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    Chapter 814: Guardian Spirit Beast

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    "I really didn't expect that just such a small action was guessed by you. There are indeed some things that make me feel very strange. I have been just guessing before, but now you look like you It seems that you also know something. Otherwise, there is no need to just run over and find me like this."

    Yun Feiluan also had some helplessness, after all, it seemed that after meeting Ye Tian, he couldn't hide almost anything from Ye Tian. Therefore, Ye Tian guessed a little bit of careful thinking, but this is actually good, and there is no need to find another reason for himself.

    He came from the side and hit Ye Tian, after all, he must tell Ye Tian about this matter. It's just that I don't know when to find one. Now Ye Tian came over and asked himself directly, then he might as well tell Ye Tian everything he knew.

    After hearing Yun Feiluan say this, Ye Tian raised his eyebrows. Originally it was just his own guess, but now it seems that Yun Feiluan really knows something about it. , But it made Ye Tian suddenly feel interesting.

    "I said that your reaction was a bit too weird. Otherwise, for a little monster, there is no need to make such a big reaction, but since you have something you want to tell me, now Just tell me. Actually I have something I want to confirm with you, but it's all my guess. Indeed, I think there are some that are too unreliable. After all, this kind of thing is impossible for us. Let's meet it."

    Since I don't know if Yun Feiluan's current thoughts are the same as his own, Ye Tian thinks it is better to be safe first. Just don't make the words so clear, otherwise if the two people are not so corresponding, it will cause some embarrassment.

    "Actually, I don't want to hide it from you. There has always been a legend in the back mountain. There are spirit beasts with guardians for generations, but I have never seen it.

    But there is such a spirit beast in the words of the older generation. So I was also wondering whether this little white dog would be their cub, after all, the power contained in him is too strange, as long as it is suitable for contact with him, I can feel it. In fact, there is a very powerful force in him, but because he is young, he can't use it yet.

    And some people on my side told me before that it seems that there are always some very strange energy waves emitted in the mountains and forests, but I have not paid attention to it before. Because I want to pay attention to things on this side of the game, so I dont pay too much attention to things on that side.

    Because after a period of time of his energy boom, it seems that this period of time has disappeared naturally, and I feel that it is just someone who has been promoted in it, but now I see this little white dog, all of a sudden Just let me think he is too strange, after all, there is no Warcraft child who is as smart as him. "

    After thinking about it, Yun Feiluan felt that it didn't matter to tell Ye Tian these things anyway. After all, if this little white dog was really a spirit beast, then Ye Tian would definitely want to find a way with him. What must be done next to the end, after all, if it is really a spirit beast that has guarded Tianyun City for generations.

    It is impossible to leave in a hurry. If you leave directly, it will definitely lead to a very big disaster. This point was passed down by the older generation. Although Yun Feiluan never believed in this, he is now after watching her little white dog.

    It seems that he has a very ominous premonition, so he also feels that he must need Ye Tian's help, otherwise, it must be that he alone cannot save the people in the entire city. of.

    "Although I have never believed in these things, there always seem to be some very strange people during this period. Coming here, so I have to worry about it.

    You also know that, I didn't say that I told everyone very clearly. I am the master of this city, but in fact, everyone has basically believed that I am the one who will guard them, so if something really happens.

    It must be impossible for me to abandon them. After all, I have lived here for so many years. Nature has also protected them. After so many years, I have taken these things as my mission.

    Then it must be impossible to leave this place directly. I will never run away if I encounter something. In that case, what am I like? You are right. "

    Thinking of this, Yun Feiluan laughed self-deprecatingly. In fact, to be honest, he has been silently guarding this city for so many years, and he has never gained any benefits, but he doesnt know why. .

    Yun Feiluan always feels that this is his mission, and it is precisely because of this that he has been diligent and conscientious for so many years, helping people at the level. He never said he wanted them to give him anything in return, but now he seems to find that he can't do these things.

    If something unexpected happened suddenly, without Ye Tian's help, it seemed that his own strength was really very, very small. After all, there has never been a major event before, but now it is prone to major events. These are all very serious things, and if you really want to recover it, it really takes a lot of effort.

    After hearing Yun Feiluan's words, it was obvious that Ye Tian also understood in his heart, why was the little white dog suddenly abandoned by his parents in the cave? It is estimated that something serious happened before, otherwise it would be impossible for his parents to abandon him suddenly.

    Moreover, what Yun Feiluan said now made Ye Tian even more sure of what happened to his guess. Things that his parents couldn't bear, otherwise it would be impossible to just throw him in that cave.

    "It turned out to be like this. In fact, I had doubted whether he was a spirit beast before. After all, when I was him for the first time, the power in him already made me feel a little strange.

    It is not the same as a simple little monster. The power on his body seems to be innate. After all, the power of a general monster is always very weak in his childhood.

    But he is different, he should belong to the kind of monster that can exert a very powerful force in the future, so it is precisely because of this that I have been hesitating whether to bring it back. I'm also thinking about bringing it back. Will he get everyone into trouble in the future, after all, it is not as simple as an ordinary little monster. This has always been my guess. "