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    Super Swallowing Upgrade Chapter 823 - SSU 823

    Chapter 823: Supreme Spirit Ore

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    After hearing Ye Tians reminder, Yun Feiluan also reacted at once. He really didnt know why. It seemed that every time he mentioned something about their demons, he always wanted to curse him. Three days and nights. Indeed, being this way in front of these people now detracts from his own image, so after thinking about it, Yun Feiluan immediately closed his mouth.

    It was like Ye Tiantou's grateful look, after all, if it weren't for Ye Tian, I guess he would really be ashamed today. Thinking about it, it also feels funny, it seems that after I have been in contact with Ye Tian for more and more time, his temperament has also changed.

    Suddenly I became daring to love and hate, dare to say, dare to think about it, and I was completely different from my previous self. My previous self was basically taciturn, and there were only a few words for everything, so early Dismissed others, where is there always a lot of messy things like this.

    After getting permission from the two, the man also opened the small box. As soon as he opened it, even if Yun Feiluan's eyes lit up, he had never seen such a beautiful ore.

    This is almost as transparent as water, but it is not only transparent. Put it under the sun, can it reflect colorful, different light? What's more powerful is that the aura in him can be felt at once, which must be different from ordinary ore.

    "It's because we are useless and can't keep it well. In fact, at the very beginning, he just dug it out was even more amazing than it is now. At that time, everyone was taken aback. I don't know what the ore like this is. I thought it was a baby falling from the sky.

    But after digging out several pieces, we found that they are all the same. Only then can we be sure that this is something in the vein, but no matter what method we use to save it, it seems that it is passing by little by little, its original The amazingness is naturally different from the one just dug out, so it's basically stable now. If you change it to the one just dug out, it will definitely look better. "

    Speaking of this, the man still looks guilty. It is true that for people like them, he has done this kind of thing for a lifetime. If he suddenly finds something best, he will naturally. Very excited. He also thought about a lot of ways to preserve the original appearance of the spirit ore, but found that he could not do anything.

    Therefore, the sense of loss of powerlessness naturally came out all at once, especially after seeing Yun Feiluan again. I also wanted to express to Nan Er that I had indeed worked very hard, but no matter how hard I tried, there seemed to be nothing I could do.

    "This is a very normal thing. After all, they have never seen the light in the previous mineral veins, so the beauty must be incomparable. But now you feel that he did not dig it out so It looks good, but it can basically be done.

    So compared with ordinary spirit ore, it must be very dazzling. It does not mean that we must have him so good-looking and beautiful. The most important thing is that he has to play a role, otherwise it is just not It can only be used as decoration.

    But now it seems that his aura in it is also very abundant, which is naturally no problem. For me, he only needs to save his own strength.

    There is absolutely no need to be too dazzling, after all, if it is too dazzling, it may cause other people to **** it. Although the aura inside him can already be met by many people who want to come and **** him, the most important thing is to be simple, right? "

    Yun Feiluan also felt the feeling of loss of the man in front of him. To be honest, Yun Feiluan already felt that it was very difficult for the ore to become like this. If there was more experience in the beginning, what kind of scene would it be?

    Therefore, Yun Feiluan did know that this vein of Ye Tian must be the best, and being able to cooperate with him was entirely to help him pull out this idea more firmly. After all, Ye Tian himself could have been able to come and dig out this vein as soon as possible, but Ye Tian had asked for his own cooperation, and had to share the benefits for himself.

    In fact, no matter from which point of view or aspect, although one says that he has produced manpower, material resources and time and energy, the most important thing is that he has indeed gained a lot of things.

    "Fei Luan is right. It is very difficult for you to keep the way you are now. We must be very clear. Naturally, we will not blame you for this. After all, ordinary things can become like this. It has been very difficult, not to mention that she was not an ordinary thing.

    The ore was originally something that people could use for cultivation. If one were to make any effort to preserve his beauty, wouldn't it be the cart before the horse in the end? So you dont need to spend so much thought to preserve his beauty. After all, the most important thing we want to use is the kind of resource in it. It is just a resource for us. .

    I naturally know that for you, your group of people belong to people who are very striving for perfection, and also belong to the kind of people who pursue perfection. Naturally, I hope that they can show us the most perfect state. But in fact, if you can't do it, you don't have to do it like this.

    What you have done now is very good. If you change to another person, you might not be able to achieve this level. There is no need to blame yourself for this matter, and we will certainly not blame you for this person. All you need to do is to do your best job now, and the resources in the future will definitely be distributed to you, and it will not be bad for you at all.

    Therefore, you can rest assured that you are doing things under Yun Feiluan's hands. I believe that after so many years of things under his hands, you also know who he is. As long as you can do things diligently and conscientiously, Then it will definitely not let your hard work be wasted. So the most important thing for you is to finish what you are doing now.

    You don't have to care about other things at all. As long as there is a problem or if there is any problem, we will help you solve it in time. After all, we will help you later. We are all people on the same rope now, so we don't have to worry about masters and servants at all. The most important thing is that as long as everyone is one mind, then things can be done perfectly and beautifully. "