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    Super Swallowing Upgrade Chapter 824 - SSU 824

    Chapter 824: One Mind

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    After hearing what Ye Tian said, Ye Tian was naturally very low. After all, the man could see at once that the relationship between Yun Feiluan and Ye Tian must be very unusual. Since Ye Tian can say this, it must show that the meaning in this sentence also represents the meaning of Yun Feiluan.

    So that means that Yun Feiluan has always recognized these things that they have done. It does not mean that they have not paid attention to them at all. They are not just working hard. Yun Feiluan also has. Watching them from behind.

    After turning his head to look at Yun Feiluan, he found that Yun Feiluan was nodding his head, so he immediately excited the man. After all, for people like them, the most important thing is to hope to get his masters. Recognition, so now that they are recognized by Yun Feiluan, it is already the happiest thing for them.

    Other things are completely unimportant to them. After all, they were basically raised by the Yun family since they were young. Therefore, they are naturally single-minded in their hearts, and they will turn to the Yun family. No matter what they are asked to do, as long as they can do it, the price is not worth it. After all, the Yun family gave them another Of a life.

    So for them, the only thing they can do is to dedicate all their energy and do things for Yun Feiluan. Everyone is tacitly tacitly aware of this. Although no one can tell Yun Feiluan very straightforwardly, in fact everyone thinks so.

    After helping to take out the contents of the box and look at it, I found that it was really good-looking, and it also brought my thoughts back to the previous era. Indeed, if this kind of thing was put in the previous era, it was considered a very common thing, it was glass, but it was simply impossible to appear on this continent, after all, this continent did not have this craft at all.

    So no matter what kind of skilled craftsman, it is impossible to make such a crystal clear thing in the end. If it is said that the change is in the previous era, it is naturally a very ordinary and very normal kind of handicraft. But if you look at it now, Ye Tian still thinks that he misses something. After all, it has been so long, and it almost made Ye Tian forget that he was from the previous century.

    It is true that I have been in this continent for so long and have done so many things. Many times it passed in a flash. When I closed my eyes, it seemed that I had already done everything, all my energy, Ye Tian I don't know if these are my dreams or real, but if this is really bored, then this dream is too real.

    Looking at the ore like a glass ball in front of him, Ye Tian's thoughts flew back to his previous days when he played games at home. It was true that the time was really comfortable and very happy. After all, You don't need to think about anything by yourself. The only thing you need to do is stay at home, but your otaku will do.

    Thinking of that time, it really made Ye Tian feel that he was really useless for a period of time. It was true that those days were basically black and white for him. As long as there is electricity, there is no need to go to the accident. What is it? It looks like, whether it is raining or sun, whether it is day or night, is completely unimportant to me. All my thoughts have been immersed in the world of the game, and all have been immersed in the Internet. inside.

    If it reminded him at that time whether he would become like this one day, to be honest, he would never want to be able to become like this at all. Now such an optimistic, positive and sunny man, is it the kind of otaku before? No one can believe who it is.

    "Master, please rest assured. We don't really care about the resources for cultivation. What's more, we are here to do things now. The neighbors here are simply a steady stream, and they are the best cultivation resources. So, for us, as long as we practice well here, there must be no problem without being lazy.

    Those resources can be allocated to the brothers who are outside. After all, they need more resources outside than us. Our cultivation environment here seems to be too much, so naturally everyone needs to help each other.

    Before, a group of people here have also discussed it. If it is possible, we should share our share of resources with the brothers outside. After all, for us, those resources are not very useful now. But for them it can have a very big impact. "

    Another very important point is that these people who were picked up by Yun Feiluan, basically everyone cherishes each other very much, because in their impression, everyone is the same kind, if there is no Yun Feiluan, It is simply impossible to gather together and have such a good life. So the common goal is where everyone becomes stronger together.

    Although there is no blood relationship, they are basically sympathetic to brothers and sisters. Now they have a better life, and the cultivation resources and the environment here are so excellent, so they are also Thinking about how to make the brothers outside live better. Although Yun Feiluan gave them a lot of coaching resources, after all, there are definitely not too many training resources.

    "You can rest assured on this point. For me, I am definitely not bad for these things. So you can find your share with peace of mind. If you think that your cultivation environment is better than that. If they are better, there is no way. After all, if you can endure the hardship, you can certainly endure it, this reward.

    Naturally, I will also consider giving them more resources. After all, I also know that these resources are very important to you. Not only can you practice yourself, but you can also keep it, and maybe give it to yourself in the future. Children and grandchildren, so they are all very good things.

    I am sure it is impossible to treat you badly. As long as you can do things well here, as Ye Tian said just now, then we will naturally treat you well. Everyone is completely blind now.

    So you dont have to think that I am your organization, or that you are a little shorter than me. These are completely unreasonable things. As long as you can follow me, then we are one mind. Naturally, I will consider everything for you, and what I am doing now is to make myself stronger and protect you. "