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    Chapter 816: Middleman

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    Although Yun Feiluan said that he had not really experienced those scenes, but only with a few words in the book, he could feel it, but how many strong people fell for the peace of the mainland.

    Thinking of this makes him very excited. After all, he has always longed for strength. This is true. But in his heart, the more important thing is the peace of this world. If you say this In the end, the mainland was really occupied by the demons. Then his so hard cultivation is completely meaningless, it is impossible to compare with those of the demons.

    So she has always understood this very clearly in her heart, and he has always been very resistant to the demons. He would never talk about cooperating with them, or dealing with them, because in his opinion, as long as there is a deal with them, it will give them a chance to invade this continent.

    "The previous big battle really caused the world to suffer a very big blow, but now it seems to be slowly recovering. After all, there are more and more spirit mineral veins appearing in various places in the mainland. .

    So it is precisely because of this that I feel that the previous history will definitely be restored. But this time we might be responsible for this battle, and I don't know until the end. What will we become? But the only thing I know is that we definitely cannot become people in the same camp with them, so we can only unite, unite together, and fight together. "

    Seeing Yun Feiluan's excitement, Ye Tian naturally knew what he was thinking now. After all, if he picked up the war again this time, they would definitely become a resistance.

    After all, the strong people must have the strong people, the missions that need to be undertaken and the responsibilities that need to be paid, although they say that they are the strength that they have worked hard bit by bit, but if there are really any difficulties on this continent , They are definitely going to help.

    Otherwise, up to now, they have not really thought about what must be done to benefit mankind. For them, the most important thing is to protect the people around them, and they will never think about other people at all.

    Because everyone always has a variety of thoughts outside, and they are not familiar with themselves. The most common relationship is just one species in common.

    So Ye Tian is generally a celebrity who doesn't know much about him. Now all the rumors spreading outside are his own rumors, so he naturally understands it in his heart. Those people definitely have a lot of opinions and opinions about themselves, but they dare not express them in front of them, so they can only let themselves hear them in the form of rumors later.

    Although it feels very ridiculous, no matter what. These words always sound uncomfortable in my heart. After all, I have done so many good things so conscientiously, but in their mouths, they all become bad guys who do nothing.

    "It should be precisely because of this, so at that time you proposed to change the final resource allocation of this sect exchange. Otherwise, if you still follow the previous method, it will only bring more powerful sects. The stronger. Then the weaker sect has never had a chance to get up.

    So after this time, they have the corresponding resources, and they should be able to gradually increase the strength of their martial arts. In this way, it becomes a comprehensive strength, not to say that there are strong and weak, the strong is particularly strong, and the weak is particularly weak. "

    Could it be that it suddenly became clear why Ye Tian would do so many things? It turned out that it seemed that Ye Tian had always been setting up a round in the end. Before, I had never thought about what Ye Tian thought in his heart that the benefits that he could get would be divided out.

    But after thinking about it carefully now, I found that it seemed that what I was thinking was too simple. If I were to be an ordinary person, I would naturally not think of so many things about Ye Tian.

    "It turns out that I really thought that there was something wrong with your brain, so I said Yizhao wanted to allocate resources for this game to change. After all, so many resources are actually enough for a small and medium-sized company The school has been practicing for a whole year. Although it may not be of great significance to your school, it is still very important. After all, resources are something that everyone wants to get.

    But now when it comes to you, it seems that you don't really want it. Naturally, everyone finds it very strange. But it is precisely because of your move that it is basically beneficial to everyone. Not many people say that you have this problem. I did think of reminding you before, but only now I know that you think so.

    It seems that I still dont think too much, and then I really want to learn from you. Otherwise, I will really catch you in every aspect. But I dont know why Im not too young at my age, and Im better than me in all aspects. I will feel ashamed when I see you. "

    This sentence of Yun Feiluan is naturally true. After all, in this world, no one loves Ye Tian to feel this way. He has always felt that he has been very smooth and profitable after walking all the way. , Surely. But it seems that after meeting Ye Tian, all his own cognition has been subverted, and he is not as good as he thought. After all, Ye Tian is much better than himself, and he is still better than himself. If you are younger.

    This kind of situation would basically be unacceptable if I changed to an ordinary person, and finally turned into envy and hatred towards Ye Tian. But Yun Feiluan is different from ordinary people, and Yun Feiluan is naturally able to digest these emotions well.

    It is precisely for this reason that Yun Feiluan is more determined. Please you want to follow Ye Tian to the idea of the world of flyers. After all, in Yun Feiluans opinion, the difference between himself and Ye Tian is the most. It may be the experience of this society. Ye Tian traveled north and south on the mainland for so many years, naturally, he experienced a lot of things. But he is different, he always stands in front of his young master in this city.

    This kind of pampering life will naturally make people become lazier and lazy. Moreover, Yun Feiluan felt that his previous life could no longer continue when he saw Ye Tian. Otherwise, if it continues, it will definitely be more and more different from Ye Tian, and will definitely not catch up with Ye Tian. For Yun Feiluan, he still feels that his strength must be good, so he can still reach Ye Tian's height by working hard.