of blame in his words, everyone knew that Ye Tian was just joking with them. After all, they hadnt seen Ye Tian anger them for so many days, let alone. This is a little thing today.

    So after thinking about it carefully, after weighing the pros and cons, they still think it is better not to trouble Ye Tian. After all, if Ye Tian is going to come, he will definitely come. As long as they wait silently, they will be able to wait for Ye Tian. Just like today.

    So there is no need to call Ye Tian from outside, and they don't have very important things. The most important thing is that the aura in the sale is too abundant.

    So they just have time to calm down and cultivate well. Within a few days, there are already several people who are almost about to break through, but because that little bit simply makes them break through no matter what. No, I have been stuck at that bottleneck. This is why I chose when Ye Tian could come, and then gave them some tips. After all, without Ye Tian's help, they would be really hard to break through. This difficulty.

    After all, what cultivators worry most is getting stuck at a bottleneck. It's strange to say that the average cultivator doesn't worry that his strength is not strong enough, because his strength is not strong enough and he has a method to cultivate. So at that time, as long as you only wanted to cultivate slowly with your whole mind, at least you could still see your own achievements and wouldn't make yourself feel so panicked in your heart.