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    Super Swallowing Upgrade Chapter 820 - SSU 820

    Chapter 820: Relax

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    After hearing this person say this, Ye Tian's eyes lit up all at once. Indeed, Ye Tian himself had guessed before that the ore dug from this vein should be unusual, but now that this person is so excited, it is probably beyond his own expectations.

    "If this is the case, let us take a look. To be honest, we really really want to know what styles of mineral veins can be dug out. The ordinary mineral veins are obviously different from this one. Otherwise, this mineral vein would not have such a powerful aura. So I thought about it, naturally there will be very precious cultivation resources, if there are a lot of spiritual ore dug out In terms of strength, it is simply a treasure for us."

    Yun Feiluan was naturally very excited. Although he has several small mineral veins, it is nothing compared to now. His own ones are nothing more than small toys, and this vein is indeed I have devoted a lot of effort.

    Basically, I have cultivated management talents for so many years, all of which are devoted to this side, in order to be able to manage this broadband properly, because Yun Feiluan has a hunch that this vein will definitely be very good in the future. Awesome.

    "These days are really hard for you. If you were transferred here, it shouldnt have been so busy. I have also heard everyone say during this period that the days here are also very difficult, although it is natural for food, clothing, housing and transportation. There is no problem. But it is still very busy day to night. After all, you are also very nervous. You are afraid of making mistakes if you are not careful. In fact, there is no need to be like this. For me, you are me. people around me.

    So you can relax. If you do something wrong, we are naturally responsible and will not come to your troubles. You can come here to help. Actually, I am very happy in my heart. After all, when I first started, I was really worried that you would not come here, because not only is the workload involved here, but also the dangers involved are much greater than that of the mineral veins over there.

    But now it seems that you have all been able to adapt well to the situation here, but it is naturally a very good start. After all, we will definitely have more and more good places in the future. Therefore, it is also very good for everyone to be able to improve their management capabilities and various abilities. "

    After the person in charge who was going to bring Ye Tian and Yun Feiluan there heard what Yun Feiluan said, the whole person was suddenly confused. She had never heard Nan Er praise them before. of. After all, they always felt that they were just one of Yun Feiluan's subordinates, so it was a blessing to say that they could see a few sides on weekdays. But today Yun Feiluan was able to say something like this, it means that they are not just people under Yun Feiluan, but people around Yun Feiluan.

    After hearing these words of Yun Feiluan, they were naturally excited. After all, it was very difficult to get the approval of people above them, and Yun Feiluan's influence was still so great. As long as they heard a few words from Yun Feiluan, they already felt very happy.

    "Master, you dont have to say something like this to anyone who plays. After all, it is very happy for us to be able to do things for you. You watch us serve so many people inside, which one is not suffering outside , Was picked up by you. So for us, you are our reborn parent. It is reasonable to keep us doing what we do. And now we have so many resources for cultivation, The anger given to us on weekdays is basically very good.

    So with such a good treatment, how could we still think about saying bad things about you behind your back? What's more, as long as you are rich in these things, we can do them well. There is no reason to complain. After all, you are the master and we are just servants. "

    Yun Feiluan looked at the person in front of him, and suddenly became excited. He didn't even think that his words would cause such a big mood swing for this person. To be honest, he did not compliment the people under him before, but after getting along with Ye Tian, it seemed to him to find that this way of getting along with them was not very right.

    After all, they just blindly treat them as their own tools, but they are unlikely to be very loyal to them all the time. After all, other people can treat them with this kind of treatment, as long as someone has a higher treatment to dig them away, it is also very normal.

    Although it is true that as they said, I rescued them from their very difficult circumstances, but to be honest, I have not cared too much about them over the years. The housekeeper has always been in charge of them, so I said that this master list is not very good, but they can be so moved because of this little thing. To be honest, it is indeed in Yun Feiluan. It immediately understood why Ye Tian could get along with the people around him so well.

    Before, I always felt that I couldn't do it, but now I find that in many cases, I can do a lot of things just by taking that small step. Like now, I just said something, but it made others react so much. So many times it is not that I can't do it, but that I don't want to do something ambiguous to escape.

    "Where is I as good as what you said, but it just happens that I also need manpower here. You all have extremely high talents. If you are wandering outside, you will naturally waste your talents. , So I always don't like to watch, people whose talents are wasted, you should be very clear about this.

    As long as you can cultivate well and do things well under my hands, then I am sure that I will not treat you badly. The resources for cultivation should be distributed to you on time. I am quite confident about this. , After all, we have never missed everyone in Yunfu.

    To be honest, without your help, I would not have reached the heights I am today. So there are so many things that I have come here step by step, because everyone can help me. It's just that I often don't tell you what I want to say in my heart, because after all, I am also a big man.

    So sometimes it feels a little numb to say these words, but now it seems that I find that after these words are said, it will bring our relationship closer to the next level. After all, we were originally not the type that has a special class relationship, so it is good to treat me with ease in many cases. "