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    Super Swallowing Upgrade Chapter 813 - SSU 813

    Chapter 813: Open The Skylight And Speak Bright Words

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    "If that's the case, then I will keep it by my side for now. Anyway, the appearance of him nowadays, ordinary people can't see that he will be different. It is estimated that Yun Feiluan has already noticed it. There was a very powerful energy in his body, but it was because there were too many people, so he didn't continue to say it.

    Now it is estimated that he can be sure of the kind of attitude he should talk about. He should know something, and I think I still need to ask him about it. "

    Indeed, I said it myself just now, otherwise Yun Feiluan's reaction was a little abnormal when Xiaobai stayed here, and Ye Tian just thought she would be worried about harming everyone's safety.

    But now that he knows the true identity of Little White Dog, Ye Tian feels that things must not be so simple, otherwise Yun Feiluan would not have such an abnormal attitude, so he said that he must find a time and Yun Feiluan had a good chat. If he could get more information, it would be good.

    After knowing the answers to the things he wanted to know, Ye Tian also felt that his whole body was relieved instantly. After all, there were a lot of things that were originally pressing on him, things about the demons, things about mineral veins. One by one seems to become more and more.

    And it seems that all aspects of things are connected. As long as I deal with one thing, I must deal with the whole series of things. So Ye Tian did feel that there was a certain amount of pressure on this.

    Now that I have finally confirmed one thing, I naturally feel a lot more comfortable in my heart. Thinking of this, Ye Tian's mood has also improved a lot, and then after going downstairs, I found that it came from the kitchen. The laughter of two people.

    Naturally, Ye Tian didnt need to go in, he knew that this must be Ye Wan'er and Jia Qingqing, but Jia Qingqing had never cooked food before, so why suddenly remembered that he was going to cook with Ye Wan'er? Ye Tian still didn't expect it.

    Then suddenly it occurred to me that it seems that today I heard Yun Feiluan praise that Ye Wan'er's food is very good. It is probably because of this reason that Jia Qingqing wants to learn how to learn with Ye Wan'er. The food is delicious, after all, because of his health before.

    So the most contacted things that have never been exposed to these things are basically some embroidered female red things. Thinking of this, I really feel that Jia Qingqing was very wronged before. He can only stay in his own small yard every day, without the strength to get out.

    Moreover, I have to take such bitter medicine every day, but fortunately my body is now healed, I can practice cultivation, and I am running around. It is precisely because of this that it is said that every day will be so energetic to go here and there. Thinking of this, Ye Tian still felt more distressed.

    After all, a girl's family has basically never seen what the outside world looks like since she was a child. Suddenly she has the ability to go out. Then naturally everything outside will feel very novel.

    Ye Tian also shook his head, thinking that if Jia Qingqing is happy, let him do it. After all, many things are very novel to Jia Qingqing now. Maybe everyone thinks it is normal. He never appeared in his childhood.

    After Ye Tian thought for a while, he felt that it would be better for him to find Yun Feiluan first, after all, the most important thing for him now is to finish the mine vein first.

    When the time comes to get things done about the veins, you can take everyone back together, after all, it is too dangerous for everyone to stay here now.

    If he was just himself, maybe Ye Tian wouldn't think about so many things, but now everyone is here, so I have to ask him to think more about everyone. After all, if he alone said he was in danger, he could still find a solution. But if everyone is in danger at the same time, Ye Tian doesn't know if he has the ability to rescue everyone together.

    So this point has always been something that Ye Tianxin has always been brooding about, although it is true that bringing everyone out can make everyone fit together and increase their relationship. But precisely because of this, it will take a very big risk.

    After all, there are a lot of people out there who may not be able to deal with them directly, so they will find people around them to start. This is simply impossible to guard against, even if Ye Tian has paid great attention to it, they have captured a few before.

    "Didnt you say that something went back to the room first? Why did you come out to find me after a while. If you are really reluctant to be like this, then I can tell you that I have always liked girls. I never said that I wanted to like men."

    Seeing Ye Tian rushing to find him so quickly, Yun Feiluan was actually a little surprised. After all, Ye Tian originally said that what he wanted to do would usually take a while, so basically its not so early. You can find yourself immediately.

    But in this case, it definitely means that Ye Tian must have something, and something needs to be told to himself. In other words, there is something I want to talk to myself easily. Although Yun Feiluan knows this, he still can't help but want to talk to Ye Tian.

    "Of course I know that you are a person with a normal sexual orientation, and I am also a person with a normal sexual orientation, but this time it is really something to come to you. I really want to know why. I just said You will be so excited when you leave the little white dog by your side, after all, he is just a little monster.

    If there is really nothing, or if you don't know something, it shouldn't be such a big reaction. So I really want to hear your explanation. After all, there were so many people over there just now, so I didn't ask you.

    But it's different now. There are only two of us here. Anyway, you can tell me directly, and I won't talk to others. And as far as the relationship between the two of us is concerned, there is no need for you to hide anything from me. "

    Ye Tian is one of those people who like to open the skylight to speak brightly, so now he directly asked Yun Feiluan about what happened just now. It is true that this is to make Ye Tianxin have one in my heart that I will be there in the future. After all, if Yun Feiluan really didn't know the true identity of Little White Dog, why did he react so much just now?

    After hearing Ye Tian's question, the smile on Yun Feiluan's face who was originally smiling suddenly froze. He really didn't expect Ye Tian to be able to observe so meticulously.

    After all, he really knew some of the inside story. But with so many people at the time, it was definitely impossible to say it directly, because he was also not sure, it was just her own guess.