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    Chapter 812: Next Step

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    So Ye Tian knows that he must first confirm the real identity of Little White Dog. After all, no matter what, he must leave a bottom in his heart. If the ID card is what he thinks. As for the son, I guess I really dont know what to do. At least, its better not to tell everyone his true identity. After all, everyone just treats it as an ordinary little monster, and they can play with her happily, and Ye Tianjiao thinks this should be It is also the kind of result that Little White Dog hopes most.

    "The host is right. The little white dog is not an ordinary little monster, er, is the infant form of the ancient spirit beast Bai Ze. Maybe it was because of a major accident that it was abandoned. Inside the cave.

    Bai Ze and his wife can only give birth to a small Bai Ze in one child, and it takes tens of millions of years to breed one. Their relationship is very deep, and it is impossible to take their own The cub was abandoned in the cave. So speed must be a matter of getting a good place. If it can be cultivated well this time, a new task can be formed. In the future, it will definitely be of great help to your level upgrade and my upgrade. "

    After listening to the system, Ye Tian immediately understood that it was really what he had imagined. Because when he was treating Little White Dog before, Ye Tian could already feel a very powerful force from his body, but this force is still very deep in his body now.

    So it may be because the current age is not enough, or it is suppressed by something, that has never been displayed, and Ye Tian believes that she will definitely be very majestic when she grows up.

    It is precisely because of this that the men's football team did not even think about taking him away from the cave. After all, everyone might think that Bai Ze was originally a beast of auspiciousness. Bringing him to the home would definitely make the home more prosperous, but in Ye Tian's heart, this was completely different.

    Because Ye Tian knows that if he said he gave it to the cave, it was not only to ensure his safety, but also to say that he was stolen by other people by accident, or that he was injured. .

    Or more serious, if she died, she might suffer very strong retaliation and counterattack from her parents. Ye Tian was very worried about this. So he didn't want to bring Xiao Baize back that time, but who could think of it, he came here with himself now.

    The world is indeed unpredictable, after all, there are still so many things around me that have not been dealt with, and the people of the demons are still in this city, they have always been very rampant, although they have no direct evidence to tell Everyone, those few of them are incarnations of the demons, but Ye Tian's heart is also very clear that they must be demons. But now it is impossible to directly force them to expose their original souls. If that is the case, then it is estimated that they don't need to continue practicing now, and they don't need to worry about them coming to their own troubles.

    Thinking of this, Ye Tian also laughed at himself. In the final analysis, he was not strong enough. The problem of ability was the biggest problem. In this world, Ye Tianda already knew it, and this law had already been known a long time ago. If you dont have the strength, then basically you dont have to think about what other people will do to you. After all, the only thing everyone can see is your strength. If your strength is strong, they will surround you. If you are weak, basically you don't have to think about it.

    But just now, it seems that I heard the system say that there are certain prerequisites for his upgrade. This is indeed a surprise to Ye Tian. After all, he has been on this continent for so many years, and the system has indeed been upgraded several times. But every upgrade is very slow. If you don't have a few years or if you don't have any particularly big things happening, you basically won't upgrade, and you've always been in a state of deep sleep.

    But now it seems that this is also an opportunity to make the system more powerful, so it is true that this is something that Ye Tian did not expect. After all, every time the system is upgraded, it can give himself a huge surprise. Said it has become more perfect or how.

    But there are more things you can get from it, and the system has become more humane. Although it is true that more and more points are needed to reach the back system, it is true that those things are also worth the money, and every time they feel like a slap in the face.

    Originally, Ye Tian was still a little worried about whether to find his own biological parents for Xiao Baize. After all, she is not an ordinary little monster. If it is an ordinary little monster, it would be no problem to bring it by herself, but he But the descendants of ancient spirit beasts, that will definitely cause many, many problems in the end.

    So when I think of it here, Ye Tian is also a little scared, but suddenly I heard the system said that it might be helpful to his upgrade, then I dont have to worry about it at all, I just waited. Finally, his parents came to him.

    After all, it was definitely impossible for Bai Ze to die so easily, so something must have happened in it that caused them to have to put their cubs in the cave.

    Moreover, at that time, Ye Tian could also feel the formation that they had set up, which contained very huge energy, and this energy might not be able to match it yet.

    If Xiao Bai has always been obedient, he wouldn't be attacked by the demons in that cave. After all, Ye Tian believed that their strength would definitely be impossible to destroy the formation.

    Moreover, Ye Tian could feel that the formation was very powerful when he entered, so he said that he was able to enter because of Xiao Baizes call. It is estimated that even his parents did not think of him. The child will be hurt so badly, and it is also possible to lose all his life directly.

    So if they learn about the murderer who hurt their child in the end, they will probably fight back desperately. After all, it is very difficult for them to have a child, and their original feelings are very deep.

    The system has already said that it is not a last resort for them to abandon their children. So Ye Tian felt that this must not be abandoning, but just protecting him in a disguised form. Maybe they really encountered some great difficulties, or there were so many enemies against him and them. I felt that it would be more dangerous to keep my children around, so I thought of such a next step.

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